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THROWBACK!!! Because it’s Thursday 😁🙈🙈🌚.


M O N A C O . . Went to Monaco and decided I wasn’t going back there if I don’t have a yacht.


“Na them dey rush us” or maybe it’s just your village people running after you. 🤔. . . . Photo credit: @everythingnaart


I told my friend, if you are killing it in your business offline, you have to also come online and kill it too, if not you will end up in the crowd at a conference and someone with barely half of your knowledge and a lot of Instagram followers will be on the stage dropping “mediocre deep shit”. You will be bitter and angry, but it won’t matter because with all your knowledge, you refused to give yourself a voice. #dontletmediocritywin


All of a sudden everyone wants to teach you how to grow your business on Instagram, wants to audit your instagram business page. Teacher don’t teach me nonsense🙄.


15usd for a sandwich is expensive in any country right? That was basically what I was thinking as I struggled to enjoy my sandwich. . . Philly steak sandwich- N5500 Chicken pesto sandwich-N4800 Strawberry banana- N2500 . . I have this strong feeling that restaurants in Lagos and becoming expensive. What do you guys think? . . Photo location: @d_cafelagos . . #lagoslife #lagosliving #lifeinlagos #foodieinlagos


13days ago I posted about @femfunds, I had to check again just to be sure it was 13 days ago because in just 13days, I have gotten a logo, we’ve had our first pitch meeting, we will be giving out the first loan before the end of this week, we already have 5.2million Naira in pledges. I’ve had meetings with more that 10 people that want to support small businesses. I was forced to start the company registration process because of how fast things are moving, our website will be ready next week so that people can apply directly from there. This was supposed to be a small passion project, but what do I know, it’s taken on a life of its own. Thanks to you guys!


What is it with perceived success and exes? Small glow up on instagram and the next thing ex toasters are trying to re-toast you, ex boyfriends are randomly texting to remind you that you are the wife God promised them😩, even ex friends are calling to say hi🙄🌚. . . Thanks for reaching out, but let’s not do this!!!


Currently looking at the wonderful life I had last year which was basically 95% travel and 0% stress. I am currently 900% stressed and I feel like I’m 35years old even tho I just turned 18 (argue with your ancestors😝). . . As a young girl I don’t think I deserve this kind of stress😂😂. I am currently accepting stress alleviating tips, help a sister😀. . . . Photo location: @brassandcopperofficial


Under his eyes 👀👀. #ifyouknowyouknow


Men will come and go, but food is forever. Food will never impregnate you and run away😂😂. #okbye


@foodshackng is one of those restaurants I will go to just for the food. . . Spicy 1/2 chicken- N2800 Kiwi and passion fruit daiquiri- N3000 Fried yam - N700 . . The food is a 10/10. #lagoslife #foodieinlagos


I know the sallah holiday is still about 2 weeks away, but I’m already counting down to having 4 days of not hearing my alarm ring at 4:40am . . Do you know about the sallah holiday in August? Do you have plans?


If you have a Nigerian SIM card, you’d most likely get messages like this twice a week. 8years ago on my way to school some scammers tried to sell money doubling liquid to me for N50,000 per liter, they got angry and snatched my laptop when I asked them why they still look poor if they can double money😂. I swear we all have PTSD in Nigeria, it’s either something has traumatized you, is traumatizing you, or is about to traumatize you 😩😩.


Traveling can be a very exciting adventure, but when you travel with a Nigerian passport, traveling becomes an extreme sport. I’ve had several travel mishaps, here are my top three . . 1. Getting deported from Georgia to Bahrain for no reason and being forced to pay the cost of my deportation flight. I thought deportation was free😩😩. They seized my passport when I refused to pay. 2. Getting sent back to Singapore at the Malaysian border because Nigerian passport holders aren’t allowed to enter Malaysia by road. 3. Getting detained for hours at the airport in Osaka, Japan. . . What’s the worst thing that has happened to you because of your Nigerian passport?


My favorite thing to do on Sunday. LUNCH WITH FRIENDS😁😁.


My parents didn’t let me eat in my room when I was growing up, so I’m going to send this picture to my mother as a proof that I’m now an adult and I can do what I want 😂😂. . . I don’t know why Nigerian parents won’t let you eat in the room🙄. #lifeinlagos #lagos #lagosliving #lagoslifestyle


7 months later and I still get excited when I walk into my bathroom, thanks to @beddingsnbeyond .