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“Sachin Tendulkar (@sachintendulkar)….he was literally an emotion, not just a cricket player.” Witness the inspiration, love and passion that drove @Virat.Kohli to become the #MegaIcon he is today on 24th September, 9 PM. . . . . . . #megaicons #cricket #sachin #sachintendulkar #viratkohli #kohli #indiancricketteam #cricket #royalchallengersbangalore #indian #india #natgeo #natgeoindia


#Yourshot By Dhurjati Chatterjee. The azure waters of Chandra Tal—Lake of the Moon—in Himachal Pradesh, India, reflect the vivid hues of a bright Himalayan day.


Every tattoo has a story to tell and Virat Kohli’s #tattoos are no different. Learn more and tell us if you think @virat.kohli was #BornGreatOrMade? #MegaIcons . . . . . #natgeo #natgeoindia #indianicon #icons #india #natureornurture #bornormade #cricket #indiancricketteam #indiancricket #viratkohli #kohli


“The thrill is in the journey” But do you know what’s even better? An expedition to unexpected destinations. Experience the thrill of travelling somewhere unknown with the #TheBlindList. Enter the #Lufthansa #contest here - #SayYesToTheWorld Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Solarseve


Are icons #BornGreatOrMade? Tune-in on 24th September, 9 PM to discover the secrets behind the greatness of some of the most iconic minds of India. #MegaIcons with @virat.kohli, @ikamalhaasan, APJ Abdul Kalam, @dalailama and @kiranbediofficial. Hosted by @actormaddy.


On the steps of ghats on a river in Kolkata, India, a setting sun was interrupted by blue clouds. Your Shot photographer Abhishek Murmu happened to be standing right where the sky split in two. #Yourshot by @abhishekmurmu


#yourshot by Kuntal Joisher. A young bovine finds safety and solace with her shepherd father. She was very nervous and tentative when I was taking pictures of the surroundings nearby, and sensing my presence she gradually moved toward the comfort of the shepherd.


#Yourshot by @juliemayfengphotos. Life goes on despite the steady monsoon rain in Kolkata, India. “[The] weather is extremely hard to predict,” says Julie Mayfeng of the Indian rainy season, which typically lasts from July to September. “At the time [this photo was taken], I was eating lunch at a street café. Suddenly it started to shower. I borrowed an umbrella from a stranger and ran out into the street. Although I was wet through and through, I was able to capture this fantastic scene.”


#Yourshot by Sarmistha Bera. Wearing a mask that represents a character from Hindu mythology, this dancer in Purulia, a city in West Bengal, India, performs a Chhau dance. The dancers play out scenes from mythological events, often performing at festivals and special occasions. In Purulia, the dance form “exhibits the spontaneity of folk art,” writes Yourshot photographer Sarmistha Bera. “This dance form is sustained and developed by the people of Purulia.”


#Yourshot by Sandesh Kadur. Wild elephants live in India's fertile Kaziranga floodplain, where marshland, tall grass, and forests provide shelter and food. Kaziranga National Park takes in 50 miles of the Brahmaputra River and harbors some 1,300 elephants.


#Yourshot by Eric Kruszewski. Street performers sometimes line the path leading to Jaisalmer Fort's entrance. As tourists pass by, the locals encourage them to watch their family's special talents. One family is proud of their daughter's ability to traverse a tightrope in a rather unique fashion; she does it on her knees (with the assistance of a metal plate) and pushes herself along only with her toes. Under the cover of circling birds, with the fort illuminated in the early morning, this young girl performs her soaring, balancing act.


#Yourshot by Svetlana Eremena. There is cold weather in North India in the winter and in the beginning of the spring. That's why people put old clothes (which they are not using anymore) on goats.


#Yourshot by Gurdas Dua. A beautiful place near Ranikhet, Uttaranchal, India


#Yourshot by @richardwylie1017 Off the coast of Flinders, Australia, swims a male weedy sea dragon. Like its relative the seahorse, the male sea dragon will care for the eggs laid on his tail by his female mate.


#yourshot by Raul MCM. A pet chameleon's close-up reveals the bright colors of its scaly skin. The common assumption that chameleons change color to blend into their surroundings isn't the whole story: The reptiles' showy skin also communicates information to its potential enemies or mates.


Are geniuses born great or made? Stay tuned to our pages to discover the secrets behind the greatness of some of the most iconic minds of India. #MegaIcons with @virat.kohli, @ikamalhaasan, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, His Holiness, the @DalaiLama and @kiranbediofficial. Hosted by @actormaddy


This photo of a sadhu was taken in Allahabad at Maha Kumbh Mela 2013. I was walking along a road in Kumbh when I saw the bike and sadhu near the tent. I stopped walking and waited. The sadhu left the tent and went near the motorbike. I took a step forward to get closer to the subject (I was taking the photo with a 14-24mm very wide optic) and I took the photo. The sadhu realized what happened only when the photo was taken, maybe for the best since I was able to catch his expression in a better way. Photograph by Massimiliano Sticca


A cloud of marigold, rose, and jasmine petals envelops raas leela dancers during a Holi Festival performance in Vrindavan, India. According to #yourshot contributor, Priyanka Telang, performers and organizers work hard to preserve the ancient dance, "a dramatic presentation of the events of Lord Krishna's childhood days."


#Yourshot by @mahesh_portraits. At Jal Mahal in Jaipur, India, a flock of pigeons burst into the sky just as Mahesh Balasubramanian was contemplating the landscape's misty backdrop. "It was an early morning, and I was roaming around Jal Mahal. I was in the right position to [capture] those floating structures' reflections, with one nearby and another a bit far, balancing the frame. The water was very still."


#Yourshot photographer Navtej Singh (@nattysingh) captured an old tradition with a new angle. Of the action below, he writes, "This is an early morning fish auction, when the boats come in after night fishing at Bhaucha Dhakka, Mumbai. The catch is offloaded by the boat managers and auctioned in lots to the highest bidder, who further sells the same in small lots to small-time fish sellers."


#Repost @aloysiusalwyn The hunt begins with the eyes!


A peacock spreads its tail feathers, which are famous for their iridescence and bright colors. The display is part of the species' elaborate mating ritual, where females are believed to pick their mates based on the size, color, and quality of the feathers. The term "peacock" actually only refers to males of the species; females are known as peahens. #Yourshot by Victor Rotaru