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Rock climber on an endless climbing trip 🎥 YouTube - latest, see link below! 💼 Founder of @Sick_Climbing 🎨 @natetan_art Clothes by @3rdRocking

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New vlog our now... and soon a serious video about QuickDraw safety. (link in bio) . #rockclimbing #sportclimbing #climbinggear #weekendwhipper


Big decisions, olive harvests and hard routes.... Maybe the best vlog we have made so far! If you have 10 min spare check it out! Feat @gazparry Link in description. . #rockclimbing #adventurevlogs #oliana #climbing


Cold weather means the new @3rdrocking hoody is gold while climbing. This is a pretty epic 7c in Siurana. 📸 by @joshuawillettphotography < Check his insta it is sick! . #sportclimbing #siurana #rockclimbing


Three years in the making! This video sums up what happened when I quit work and focused on climbing. . I’d love your thoughts on this as it took me ages to edit! 🤓 . 🎥 link in bio! . @3rdrocking featured throughout #rockclimbing #tradclimbing #trainingforclimbing #adventure #climbing #climbing_is_my_life


Maybe the most famous looking boulder in the world.. the Rhino! It’s great to be on a proper bouldering trip for the first time 😎🎉 . @3rdrocking nova light pants doing well here. #rockclimbing #bouldering #rocklands #ididitforthephoto


Rocklands is rather pretty! . This is @eugenie_lee dropping off some warm holds at The Realm sector. After a mission to find the place and a rather long walk-in we chilled until the sun went down for cooler temps and had a bit of a night session with @robbiephillips_ and crew. . #rocklands #rockclimbing #bouldering #imaboulderernow


Stockholm climbing is actually quite fun! This is a steep *slightly* manufactured 8a but really fun to hangdog on for a day. The crags are 20 min from the city and they are surrounded by awesome lakes for swimming. Awesome days visiting friends and also managed to get some filming in with yourtube legend @eric.karlsson.bouldering . #stockholmclimbing #rockclimbing #climbing


Pretty skies over Sweden last night (no filter) 😎


The weather was too bad in Oliana so we drove 5 hours south for the Costa Blanca June season 😂 Weird weather in Spain right now but the climbing is amazing and it’s good to see a new area. #vanlife #rockclimbing #workinghardorhardlyworking


One week back on sport climbing and starting to feel a bit more zippy. The first day I was pumped on 7a 😂 but day 5 I sent 7c and yesterday had a burn on this classic 7c+ Great times in Siruana and I am enjoying the process! _ Also wearing my new @3rdrocking Novas 😎 _ Thanks for the photo @pursuingfree . #pumpedoutofmymind #thereturnofthefitness


Want to see me get my ass kicked and do a classy El Cap up-bail? Part two of my yosemite vlogs on EpicTV are out now. This time featuring @sailenog and his wonderful mullet. - Link in profile! _ @3rdrocking #rockclimbing #bigwall #elcap #tradclimbing #bigwallclimbing


EpicTV just posted a video about my my last Yosemite season... link in description. . @3rdrocking #rockclimbing #climbing #tradclimbing #yosemite #bigwallclimbing #bigwall


When you and your crew end up on the front of the Patagonia catalogue 😎 - #lifegoals This was such a good wall experience 📷 @austin_siadak #patagonia


I’m hiring! Looking for someone to travel, climb full time and work with me on my YouTube channel (paid). Initially 3 months but more if it is working out. See video - link in profile for the full criteria. _ Basic criteria: Ideally 7b ish or more climber, have own van, can work in Europe, can edit video or fast learner, efficient, chill, creative. . #climbing #rockclimbing #traveljobs


Drinking is a risky business! A couple of weeks ago I met a friend for a beer and he asked/persuaded me to stay in London for a while and help him out with a project he was struggling on. - - I blew off my next-day flights to Laos and now it’s really cold... I could be in Laos climbing awesome routes in warm sunny Thakhek ❄️. That said, it’s fun to catch up with friends, work hard and here I can start my training for future goals for which I am already feeling the gains 💪🏻 . #londoniscold #randomlife #dowhatyoufeel