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Help your state win Nikon’s 2018 Top Spot for Fall Foliage! Share your most colorful #fallfoliage photos with your state’s hashtag. Which state do you think will win? Photo by @lozm4. #fallfoliage #foliage #autumnleaves


From #NikonAmbassador @kristiodom: "Playing with my #NikonZ7 and bugs. I am excited to share lots of pics of the little guys from parks in my neck of the woods (Northern Virginia). This little one is a cucumber beetle about to take off from a flower bud. I wanted to test the lens adapter with the NIKKOR 105 macro to see the sharpness in the Z 7. Totally impressed by all the detail! No lens quality loss with the adapter whatsoever #nikonambassador #nikonnofilter #occoquan #beetle #cucumberbeetle #flower #insect"


Think your state has the best fall foliage? Show us! Share your #fallfoliage photography with your state’s hashtag and you could help your state win Nikon’s 2018 Top Spot for Fall Foliage in the United States! Photo by @stuckinparacosm. #autumn #landscapephotography #foliage #autumnleaves


From #Nikon photographer @_lifeofaphoton: "SubZero Sunrise: The temperature was 22F or -5C approximately and we ventured out to get our perfect sunrise with a strong influence of autumn 🍂. Then while shooting in the cloudy morning, a sun beam shot through the skies and created this dramatic shot full of fall color, clouds, mountains, water and reflections. For me, the play of sun beams and the mountain were satisfying enough to justify roaming around in 22F." Shot with the #D810. #NikonNoFilter #Sunrise #Autumn #FallFoliage


Golden hour - the time right after sunrise and right before sunset - is the perfect time to capture warm, dream-like photos in soft light. Add #NikonNoFilter to your best #goldenhour photos! #NikonLove


Centuries-old camel-thorn trees in Namibia, photographed with the #D850. Share your photos from abroad with #NikonNoFilter to show us where you’ve captured photos with your Nikon gear!


Have you seen our new #ZSeries Gallery? Immerse yourself in gorgeous photos and videos by Nikon pros and Ambassadors, all shot with the new Z Series cameras. Check out the gallery at! Photo by #NikonAmbassador @iamDixieDixon with the Z 7. #MirrorlessReinvented #Mirrorless #Nikon #NikonLove


By taking advantage of #Nikon video resolution options you can capture sharper, more flexible footage. Watch our tutorial to learn more! #DSLR #videoedit #videography #video


Does your state put on a #fall foliage display that can’t be beat? Show us! Add your state’s hashtag to your best fall #foliage photos (#NikonFallNY, #NikonFallMI). We’ll be picking our Top Spot for Fall Foliage in November! Photo by @kattorsiello. #fallfoliage #foliage #autumnleaves #nikonlove


From #Nikon photographer @jasonwilliamsonphotography: “Snow-capped mountains, fall colors, a rippled reflection in a pond, and a few horses grazing in a field... Pretty good way to spend a cold morning!” Remember to share your best fall photos with your state's hashtag (#NikonFallCO, etc.) for a chance for your state to win Nikon's 2018 Top Spot to Photograph Fall Foliage! #FallFoliage #Colorado #NikonNoFilter


Throughout #LosAngeles, @gogogorosh asked people to take a look through the lens of a #P1000 to see the mind-blowing images that can be captured with the superzoom COOLPIX camera. "Basically, the P1000 is an extremely compact telescope that takes photos. People were amazed at what they were able to see, especially because it goes beyond the limits of the naked eye and then some. It blew people's minds in a way I certainly didn't expect." Swipe to zoom closer! #NikonLove


We’re on the hunt for 2018’s Top Spot for Fall Foliage! Will it be your state? Share your most stunning autumn photos through 10/31 using your state’s hashtag (#NikonFallNY, #NikonFallMI, etc.) to help your state take home the prize! Photo by @JonathanZPhotography_. #fallfoliage #foliage #autumnleaves #foliagefriday #NikonLove