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Helping women balance their hormones naturally. Creater of #eatingforyourcycle and Elixirs For Women's Hormone Balance Online Course!

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I want to take a moment to give a warm welcome our new community members this week. and introduce myself. I’m Madeline MacKinnon, and I believe that committed women need a truly holistic, day-to-day strategy to heal hormones. I know that whatever symptoms your grappling with, it’s totally possible to heal with the nutrition and an approach that fits your body, your lifestyle and your personality. ❤️ . Sounds good, right? I’m not just about the supplements (although I love superfoods and I’m a herbology nerd). I believe in peeling back the layers that surround the root of your hormone imbalance, exposing it, and then treating it with a combination of food, herbs and lifestyle remedies. ❤️ . I was driven to this work because of my personal struggle with adrenal fatigue, PMS and thyroid issues… even while I was eating a healthy diet. I had to figure out what the missing links were, and now I am focused on doing the same for my clients. ❤️ . In my spare time you might find me cooking delicious meals, lying out in the sun, or foraging for local food and herbs (in the forest or the farmers market!). I love to research, and I’m a total geek about nutrition and herbs. Right now I’m learning Portuguese to communicate with my in-laws and read Brazilian recipes! . . . #healthcoach #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


Estrogen metabolism needs to be a key focus if you experience PMS, heavy periods, fibroids, endometriosis, peri-menopause symptoms, or cysts. . Some people, genetically, have trouble detoxing estrogen and have more of a chance of experiencing the conditions listed above. However, you still can rise above your genes and support estrogen metabolism with specific nutrients from food. ❤️ . This beet berry smoothie bowl from @luisegreenkitchenstories is a perfect example of what you can eat to assist in estrogen metabolism. Beets are are high in betaine which is neutral chemical compound that helps in the 'methylation' of estrogen from your body. 😍 . Other nutrients to focus on are choline (get it from egg yolks), methylated b vitamins and methionine. Eating foods from the brassica family like broccoli, broccoli sprouts, brussel sprouts, and cabbage also help because they are high in DIM and Indol 3 Carbonal. 🥑 . Have you noticed a difference in your PMS symptoms from changing your diet? Let me know in the comments. 🍎 . #healthcoach #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


Shatavari is an ayurvedic herb that translates as 'She Who Has 100 Husbands' and that can give you a pretty good idea about that it's for 😉 . I have a new youtube video for you this week all about the benefits of shatavari for fertility where I demo how to make a daily herbal elixir. The healing compounds are fat soluble so a need a special preparation method. Watch the full video with the #linkinmyprofile to learn more. ❤️ . Shatavai has more benefits then just fertility though! 😍 . . This amazing women's 'super herb' also has the following properties: . . * it’s an adrenal tonic that works on the HPA axis * shatavari balances the immune system, so it could be effective for treating endometriosis. Scientists speculate that endo is an autoimmune condition * it relaxes uterine muscles so it can be used for menstrual cramping * it's very calming and soothing. After I made the elixir for myself, I had this exquisite feeling of peace and calm afterwards . . Go check out the video with my #linkinbio and subscribe to my channel for more videos on women's health and hormone balance.


Mid-afternoon iced matcha for the win! Perfect for a summer day spent working or relaxing from home. I added some ginger powder for digestion and 🦁 lion's mane mushroom for boosting brain power (helping me focus). ☺️ . Here's my recipe: * 2 tsp matcha powder * 1 frozen bannana * 1 cup of ice * 1 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk * 1 scoop collagen peptides * 1 tsp lion's mane mushroom @newearthorganics * 1/3 tsp ginger * 1 tbsp Lucuma powder . . Blend and enjoy! . . Who else love matcha as a daily ritual? . . Thanks @vibrantbythespoonful and for the inspiration!


