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Looking for a hormone healing upgrade? Replace your soda or beer with kombucha! ❤ . When you want to join in on the festivities, but you are trying to limit your alcohol consumption, you're put in a tough spot... especially if you enjoy the ritual that surrounds it! 💓 . Kombucha is a decent swap for alcoholic beverages because of the carbonation and fantastic flavor options. Fill your wine glass this weekend and try something different! 💓 Photo by @sarahsteffens_personalchef #hormonebalance #adrenalfatigue #healthyhormones #balance #kombucha #healthyupgrade


Ferments (like these delicious carrot pickles) have a healing effect on your hormone levels. When we relieve digestive distress we are relieving an immense source of strain on our adrenal system! Whenever we have an upset tummy with inflammation & pain our body produces an adrenal response. If we can stop this from happening we give our adrenals a much needed rest and they can begin to build up reserves of hormonal energy again. . . Fermented foods are one of the keys to improving our digestion. You will soon find yourself craving these pickles for the potent powers they have to heal any digestive distress. . . . An easy and delicious way to start fermenting is to make some of these carrot pickles. You can get the full recipe on my blog contributed by @denismanzer of @fermentyourfood!


Elixir time in my favorite @anthropologie mug! Have you attended my classes at The Light Cellar, Purearth Organics, Naturistas, Noorish or Community Natural Foods? My Adrenal Healing Coaching Program is actually a 6-week class series customized to you and your symptoms. (this is the last day to join us!) I'll be teaching you, step by step, how to live in a way that heals and prevents adrenal fatigue. You’ll begin to systematically address the 6 main lifestyle areas that ensure health and healing. In the very first class, you’ll come out with an understanding of what’s going on with your adrenals and methods for testing your hormones. In order to address your symptoms head-on, you’ll get clear on the ‘energy leaks’ that sabotage your success. We’ll talk about the healing power of routine and you’ll develop a customized core plan that you will start working on and build on every week. I haven't mentioned that you get my coaching expertise every week as well! It's all included in my program. Sound like this would meet your needs to get your long-awaited results? Check it out and join us here... registration closes today (and the first class of the series. Visit the link in my profile to learn more.


The 'Natural Hormone Healing' lifestyle is all about embracing where you are. ❤ ✨ It's about embracing the seasons. Embracing where you live. For example, yesterday we went snowboarding at the mountains in the 'spring snow' and took a walk on the ice covered lake. This helps be feel more connected to my natural environment and balances by circadian rythem (so important for adrenal health). ❤ ✨ It's about embracing and aligning to where you are in your menstrual cycle. If you are on your follicular phase then do something new or take a time of retreat during your period. ❤ ✨ It's even about embracing the 'season' of life you're in and your emotions. For example, if you're feeling more internal and less productive then choose to take it as a time of rest. You can see it as restorative for your body instead of a 'waste of time'. ❤ ✨ When you're not trying to change things this takes the stress off your nervous system, you're able to live more in the moment and feel more like your true self.


Below is the exact protocol that I use with clients to heal their adrenal fatigue. If you put everything below into practice on a consistent basis, you will see results: . . -Go to bed and wake up at the same time 7 days a week -Get natural sunlight before noon (30 minutes minimum) -Avoid screens one hour before bed or wear ‘blue light blocker’ glasses -Get out of fight or flight and operate mostly in your parasympathetic nervous system -Balance your blood sugar and avoid inflammatory foods -Take adaptogenic herbs customized to your phase of adrenal fatigue -Create a ‘sleep sanctuary’ and get deep, restorative sleeps -Learn to create healthy boundaries: say no to things that stretch you too thin and put yourself first . . Pretty basic, right? Here’s the reality... Sometimes knowing what to do just isn’t enough. We need support, accountability and a sustainable system so that everything above can become habit… meaning you start doing it without thinking of it. That's why we created our 'Adrenal Healing Coaching Program'. Registration is open until Wednesday next week. You can learn more in my profile or send me a pm did more info.


Getting our turmeric glow on with these golden milk Elixirs! Turmeric supports the health of your liver which will in turn supports your hormone health. ❤❤❤ ✨ On another note, our adrenal healing coaching progress is open for registration today! If you're struggling to heal adrenal fatigue and need accountability, support, and customized resources this is the program for you. Check out the course page in my profile @naturalhormonehealing .


