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Shop Owner/ Tattoo Artist : Beaux Ink Amsterdam Fully booked till March -BOOKINGS CLOSED until December. No DM’s please AMSTERDAM🌈 #beauxink

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Lady Monstera #beauxink


Orchids I did yesterday. Swipe for video on details. #beauxink


Warning: EMO post aka update on Monsieur Ghamoesh. Monsieur Ghamoesh just got picked up by his new mommy. (who he liked straight away!) He’ll have two feathery siblings and he’s probably gonna get his own wifey as well. And he’ll get all the attention he deserves. Thank you so so so much Esther, I know you’ll give him the best life, which makes it all a bit easier. I get so attached to my babies that it literally hurts to miss him already and so imma continue my ugly cry #noshame , but this is the best thing for Monsieur Ghamoesh. And that’s what counts. 💔


Roses for ShintaRoos🌹 thanks for trusting me with your first tattoo! #beauxink


Imma leave this right here. Have a good weekend🔥 #ThisGirlisOnFire #beauxink


Booking in some final spots for my guest spot at @femmefataletattoo in London 19th fill 23th November. If you haven’t got a reply yet or still want to squeeze an appointment in, please email asap, and❗️don’t forgot to mention ‘LONDON’ in your subject box❗️otherwise your email will get lost. Please mention your idea, placement, size, etc. (Email address in bio) Cheers 📸 needless to say by the amazing @nandahagenaars


❗️NEW UPDATE: Ghamoesh got adopted!! Next week he’ll be joining his new family. With two little birdies😍 Ok, so after thinking it through and already shredded some tears over it.. I’ve come to the point where I have to think about Monsieur Ghamoesh his well-being, even though it breaks my heart. As most of you know I found Ghamoesh in a dirty small cage full of bald spots because he plucked his feathers out of stress. He never got out of that cage and never got the love he deserves. So I took him home and gave him all the love i could, went to the doctor and he’s the prettiest, sweetest, happiest little dancing trooper I could wish for. But.. because of work and my other babies I can’t give him the attention that he deserves. So again he started plucking. It’s a habit thing that can get out of his system with attention and care. Getting another bird can help, but they can get noisy which can stress my other babies.. so I can’t take the risk. So I’ve come to the decision to find him a loving home with someone who can give him daily freedom and attention. I took him from a bad place into my home, and he’s amazing but I think he deserves even more.. I would love to keep him in my family but that would be selfish.. I never ever gave a baby away, and I already feel like disappointing him.. so I won’t give him to just anyone. So are you or do you know someone who has enough love and attention to give, please reply or send me a DM with more information.. 💔


Wild flower bouquet -swipe for video #beauxink


Yesterday’s rose 🌹 #beauxink


Both arms for Esther! Thanks for the trust. SWIPE for both arms (I’ll post a good picture from the rose another time) #beauxink


Freehand bumblebees ✨ #beauxink


Yesterday’s start on this sleeve. Can’t wait to finish it! Thank you, Indya for the trust and creative freedom 🙏🏼 #beauxink


Still in love with this one! ✨ Would love to do more of these. By the way, bookings are still closed. Cause I’m fully booked until march/April and a girl gotta breath. But for the people that already have an appointment and are up for something like this, I’m just putting it out there. #beauxink


When I fell in love with Italy. 📸 by the amazing @lodewijkphotographydotcom


Matching mother daughter roses. Thanks for trusting me once again and for the beautiful flowers you got me✨ #beauxink


In Italy shooting the 2019 campaign for @sinner which basically means I can just put on my resting bitch face, make fun of/with/by the amazing crew and eat pizza all day every day. Needless to say my modeling career ended right here where it started, because pizza Life 🤷🏻‍♀️ #modelforaweek


I often get the question if I still do small tattoos. I do actually, I just don’t always post them. Today we did three on Sharon’s arm💫 #beauxink


Freehand rose for Louis! Thanks for the fun sessions and for giving creative freedom and trust 🙏🏼🌹 #beauxink


Still one of my favorites ❤️ #beauxink Should I design some of these and put it up for grabs?


Some of today’s fun. Yes I also do small tattoos! Thanks Yu Mei for the trust ✨ #beauxink


Who remembers my Friday the 13th flash? Thank you Kimberly for choosing one of my designs! See you next time ✨ #beauxink


Should have named him Señor Ghamoesh instead of Monsieur Ghamoesh, cause look at that footwork 🔥 My baby is doing so so good, all his feathers came back and they’re still growing. (Been posting a lot of personal content lately, sorry bout that🤷🏻‍♀️) #agapornis #agaporni #dancingbird


Another beautiful healed shot, this time of this cute turtle I did a few months ago. Thanks @purpaley 🙏🏼✨ I love this one! ➖ I think it’s important to post healed tattoos. So if you have a clear nice photo of a tattoo I did, feel free to send it! Would appreciate it a lot ❤️


Got this beautiful healed picture from one of my favorite pieces. Did this one in Birmingham at @tokyotattoo. Can’t wait to be back there in december🖤 Thank you J. Darling for the picture!


How you doin? #40degrees


First day in Marrakech ✨