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Photo by @FransLanting At this time of year wildebeest are pouring into Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve as part of their annual migration around the larger Serengeti grasslands that stretch across northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. It’s an awesome sight to behold and it confirms the vital need to protect Serengeti/Maasai Mara as an integrated ecosystem, but there are many conflicting interests on the horizon that jeopardize the future of this epic phenomenon. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom to learn more about the plight of Africa’s wildlife. @NatGeo @ThePhotoSociety @NatGeoCreative #Serengeti #Migration #Conservation #Wildebeest


Photo by @renan_ozturk // Our California summer road trip ended just how it started. Running around the salt flats outside SLC at sunset, something we’ve been doing for years as a quick escape from the city. @baloointhewild wasn’t ready to end his month of outdoor freedom and began chasing @taylorfreesolo and tore her skirt into shreds as they sprinted around to get out the last of their zoomie energies before a full collapse back at home. Looking forward to getting back in the road soon. #travel #zoomies


Photograph by @PaulNicklen // I love exploring the cross-section between art, science, and conservation in my photography. For me, each image needs to tell a story. I set up this split-shot, half below and half above the water, to show the icy world in which this leopard seal lives. This picture is as much about sea ice as it is a charismatic predator. To see why my heart was racing when I took this photo #FollowMe on @PaulNicklen. #Nature #NatureLovers #PhotoOfTheDay #Antarctica #LeopardSeal


Photo: @emilypolar The Amitaba Gumbu temple on the northern edges of Kathmandu peaks through morning clouds during monsoon. The clouds of monsoon alone are a treat to watch roll through the valley, giving depth to it's many layers. Shivapuri national park is seen towering behind this temple up to 2,700m covering 61 square miles. That's a lot of delicious subtropical Himalayan Forest not too far from many rooftops below. To see more of Nepal and our inspiring world follow @emilypolar #nepal #monsoon #monastery


Photo by @babaktafreshi The World at Night project Walking at dark among these giants is a spectacular experience. Sequoia trees grow to height of 50–85 m (164–279 ft), equal to a 15-30 story building! Their only natural habitat is the western Sierras in California. Up in the sky in this pitch-black forest night is bright star Capella, constellations Perseus and Gemini, and Andromeda Galaxy near the top (little elongated halo), our neighbor galaxy larger than the Milky Way and easily visible to the naked eye in a dark sky. Follow me @babaktafreshi for more night walks around the planet. #twanight #nightphotography #astrophotography #kingscanyonnationalpark #sierranevada #sequoia #california @natgeo @natgeocreative


Photo by @mattiasklumofficial Raja Ampat, Indonesia, one of the richest marine ecosystems in the World. The reefs below the surface are home to more than 1500 species of fish and around 700 species of reef-building coral, and counting...! Please go to @mattiasklumofficial to see another marine realm off the coast of Fiji! By preserving and respecting the remaining beauty on this planet we actually secure long term sustainable success for mankind! The only safe path ahead is to love and enjoy nature in a more thoughtful way anchored in science and "common sense"! #rajaampat #protectbiodiversity #ecosystem #paradise #divers #instagood #photooftheday #protectbiodiversity #mattiasklum #conservation @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial @thephotosociety


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // In 22-years I have taken two vacations. This image is from the second one just a few weeks ago while on a road trip through Oregon and Idaho. On this evening, we were escaping the mosquitoes up on the rim of Crater lake and found this amazing scene just after sunset looking south at the mountains in the Cascade Range. I love mountain images where you can see the layers. They might be a bit hard to see here but I thought this version of the image would be easier to decipher on Instagram than the 1 GB pano I shot a few minutes earlier. #craterlake #craterlakenationalpark #oregon


Photo by @taylorglenn // The mysterious moving rocks of Death Valley National Park’s Racetrack playa. For years people were stumped as to how this phenomenon occurs. In basic terms the conditions have to be a perfect combination of precipitation to leave behind enough water, which then freezes, and if there is enough wind the rocks will begin to move across the playa creating these trails in the softened surface. This all happens over very long periods of time and is extremely rare to see. According to the folks at Death Valley NP a team of scientists did in fact witness this happening, solving a decades old mystery. Worth a read in detail on the @deathvalleynps website. Just another mind blowing thing to learn about on our wonderful planet. Follow @taylorglenn for more from our national parks and beyond #geology #deathvalley #california


Spending time in the company of bears is one of the greatest gifts of all. Here, a mother teaches her cub how to gorge on a ringed seal in Svalbard, Norway. #followme on @paulnicklen to see a bear curl up and fall asleep with a block of ice, holding it like a teddy bear. #bear #food #love #family #motherhood #nature #instagood #naturelovers #adventure #photooftheday


Photo by @gerdludwig. One of Berlin’s most popular tourist attractions is the huge glass dome at the very top of the Reichstag. Situated just north of the Brandenburg Gate, the building was opened in 1894 as the seat of the Weimar Republic government and in 1933 was severely damaged after being set on fire, an act the Nazis blamed on Communists. The building remained in its fire-damaged state until it was partially repaired in the 1960s by the East German government. After German reunification a complete restoration by the British architect Sir Norman Foster added a new glass dome that symbolizes transparency. After its completion in 1999, the building once again became the meeting place of the German parliament. Its dome offers a spectacular 360-degree view of the government district and other Berlin sights. A large sun shield tracks the movement of the sun electronically. The dome is open to visitors for free fee but prior registration is necessary. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeocreative #Berlin #Germany #Reichstag #glassdome #modernarchitecture


photo by @andrea_frazzetta // Cambodia, Tonle Sap lake, the Floating village of Chhnok Trou. A man crossing the village by boat at dawn. The lake supports a massive freshwater ecosystem, which in turn supports the people who live around it in floating villages. Many of the Cambodian villagers are stateless Vietnamese immigrants. The families build floating dwellings on top of waters where citizenship papers are not required. Despite being built on the water, the floating villages operate similarly to villages on land. There are grocery stores, schools, barbers, temples. Follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about my next projects #cambodia #floatingvillage #asia


Photo @stephen_matera // It seems like I wait all year for wildflower season in the Cascades, which on a good year might last for two weeks from late July through early August! Here is a shot from one of my favorite spots for wildflowers near Paradise from a preview summer. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from Washington and around the world. #wildflowers #mtrainiernationalpark