When it comes to hormone balance and healing adrenal fatigue, incorporating more pleasure into your life is a powerful tool. . . When you do things that feel good for your body, it has a positive physiological response. . . Pleasure increases oxytocin which helps regulate cortisol and puts your body into the parasympathetic so you can heal. . . There’s a lot of taboo around experiencing pleasure in our culture, and that we need to suffer to reach our goals . . However, our brain is wired to experience pleasure, and if we don’t get enough we become deficient, like any essential nutrient! . . I'll be talking more about using pleasurable practices the heal adrenal fatigue in my upcoming master tomorrow night. You can register with the link in my profile.


I hope you're geared up to have a restful and rejuvenating Easter weekend. I'm planning to unplug and spend some quality time with family. Before I sign off I want to let you know about a special online master class i have coming on this Tuesday on Holistic Adrenal Fatigue Recovery (register with the link in my profile). . . You'll learn my healing protocols to naturally heal your adrenal fatigue: . . Heal fast- learn what you’re missing so healing doesn’t take years. . . Address your symptoms with nutrition- understand perfect ratio of protein, fats and carbs to lose weight and boost energy and what foods should (and shouldn’t) be included in your diet . . Avoid sabotage- how to implement the key lifestyle changes that hold you back from results (what sets people back on each pillar) . . Increase pleasure- Incorporating enjoyable rituals into your healing strategy . . Replace coffee- get true energy; how to use elixirs and adaptogenic herbs to improve your results . . Join us for this master class at 7 pm MST. Regitartion is required with the link in my profile!


Thanks so much for hosting me @mycnf for Nutrition For Hormone Balance. I am so greatful for having the opportunity to share this information with more people. Hormone Health is something so many people are struggling with and nutrition is a powerful tool to help us get results. 💓🍒We all need to ear everyday so if we make sure our meals are blood sugar balancing and full of hormone supportive nutrients like magnesium, b vitamins and zinc we get into optimal hormone health.


It was so fun to be in Edmonton again @noorishyoursoul and teach my Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Class last Monday. . . I talked a lot about different herbs to use for supporting adrenal health like reishi mushroom, holy basil, and pine pollen (pictured above). . . If you're in Edmonton go and eat at Noorish. They have delicious organic vegetarian food, Elixirs and super food infused desserts! ❤😍☕ . . Thanks again to everyone that came for the class and Noorish for hosting!


A lot of your hormones are built from nutrients you get from food. If you're not getting the essential nutrition building blocks, your hormone balance is going to suffer. You can actually target different hormones (such as progesterone) by eating different foods that support progesterone such as eggs, saffron, seabuckthorn, and cod liver oil to naturally bring levels up. If you'd like to learn more about this, I'm teaching a free class tomorrow at Community Natural Foods @mycnf on 10th Street NW in Calgary @ 7:00 pm all about nutrition for women's hormone balance... You'll get to sample some of my tasty recipes! Hope to see you there. Also, if you're super interested in this topic right now, check out my Nutrition Guide...just go to for your free download! Pic by @sarahsteffens_personalchef


Adrenal Fatigue. What does it take to heal and get your energy back so you can feel like your self again.? Healing adrenal fatigue is similar to weight loss... It doesn’t happen overnight. You get results from changing your lifestyle with small action steps done day after day, like planning your meals and choosing to exercise. . . You wouldn’t expect to lose 30 lbs overnight, right? That’s a realistic 6-month goal if you want to do it in a healthy and sustainable way. And if you want to maintain your new weight, it becomes all about your habits. . . Same thing goes for healing symptoms of adrenal fatigue; it’s about lifestyle. The things that I've found make the biggest difference are choosing to go to bed and wake up at the same time to create rhythm in your life. Making time to breathe fresh air and see the sunshine. Nourishing your body with gut healing and blood sugar balancing foods. . . I know you can do it but you need support. You need your family's support. And you may need professional support that provides accountability, encouragement, and a proven system that is easy to do rather than trying to do things based on a bunch of info you found on the internet. Seek the support you need to get the results you desire and you will succeed :) Photo by @sarah_jozsa


