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capturing sights in ink, DM for commissions and print orders. architecture student to be, Mariusz Uryszek

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Corbel Nº3. This one is on the last tenement I drew.


One of my favorite tenements in Warsaw. m. #niteatday


Freezing❄️❄️❄️ I don’t think I have ever done side by side comparison. m. #niteatday


Working on interior of St. Paul’s in meantime... m. #niteatday


Corbel Nº2 finished. This one is probably my favorite in Warsaw.


Corbel AKA balcony support Nº2. This one is located in Warsaw at Polonia Palace Hotel, I planned to do this one for a long time and just recently took some reference photos. More to come soon so stay tuned! m. #niteatday


Beginning stages of interior of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. This one is going to take a while. m.


Nature taking on architecture. This is part of Wilanow Palace in Warsaw that we visited this weekend with @betibaksteen and @nataliejeansalinas


4/3... I just felt like getting those extra parts done. It really bugged me. m.


When we were leaving for train we stumbled on tenement with this little tower. Cracow has so much great architecture, and it makes me kind of jealous and sad as most of Warsaw’s buildings were destroyed during WW2, and the city is totally different now.




🏛I’m open for commissions and also you can order a print of any work, DM me with any questions🏛 Finished! Caryatids of Great Courthouse in Warsaw by Marek Budzynski. It has been really fun time to draw this as a commission. I’m still putting together an A1 version of this for my undergrad architecture application in UK.


Cracow memories...


When I was in London with my girlfriend she took the photo that inspired this sketch(swipe to see it). I’m a huge fan of brutalism and I have to say that seeing Barbican live in its whole glory was a transcendental experience. Hopefully I’ll be back soon:)


Capitel in Warsaw’s church Finished this after a while. I really wanted to draw a column Capitel for a long time and got it done. Announcing giveaway winner tomorrow!


A close up of adding finishing touches to balcony support ornaments. Is there actually a professional name for this part? Let me know in the comments


So this one took a while but line by line I’ve done it. A detail of balcony support in Cracow. I’ll be doing more to my portfolio now so expect bigger format. m.