Happy Friday! I've been spending my day researching and crafting some elixirs with an amazing hormone balancing herb that I haven't talked about on here yet! ❤️ . I'm so excited to tell you about it in a new video I have coming out next week. It could be the answer if you're preparing for conception, experiencing cysts or endometriosis or you have ammenorhea. Stay tuned! 😍 . . If you have any guesses on what herb it is put them in the comments! . . Photo by @sarah_jozsa


It is no secret that stress and your cortisol levels hugely influence your hormone balance and overall wellbeing. For that reason, prioritizing your pleasure is a huge step to improving your health and beauty. However, your sexual pleasure and the depth of orgasms you experience also influence you on levels that no one really talks about – your self-confidence, motivation, and fulfillment in life. . . Join us on our blog this week ( #linkinprofile👆) as us in how to how do you self-pleasure for personal transformation. . . Photo @tinamariaelena . . . #selfpleasure #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney


Figs are an unquestionably sensual fruit but they also make a delicious fertility food. My favourite cookbook author Diana Henry writes: ✨ . 'One could even feel embarrassed handling figs in the wong company. Soft and plump, it seems like they are just waiting to be discovered, so delciate that you may have to touch them gently and eat them before too many little beads of nectar form around the flower end'. 🌸 . Figs are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins. 1/2 a cup of figs have the same amount of calcium as 1/2 cup of milk! They are also rich in progesterone supporting vitamin B6 which can help with conception and prevent PMS mood swings. . . I encrourage you to get access to some figs this seaon. Snack on them on their own or drizzle on some chocolate sauce and edible flowers like @elsas_wholesomelife did in this photo! . . Who else loves fresh figs? . . #fertilityfood #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


Ovulation is essential for your overall health in your 'menstruating years'. It's because you produce most of your progesterone from ovulation and you need it for your mood, metabolism and bone density. It’s important for having a healthy period. 💓 . In my practice, I encourage clients to track their cycle to make sure their ovulating. It's an empowering way to monitor your progress as you work to healing. It's especially important if you are healing PCOS, experiencing amenorrhea, or struggling to conceive. This can help you pinpoint what is working and what isn't in your protocol and give you some encouragement as you heal. 🌸 . Here's how to know if you're ovulating: 🌻 . . *Fertile mucus (think stretchy egg white). It should be at it’s peak around 14 days before your period starts. . . *A Regular Cycle . . *However, you still can have a regular cycle and cervical mucous and not ovulate. . . *Know for sure by tracking your temperature and getting a distinct rise after ovulation. You can do this by tracking on an app like @kindara_fertility or streamline the process by using their 'wink' thermometer or get a @daysyfertilitytracker. 🌸 . . It's important to not that you won't ovulate or produce any of that beneficial progesterone when you're on the pill. . Do you track your cycle? What's your favorite way to track . . . Photo @tinamariaelena


Essential oils are an important part of my hormone balancing ‘tool kit’. They can be effective for reducing cramping, relieving PMS tension, supporting progesterone, decreasing cortisol and getting your body out of ‘fight or flight’ (essential for adrenal fatigue recovery). 💓 . Simply add them to your daily rituals by inhaling them from the bottle, adding them to a diffuser, making your own DIY perfume or try a lower belly rub by diluting them in some coconut or jojoba oil. 🌸 . Some of my favourites for hormone balance are clary sage, geranium, lavender, chamomile, fennel, ylang ylang and cypress. Vitex oil is the one to use for supporting progesterone and regulating your cycle. If you’d like a combination you can try out the ‘clarycalm; blend from DoTerra. I’ve heard many first hand stories from women saying how it helped with their cramping and other menstrual issues. 🌻 . . What’s your favourite way to use essential oils? Let me know in the comments. . . PS. If you want to get hooked up with good essential oils for hormone balance send me a dm. . . #essentialoils #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #doterraessentialoils #clarycalm #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


