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Did you know the Pacific Ocean is larger than all of the earth's land area combined? One more reason to be inspired by the salty coast of California.⠀ Photo: @linneastephan#keepitlite


Make every wander a wonder! The Spring 2018 season sees the return of ultra-lite, easy to wear favorites like the Mercury Liteknit, and mixes innovation with originality to bring you new slip-ons that streamline each step. #keepitlite #beastfree


Through palm-lined landscapes and sunbaked surroundings, we explore the transformative and rebellious era of 1970's California for our new seasonal collection. ⠀ #keepitlite


It's all about the company you keep!⠀ Left to Right: The Lennox, Miles, and Jefferson.⠀ #keepitlite #beastfree


Embrace the unexpected contrast of a white boot against asphalt, or a black beach in Iceland.⠀ The Fitzsimmons Treklite shot by @akimkarpach @eusmorph#keepitlite #beastfree


Out of the blue. Image: @nataliesantafe#keepitlite


The Apex CT features a sawtooth rubber outsole to keep you upright on this earth.⠀ Photo: @panpablo#keepitlite #beastfree


The path to enlitenment with the Jefferson on foot. ⠀ Shot in New Zealand by @ryanmagdanz#keepitlite #beastfree


Imprints of our imagination left along the way.⠀ Photo: @leeorwild#keepitlite


Scholastic stompers for all the pint-sized superstars. #keepitlite #beastfree


We're keeping it lite and limber in 2018 on the mat with our own HQ yoga instructor, @carolynannebudgie. Swipe for a sequence for finding renewal in this new year: “I can never quite figure out what I need this time of year: rest, sweating, nature, reading, goal setting... there are many things to dive into. So I try to have lite expectations and listen to the guidance of my inner wisdom everyday. Today I simply got on my yoga mat and moved a lot, wrung out my system with some sweet twists and pumped a rad playlist. Try it out and let me know how you feel afterwards - my intent was a brief, yet energizing flow! Make sure to breathe deeply, take extra pauses/child's poses if you need or add in more fire/push-ups. If you keep your outlook lite and try different ways of moving each day, you'll bring in plenty of clarity and playfulness this year! Happy 2018!” Carolyn wears the Mercury Liteknit in shell white.


Fusing technology of the future with traditions of the past.⠀ Photo: @panpablo#keepitlite #beastfree