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Photo by @Shannon__Wild A Giant Malagasy Chameleon crosses in front of the iconic Avenue of Baobabs in Madagascar. Nearly half of all chameleon species today live in Madagascar. Madagascar's long isolation from the neighbouring continents has resulted in a unique mix of plants and animals, many found nowhere else in the world. This has led some ecologists to refer to Madagascar as the "eighth continent. ⠀ Follow me @Shannon__Wild for more images of wildlife from around the world where I also share my camera settings for budding photographers. ⠀ #madagascar #chameleon #avenueofbaobabs #africa #reptile #shannonwild


Photo by @FransLanting Emperor penguin chicks are born on the feet of their parents. That’s where they crawl out of their eggs, which are kept off the ice by incubating adults, who cradle the eggs on their feet for two months. Here, a newborn chick sitting on its mother’s feet is getting a brief peek at the world before it gets covered again by a brood flap, which keeps eggs and chicks warm even under the extreme conditions emperors face during their reproduction cycle. If we can learn how to nurture our planet the way emperors take care of their offspring, we’ll all be better off. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom to see what emperor penguin chicks have to do to stay warm when it gets really cold. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Antarctica #Penguins #Parenting #Baby #Care #Bird #Naturelovers #newborn #wonder


📸: @noelle.alcorn Check out Nat Geo Wild's story today to meet Honeybun, a cape pangolin, with one her caretakers, Noelle! Pangolins are one of the most trafficked mammals on the planet. They're often hunted for bush meat, but there's also a demand for their scales in Vietnam and China for use in traditional medicine. When Honeybun and her mother came to @restnamibia the mother was in really bad shape and had clearly been thrown around. They think she wrapped herself around Honeybun to protect her. Now, about two and a half years later, Honeybun is healthy and still with us! #endangered #pangolin #wildlife


This is Sterling, a five-year-old female silver fox @southwestwildlife. The silver fox is the same species as the more commonly recognized red fox – they simply have different pigmentation variations. Unfortunately, as grey is one of the most desirable colors, they are still bred and farmed for their fur. Sterling came from a terrible hoarding situation in Iowa, where 300 animals were found in deplorable conditions. As an accredited member of the American Sanctuary Association, @southwestwildlife offered Sterling a home for life! She now lives with three other foxes at their sanctuary. Sterling is described by her keepers as very vocal and outgoing. When treats are being handed out, she’s been known to chase around one of her roommates to offer her treat to them! Southwest Wildlife is an non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates native mammals who have been injured, orphaned, or displaced. Animals that can’t be released back into the wild are given a home at their sanctuary. To see a close up of sterling follow @joelsartore.


Video by @alexbraczkowski and @stevewinterphoto Click on the @natgeowild icon today to follow @natgeowild cameramen @alexbraczkowski and @stevewinterphoto on a wildlife adventure in the incredible @africanparksnetwork Zakouma National Park in Chad. This savanna park has some of the most incredible wildlife on planet earth including nearly 500 elephants, lions, leopards, huge herds of buffalo and tiang and rare Kordofan giraffes. The park also has huge flocks of quelas, crowned cranes and other threatened birds that visit this critical #ramsar wetland site. Follow along and visit the African country of Chad to see the wildlife for yourself! . . . . . #wildlife #wilderness #wildafrica #birdsofinstagram #birders #elephants #elephantlovers #ramsar #beauty #wild #lions #bigcatsforlife #wildlifecameraman #bigcats @natgeo @insidenatgeo @natgeowild


Photo by @Shannon__Wild Clearly this hippo hasn’t been to the dentist lately. For a mostly herbivorous animal, hippo sure have some impressive teeth … with the larger ones being referred to as ‘canine tusks’. As you can see here their jaw hinge allows them to open their mouths to almost 180 degrees and their teeth actually sharpen themselves as they grind together. But these ‘canine’ teeth aren’t needed for eating … they’re used for combat! Hippos are one of the most territorial animals in Africa. ⠀ Follow me @Shannon__Wild for more images of wildlife from around the world where I also share my camera settings for budding photographers. ⠀ #hippo #africa #southafrica #wild #orange


We are in love with these adorable pups 😍 Watch @dogbreathphotography work their magic, tonight on the series premiere of #Pupparazzi at 10/9c!


Photo by @FransLanting I came across this adorable emperor penguin chick at the edge of a colony in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, where it was awaiting the return of its parents who shuttle in food from open water. Follow me @FransLanting and @ChrstineEckstrom to see a gaggle of emperor penguin chicks emerge from a blizzard. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #Antarctica #Penguins #Extreme #Wildlifephotography #Cold #Parenting #Baby #Naturelovers


Photo @ladzinski / If you live in Patagonia a warm coat is mandatory, it’s a place that’s notorious for unpredictable weather. I photographed this beautiful #AndeanFox in July of 2018, the beginning of winter in southern Patagonia. I felt every bit of it, icy winds and below freezing conditions are a prerequisite here. This healthy fox wasn’t even fazed by the weather, stealthily moving across the cold landscape in search of food. To see more photos from this beautiful part of the world please visit @ladzinski


Photo by @journeying_justin This is one of the rarest birds in the entire world - less than 100 are believed to exist in the wild due to severe habitat loss. The Florida grasshopper sparrow is endemic to Central Florida's dry prairie habitat where they live almost entirely on the ground hunting small insects. They only pop up above the tall prairie grass to vocalize like a grasshopper to attract mates. This photo was taken while out in the field with @fwcresearch biologists banding individual birds so they can learn more about their wild population. To help recover this species, @whiteoakconservation and it's partners @usfws and @fwcresearch are undergoing an innovative captive breeding program to establish a small population of birds destined for release back into their home range. Visit for more info! #conservation #whiteoakconservation #florida #savingfloridassparrow


Photo 📸 by @alexbraczkowski Did you know cub mortality can be as high as 80% in the first year of a lions life? Hyenas, other lions (usually big males who are not their father) and predators and disease are all ways in which a lion cub can lose its life. Staying close to their mothers is a sure way lion cubs can be safe from these threats. We think that this was the third or fourth time Murunji's two young cubs climbed a large candelabra tree! They were not comfortable at all, but it doesn't take away from their cuteness. These two cubs and their pride will be on @natgeowild in December 2018 as part of #bigcatweek so be sure to tune in and follow their journey to stay alive and learn to climb trees. Follow @alexbraczkowski and @natgeowild for more shots of lions and other big cats! . . . . . #lookingforlions #lion #wild #wilderness #africana #african #eastafrica #beauty #baby #bigcat #bigcatsforlife #uganda


Photo by @Shannon__Wild A polar bear looks out over melting pack ice north of Svalbard. This sea ice is a critical component of Arctic marine ecosystems. It’s essential for the bears survival as well as seals, which is their main source of prey. Sadly, as the ice diminishes so too do the prey items, seals, who also rely on this ice for their habitat and breeding grounds. Follow me @Shannon__Wild for more images from the Arctic and beyond where I also share my camera settings for budding photographers. #polarbear #arctic