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Photo by @renan_ozturk My first look at New Zealand on our flight into Queenstown. I’ve never seen such vivid intersection between mountains and water anywhere on the planet. Stay tuned to @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo as we explore the South Island this week 🇳🇿


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // Shiprock (Navajo: Tsé Bitʼaʼí, "rock with wings" or "winged rock" ) is a monadnock rising nearly 1,583 feet (482.5 m) above the high-desert plain of the Navajo Nation in San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. Its peak elevation is 7,177 feet (2,187.5 m) above sea level. It lies about 10.75 miles (17.30 km) southwest of the town of Shiprock, which is named for the peak. #shiprock #newmexico


Photo by @jonathan_irish / Happy International Dark Sky week! While we should celebrate the clear night skies all year, I’m happy that there’s a week dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of clear skies and reducing light pollution. Can you imagine what the world was like before the invention of electric light in the late 19th century? EVERY place in the world would have been designated an international dark sky location. Imagine walking out of your door, looking up and seeing billions of stars every night? Now, we have to seek out these dark places to gaze into the universe. Remember to turn off outside lights often (or put them on timers) not only saves energy costs but also keeps the skies clearer of light pollution. I love photographing at night...astrophotography is so fun. I was incredibly lucky to visit some places where the brilliant stars shine clearly on our road trip through the national the one pictured here: Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Follow me @jonathan_irish for more images like this and around the world.


Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night project The Niagara Falls on the border of New York state and Ontario, Canada. About 30 million people visit the falls each year. Follow me @babaktafreshi to explore the world’s landmarks at night. #niagarafalls #newyork #ontario #nightphotography @natgeocreative


Photo by @taylorglenn // An acacia tree, a campfire, and a starry night. Simple pleasures that make for a wonderful night out in the desert. Follow @taylorglenn for more travel adventures around the globe. #namibia #africa #roadtrip #travel


Photograph by @paulnicklen while on assignment for @natgeo in Hawaii. @cristinamittermeier dives under a large crashing wave in #Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii. The Hawaiians of Makaha took us under their wings and taught us about their deep connection to the sea. We were debutants and we found ourselves in situations that we would never have thought possible prior to their guidance. Brian Keaulana was teaching us about three and four wave hold downs just prior to this big surf day. We were taught to stay near the bottom, avoiding the foamy white water until we could see solid water before swimming to the surface. After experiencing this, I now have so much respect for big wave surfers. #gratitude #hawaii #freediving #surf #surfing #gratitude #aloha


Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Bathers float effortlessly in the hyper-saline waters of the Dead Sea near Ein Bokek. Due to extreme evaporation and the diversion of all its tributaries, the water here is almost 10x saltier than sea water, and more dense than a human body. As seen from my #paraglider #notadrone To see more of our world from above follow @geosteinmetz


Photo by @jeffmauritzen. View of Delicate Arch at sunset. While easily the most recognizable arch in the park, did you know that it’s just one of over 2000 stone arches found within Arches National Park? Insider tip: to avoid the busy crowds and desert heat, consider a visit during the winter months. For more photo tips from Utah and beyond, please connect with me @jeffmauritzen.


photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Sunarto, 41 years old, carries a load of sulfur out of the crater. Mount Ijen, on the Island of Java, Indonesia, hosts one of the last remaining active sulfur mines in the world. Since 1968, the sulfur miners have ventured into this unpredictable labyrinth of gas clouds and superheated fumaroles to extract “devil’s gold” and carry it back down the mountain. “Sulfur Road” my latest assignment for National Geographic is online, check it on NatGeo website and follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about this story #natgeotravel #ijen #java #indonesia #sulfur #miners


Photo by @FransLanting When cheetah cubs are two months old they are irresistible. Siblings are sparring partners around the clock. But the odds against their survival are not as appealing. More than half of all cubs do not survive their first four weeks of life and most of the rest do not make it beyond their first year. Cheetahs can’t climb trees like leopards, they can’t dig burrows like hyenas, and they’re not social like lions, so they are always vulnerable no matter where they are. Follow us @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom to see more of these cubs as they grow up. @Natgeocreative @Thephotosociety #Cheetah #BigCats #BigCatsInitiative #Panthera #Endangered #Cute #Play


Photo by @jessmandia // The summit of the Vinicuna, or Rainbow mountain near Cusco, Peru.


Photo by @jimrichardsonng The Saguaro cactus near Peridot, Arizona were all pointing in the right direction, straight up at the Milky Way. Phoenix, nearly 120 miles away, was but a faint glow on the horizon. International Dark Sky Week has me remembering the incredible opportunity I had to explore these visual wonders, and to lament that so many people will be denied these vistas because of encroaching light pollution all around the world. #milkyway #darkskyweek #natgeo #natgeocreative