Eat flowers for hormone health! Flowers are the sex organ of the plant and according to the ‘doctrine of signatures’ flowers can support the health of your endocrine glands. 🌺🌷 . Some edible flowers that may be in your garden right now are violets (you can eat the leaves too), chrysanthemums, nasturtiums, roses, borage and lavender. Add them to salads, iced teas, pestos and smoothies! 🌼 . I am swooning over this floral cocktail made with violet from @fareisle! You can get the recipe on her website. 🙂 . What’s your favourite edible flower? 🌻 . . . . #adaptogen #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #herbalmedicine #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney


Are you ready to uplevel your nutrition for hormone balance and optimal fertility? Maybe you’re trying to conceive or you’re struggling with major PMS systems. Customizing your nutrition to the phases of your menstrual cycle can make the difference when you’re eating clean but aren’t seeing results. 🌸 . Here are some beneficial fruits to eat during the follicular phase which is a 7-10 day period between menstruation and ovulation. This is the estrogen dominant stage of your cycle so you can tolerate foods (like grapefruit) that has naturally occurring phytoestrogen. 🌺 . Dragon fruit is also another follicular phase powerhouse. Dragon fruit is packed full of vitamin C, fibre and minerals. Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats to help support the maturation of the follicle that eventually get released as an egg during ovulation. The antimicrobial nature of dragon fruit has also been traditionally used for skin issues like acne. ✨ . Have you made any recipes with dragon fruit? What’s your favourite way to use it? 💓 . #healthcoach #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #ttc #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


Hey there, I'm Madeline. I'm a nutritionist and the founder here at Natural Hormone Healing. I wanted to take a moment to give a warm welcome and introduce my self to any new followers this week. 💓🙂 . A little about me: ✨ . 1. What brings joy to my heart is nourishing the people I love. I see cooking as an extention of love and I beleive that putting intention into it makes it deeply healing. I seriously get heart bursting joy creating different healing recipes. Especially when they revole around women's health and hormone balance! 🍓🌺 . 2. I've been immersed in the health & wellness feild since I was 19 years old. It all started when I started to go vegan overnight! I was origionally studying political science but i ended up spending all of my time studying nutrition and herbs instead of doing my school work! So, I decided to following my passions and study nutrition. ❤ . 3. I'm so far from being perfect and having it 'all together' when it comes to my life, my self care, and fully loving my body. I have my insecure days, my day where I struggle to get my shit together and keep up with my health routines. What I'm passionate about doing though, is taking my challenges, problem solving them and putting them into usable systems to help my clients get results with their health! ❤ . I'll be sharing more of these solutions on this page through my recipes, time saving 'hacks', and sharing important 'need to know' information on hormones. ❤ . If there is anything you'd like to learn more about please don't hesistate to reach out!


Omega-3 fatty acid is a primary component of the brain, cerebral cortex, skin, and retina. In fact, the best way to get omega-3 is from fertility foods like raw, wild salmon. 🐟 . This little thing is a great snack, you can put cold smoked salmon on your favorite toast. Add radishes and arugula and you have a delicious gourmet-inspired snack that supports your body. 🌷 . It’s a perfect no-cook option for summer! 🌼 . What's your favourite summertime snack? ... #healthcoach #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #fertilityfood #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #fertilityjourney #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


One 'hack' to balance your hormones and optimize your fertiltily is customizing your nutrition for the phases of your menstural cycle. I'm currently in my ovulatory phase and thought I'd share some of my favourite ovulatory superfoods with you: 🍓 . Avocados- high in folate, B6, and healthy fats. Research shows that avocados increase chances of conception during IVF. ✨ . Beets- help the liver liver ‘methylate’ and detox the naturally high estrogen levels that occur during ovulation. The estrogen needs to be properly eliminates so it doesn’t interfere with the progesterone, the essential hormone required to maintain a pregnancy in the luteal phase. Try adding them raw to smoothie bowls (like the one in this photo). 🙂 . To learn more about this, download our ultimate fertility smoothie protocol for free (with avocado and beet of course!) It has the key nutrients you need to optimize your chances of conception. I'll put the link to access it in my profile! ❤ . If eating for your phases is something you'd like to learn more about let me know. in the comments. 🍒 . Photo by @sarahsteffens_personalchef


