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It’s not a Christmassy photo, but it is pretty. I went a lovely wee walk down the beach yesterday morning. It was freezing, but worth it to see the sunrise. Have a great day folks 🤗 @lensball


Going to miss my wee babies so much this weekend 💔


Happy Friday folks 🤗


Happy Hump Day! Is anyone else absolutely buzzin for Christmas this year? I think it’s so much more exciting when there’s little around... although I’ve always loved Christmas. Not for presents, just the festive season in general. Hope you all have a wonderful day 🎄


My babies looking just a tad freezing at the top of the dragon at the beach. To say they weren’t pleased is an understatement... why would I drag them to the beach in winter? Because I love it ❄️ nothing beats the icy cold wind making you freezing, then returning home to hot tea and cuddles on the couch 🤗 feel a little cruel taking my babies out right enough 🙈they did have fun too... I promise. Happy hump day everyone! ❄️


As my counselling course draws to a close this week, I’m going to have lots of DMC’s. I’m a big fan of being mindful, not thinking about the past and not worrying about the future. However, certain events that have happened in my life this year and my counselling course have made me look, in detail, at my life so far. I’ve been thinking about people who have come and gone. It’s pretty painful to think about people that are gone from your life, especially the ones that brought you joy, or the one that got away. It’s easy to think “what if?” when you are back to square one in your life. It’s amazing how acquaintances, friends and loved ones shape our lives without realising it. Surround yourself with positive people who appreciate you and have fun with them. Let them know you are thankful to have them in your life. Then get back to the present because it’s all we have. . . . On another note... do yourself a favour and watch David Attenborough’s new series and have tissues at hand... Happy Monday folks 🙌🏻


12 weeks ago, I was nervous about starting my counselling course. It was only an introduction but I knew nothing about the subject. I’m a trained scientist, I’m usually isolated in a tiny clean room doing my thing. Understanding and helping people was something I knew nothing about. . . I can safely say it’s been the most challenging, but rewarding experience of my life. I’ve laughed a lot, I’ve cried a lot more. I’ve physically shook talking about uncomfortable things and last night I wanted to run away when discussing subjects that are more than a tad awkward. I’ve learned sooo much about myself and others. I have grown more in these 12 weeks than I have in 28 years. I would love to do this as a career, but if I change my mind again (like I usually do), it’s an experience I will never forget. Very excited to return next year to complete the next level 🙌🏻 . . Never regret doing something you enjoy, all the money from a highly stressful job can’t pay for self development. Do what you love 🙌🏻


It’s always fun going out with these two. Ellie kept trying to run into the sea... and she succeeded. So I spent all my time running in opposite directions trying to stop the girls going for a swim. Then Ellie got tired, face planted into the sand and had a meltdown. She then needed carried up and down sandy hills, all the way back to the car. To say I’m shattered is an understatement. Here’s a pretty picture for Instagram to make it look like I’ve got it all together 💁🏻‍♀️ #wingingit


Winter beach walks ❄️ Who else loves them? 💙


Happy year and a half to this gorgeous little girl. She never fails to put a smile on my face. She is so feisty but full of fun. Couldn’t imagine my life without my little squidge. So proud to be her mummy ❤️


Today, we say goodbye to a family member. He was diagnosed with cancer just a month ago and he rapidly lost the fight. . . It’s tragic it takes times like these to remind ourselves to live life to the full and spend times with the ones we love. . . My life isn’t perfect but I’m so grateful to have found a new path in life that I absolutely love, I’ve met new people who I’ve formed deep connections with and I have the cutest little family... that includes the fur baby 🐶 (despite the fact he lives with my parents). . . Today’s lesson: Do whatever it takes to be happy and enjoy your life 🙌🏻


Olivia’s bedtime army seems to be getting bigger everyday 🙈 don’t think there will be much room for her in the bed soon. Happy hump day! ☔️


Happy weekend from my yoghurt faced cutie 💗


I didn’t think I could love anyone as much as Olivia until this wee cutie came along and my heart grew twice the size 💗 just look at that wee morning face! 😍 Happy Friday folks ✌🏻