One lifestyle area to focus on when healing adrenal fatigue is sleep however not all sleep is created equal. You need to make sure that your are creating optimal melatonin while you sleep and a lot of people are not creating enough which is impacting their health. . . Melatonin is a hormone and your body uses it to do the following (and more!): . . *boost your immune system *help your blood pressure *decrease risk of cancer, osteoporosis, plaques, migraines *assist your thyroid *decrease insulin resistance (essential for healing adrenal fatigue) . . However, when you take melatonin orally, it is similar to taking any kind of hormone therapy... it's powerful! Your body may become dependant on supplemental melatonin and stop producing adequate amounts itself. . . If you want to increase melatonin naturally and improve your hormone balance, check out my Perfect Sleep Checklist . . You can download it for free with the link in my profile or go to. . .


Thanks everyone who attended today's elixir making class at The Light Cellar. Here's a sampling of everything we made: ☕ ❤ *Seabuckthorn Saffron Liquid Sunshine *Adaptogen Matcha Latte *Adrenal Tonic Vanilla Latte * Schizandra Rose Beauty Tonic *Herbal Infused Fudge *Hibiscus Rose Tea *Nettle Infusion . . I'll be hosting my last one of the year in June so you can still join live if want to sample everything. 😊


These are my herbal infused bliss balls for glowing skin that I'll be sampling in tonight's Getting The Glow Class at Pure Earth Organics. They have pearl powder, beet powder, and schizandra; a hormone balancing trio for beautiful skin. The beet helps to build blood, the schizandra supports the liver while maintaining moisture in the skin, and the pearl helps to reduce blemishes and wrinkles. . . If you're in Red Deer come to the class @purearthorganics1 tonight and if you are in Calgary then come to the same class I'm hosting at The Light Cellar on April 28th!


Hey, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself if we haven’t met yet and tell you a bit about my journey with hormone imbalances. It inspired me to do what I do today. In my early 20’s when I started getting into nutrition, periodically throughout my day I would feel my energy dip super low. At the time, I didn’t understand why I was feeling this low, low energy. I’d drop into a chair, feeling exhausted. I didn’t want to think much of it. I thought that because I was taking good care of my health, everything would work out… but it wasn’t. This scared me. . . It wasn’t until I totally crashed and realized that I was experiencing adrenal fatigue that I that I made some changes. I started simplifying my meals and eating according to principles that worked to build my energy, I tool time and spent it in nature to harmonize my circadian rhythm and I got to the root of my stress (I was putting way to big of an expectation on myself!). This is how I started to work with clients on healing adrenal fatigue and I am looking forward to sharing more about my method with you on instagram. . . . If you have any questions around healing adrenal fatigue I would be happy to answer them on this channel.


I love making elixirs and customizing them to support women's health and hormone balance. This is my adrenal tonic latte for supporting healing adrenal fatigue. It has a base of Chaga Reishi Tea, dandyblend, Maca, Lucuma, he shou wu, and coconut butter! It tastes similar to a vanilla latte with no caffeine and it can be customized into mocha! . . If you'd like to try my recipes and start crafting these drinks at home then I hope you can join me on Saturday at The Light Cellar in Calgary from 1-4 pm for my Elixirs For Women's Hormone Balance Workshop. I'll be making this drink along with my matcha latte, schizandra beauty tonic, seabuckthorn saffron elixir and herbal infused chocolate fudge! . . Thanks @sarahsteffens_personalchef for the picture! ❤❤❤


What does it take to recover from Adrenal Fatigue? The truth is it can sometimes be a long journey of trial and error to get your energy back and start feeling like your self again. But when you get the key 'needle movers' in place like managing stress, balancing your circadian rythem (that's why I'm wearing my @swanwicksleep blue blockers 👓), getting your blood sugar balanced and being on the right herbal protocol healing can happen a lot faster then you think. I'll be offering more trainings in the next couple weeks on how to implement this approach. . . If you'd like to learn live. I'm teaching my Adrenal Fatigue Recovery class @lightcellar tomorrow (Saturday) from 4:30 - 6:30 pm and @noorishyoursoul in Edmonton on March 26th! We still still have some spaces available. . . For the class tomorrow, it's just $35 and you will go home with my nutrition guide and herb list for the stages of adrenal fatigue. I'll also be sampling out my squash soup with @high_vibehealth bone broth. You can register on or call 403 453 1343.