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Nitish Kumar Meena

A desire to capture, to explore, and to create. UX Designer at Microsoft, Seattle | To be one of the greats 📷 Canon 5D

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Always celebrate the first light, it's good for the soul. Especially when moments like these happen. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend 🙌 #whpnaturallight


Like strokes from an artist's brush, early morning mist tints the endless natural layers of the Oregon wilderness 🙌 #whpNaturalLight


We all seek contentment in the moments between where we are and where we desire to be. And I genuinely believe that true contentment is found by honoring our experiences and giving each moment the veneration it deserves. For me, exploring the light and space of wild places helps me craft and define those moments. I encourage you to do the same 🙌 #whplayers


Soaking up the Winter Sun 🌅


It’s so easy to be everywhere but here, just like riding constant waves. But it’s in the simple moments we spend most of our days—between the journeys, the adventures, and the mistakes. Remind yourself to take a pause to recognize those moments 🌊


The sheer scale and beauty of the Oregon Coast makes my heart swell every single time 🙌


Golden pacific vibes 🙌 #BeAlpha


Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly 🙌 📷 @varsheshj


A comforting silence of watching a sunset taking place in the mountains. No other luxury is needed 🍂


There's magic in these simple moments of life— discover more of it this weekend 🙌 #fall #whpseasonal


Endless layers of mountains just before entering the sublime landscape of pacific northwest 🙌🏿


Winter season has begun in the Cascades and I'm not sure how I feel about not having warm days. But these moments remind me of great winter we had last year, so I can't wait to again explore this snowy landscape. Who wants to join 🙌


Moody rainy days— making the whole landscape feels like floating, from the native ducks on glacier-fed lake to a yellow tree in an evergreen forest 🙌


These sublime cascadian layers amazes my heart every single time 🙌


Living in a wallpaper world 🗺