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Alligator piggyback catching the winter rays. I haven’t seen such a large young one on the back of another before - space was limited though!


I love the diffused light and the background water and swamp colours complimented the yellow highlights of the Yellow-rumpled Warbler. Reminds me of springtime!


A Great Blue Heron going vertical, or displaying, to attract a mate. If they used social media, this could be its’ headshot!


A frame later from the photo yesterday of the sweet little White-eyed Vireo clearly showing its white eye as it looks up before flying off. I don’t think I’ve posted a photo of the same bird three days in a row before - this little one just resonates to me.


Here is another of the White-eyed Vireo looking too cute for words!


I found this little White-eyed Vireo to be so striking. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a clear view without branches and leaves in the way.


Because sometimes it’s faster to walk in a flap across the water than it is to paddle. A Common Moorhen decides its time to move.


The Great Egret appears from behind its translucent veil in a little cloud of feathers on a very windy day.


The Great Egret backlit while preening, strikes an elegant and delicate pose. I couldn’t help but smile in the knowledge that if I were standing one-legged on a nine inch beam and bent over to tie a shoelace, it wouldn’t be nearly as elegant, and I’d surely end up in the swamp below in a hurry! Happy Monday!


I love the name of Friarbird, and this particular one is a Noisy Friarbird - collar all ruffled and such a stern look! Happy Sunday!


One can count on nature to offer settings for reflection, calmness and peace. It is not always like that though, and can be destructive and brutal. We are an integral part of nature, not separate from it. We are nature, not in it. So can we really count on it for reflection, calm and peace, or are we inherently part of the destructive and brutal side. Probably a bit of both. Happy Friday!


A Yellow Spoonbill stands behind a White-faced Heron. I don’t do too many photos in black and white, but I thought this one worked really well as the Spoonbill moved out of the shade into the light.


The sun casts it’s warm glow over a Paperbark forest near Perth. Taken back in June, I found these trees with their twisted and flaking shapes created a magical space, with so much textural variety and sense of time. The sort of space that with time sparks creativity and exudes warmth.


A Red-bellied Woodpecker looking like it’s about to do the sneak attack on a Cedar Waxwing. Such a wonderful colorful encounter.


Happy New Year everyone! A few of my favourite shots and moments from this past year. Thanks for all the likes and follows, the comments ,acknowledgements and the encouragement. I hope the coming year is one of health, peace, understanding, love, happiness, thoughtfulness, purpose and consideration. I encourage everyone support and reinforce causes that protect and conserve our planet, avoid greed, educate and be kind, smile if you’re happy, question and talk if you’re not. Happy New Year!