When it comes to balancing hormones and getting your energy back you may hear from experts (including myself) how important it is to decrease stress (which is the # 1 hormone imbalancer). The common reccomdendations are to meditate, do yoga, deep breathing ect ect.. These are all good things but decreasing stress can be a lot more simple. 🎆✨ . It's all about doing what gives you joy and commiting to more play! When you do what you love it get's you in that creative flow state and puts you in the moment without having to 'concentrate' or tell your self 'not to stress'. What brings you joy is going to be totally unique to you! 🙂 . For me, it looks like wild foraging in my favourite stinging nettle patch (see the photo), blending up essential oils to make healing perfumes for myself, swimming in lakes, walking barefoot and taking lots of time to laugh with my loved ones. This summer, I invite you to commit to doing what brings you joy! ❤ . . So what is it for you? What brings you that heart bursting joy? That joy that makes you feel like 'this is what I'm meant to be doing'? ❤ . . #fertilitycoach #womenshealth #womenswellness #hormonebalance #hormoneimbalance #ttcsupport #womenshealthcoach #mindbodygreen #wellandgood #healthylifestyle #sacredfeminine #healthylifestylemovement #hormones #hormonehealth #morningritual #eatingforyourcycle #ttccommunity #ttcsupport #justbreathe #fitforme #lookwithin #cleanliving #loveyourcycle #holisticliving #nourishyourself #liveinspired #wellpreneur #wellnessjourney #wellnesscoach


{New Blog Recipe} Who here loves avocado? Some things you may not know about one of my favorite superfoods: ❤ . It has plant sterols that can reduce excess estrogen, allowing for proper levels of progesterone to be present in women and testosterone in men. 🙂 . Avocados contain high levels of folate and potassium, which are much needed by expectant and breastfeeding mothers. ✨ . If you want to learn more about the benefits of avocado (including how to make a deliciously easy raw key lime pie from @sarahsteffens_personalchef) check out the blog #linkinprofile👆🏻 🎆 . What's your favorite way to eat avocado?


The most common sentence I hear from women who are experiencing hormone imbalances is this: ‘I don’t feel like myself anymore’. 🎆 . Can you relate? A hormone imbalance can impact your moods, confidence and how comfortable you feel in your own skin. ✨ . So how do you start to feel like yourself again? It can be a journey and it won't happen overnight but the key is to start making some changes in your nutrition and lifestyle. ❤ . It can be overwhelming when you start out and many question come up. Such as should you go see an acupuncturist or nutritionist? What supplements should you take? How do I even know which hormones are out of balance? . . I want to help you through this so I created a workshop on Balancing Your Hormones Naturally. I’ll be teaching it live, online and for free tomorrow at 7 pm MST tonight night (Wednesday June 27th). . . You can claim your spot with the #linkinmybio🔥🔥🔥 . . Submit any questions you have in the comments.


Hibiscus tea, also known as ‘nature's Botox’, is irresistible when iced! Right now I have a mason jar on hand in my fridge, it’s a summertime staple. So how does hibiscus achieve effects similar to Botox? The flower is naturally high in both antioxidants and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Both compounds help to improve the youthful appearance of the skin. The hibiscus flower’s astringent nature also helps tighten the skin. You can get the benefits from using it in skincare products and also consuming it internally. 💓 . Actually, hibiscus has other hormone balancing benefits! The flower is blood building and high in Vitamin C which helps support natural progesterone levels. Hibiscus also lowers blood pressure and supports heart health (if you have low blood pressure it’s not recommended). 💓 . Here’s how to make deliciously hydrating cold brewed hibiscus tea: ❤ . 2 handfuls dried hibiscus flowers 2 litres spring water . . You don’t need to heat the water to make hibiscus tea! It makes a fantastic cold brew. Add the flowers to the water and allow to sit for 10-20 minutes. Strain and discard the flowers. Store in a mason jar in the fridge to sip throughout your day.