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Content Creator & Storyteller – BOOK ME: • Photography • Graphic & web design • Social media mgmt – founder of: @wabi.sabi.collective 📍 vancouver, bc

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"I feel like it's time to differentiate yourself more than ever... Story is the answer" - @alexstrohl




Just another one of my favorite things; October in the Valley! 🍁🍂🍁🍂 Oh and chillin' with the squad. That's what the hip cool kids are calling it, right??


Finding good window light in a dark hallway is quite possibly one of my favorite things! Especially when it involves an old shiplap whitewashed wall!


I love art! 🎨🎨🎨 I'm so excited for Eastside Culture Crawl next month, and to wander the halls and studios of Parker Street.


Soaking up the last bits of fall sunshine.🌞🌞🌞 • I'm always excited to meet new clients, especially ones that are so talented and passionate about everything they're creating! It just brings so much joy to my heart! @ideetart is a mixed media artist, but she so much more than just that! Check out her Instagram and show her art some love 🎨❤️🎨 • More to come...


One thing I learned while in Peru; never take a hot shower for granted ever again! Oh, and always make sure an Airbnb or hostel actually has hot running water when you get there. • This beautiful living room helped make up for the fact that we had to boil gallons of hot water on the stove in order to bathe. 🚿🛁❄️❄️


Llamas are quite possibly the most derpy animal in existence.


Choquequirao, known as "The Cradle of Gold" or "The Sacred Sister of Machu Picchu". • After hiking in for 2 days, trudging down into a river valley one day and back up the other, even steeper side the next. I can confidently say this was the most difficult hike I've ever completed. But in the end, having the ruins to ourselves that morning was worth every grueling step. • Oh, almost forgot to mention... We had to sleep through a super in"tents" thunder & lightning storm too! Loudest thunder I've ever heard! ⛈️⛈️⛈️⛈️


Luckily the rain didn't last forever... The sun decided to peak through the clouds for a few perfectly timed moments. 🌦️🌥️🌤️


I shot my first wedding in August and let's just say it was exhilarating, and I loved it! I ended the day with heavy eyes, but a full heart... I'll definitely be doing it again! 👰💍👦 • Preferably without the torrential downpour for an outdoor wedding though. 🌧️⛈️🌩️🌧️


It's something truly beautiful to see the world with the eyes of a photographer. • Walking around with @wendy.shep down the streets and alleways of Kits, it's welcoming to be along side someone who notices the small nuances in everyday things most people walk by without as little as a glance. • #environmentalportrait #environmentalportraits #portrait #portraitspage #streetportrait #folkportrait #top_portraits #streetportraits #yvr #vancouver #portrait_vision #portraitphotography #street_portrait #visualsoflife #ig_portrait #travel #travelawesome #earth_portraits #portrait_mood #moodyports #portrait_star #portrait_shot #moodygram #yvr #dailyhivevan #liveauthentic #agameofportraits


Make sure to spend ten minutes in a hammock every single day, unless you are too busy. Then you should spend an hour.


Can you spot @deannazator chillin' in her hammock? • Last week I took some much needed relaxation time and joined my fam jam for a camping trip. This photo has been in the back of my mind for almost 1 year... I was at this spot last year, didn't have my camera, but made a mental note of this amazing bridge.


You're beautiful, don't change. • Just a reminder so you don't forget ❤️


HUG A TREE TODAY! 🌲❤️🌲 Let's all work towards feeling more connected to our natural environment, maybe then we can learn to care for it better. With all the fires happening in BC and the PNW my heart sinks to think of how many of them were started by careless ignorant humans. • #adventurebound #allaboutadventures #traveloregon #createcommune #ourplanetdaily #roamearth #earthofficial #artofvisuals #earthfocus #stayandwander #folkscenery #discoverearth #wildernessculture #awakethesoul #modernoutdoors #beautifuldestinations #roamtheplanet #greatnorthcollective #nationalphotoday #folkmagazine #passionpassport #livefolk #liveauthentic #goatworthy #themoderndayexplorer #exploretocreate #pnwonderland #sonyalpha #pnwlife