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☁️ but the sky isn’t the limit ☁️ // 📸: @kevinfides


Casual Tuesdays (although taco Tuesdays are a bit more preferable) // 📸: @allienoradophotog#chillvibes


🐛To a new year and new things 🦋 // Along with my first new creative experience was another second experience collaborating with @kevinfides 📸 He embraces the awkward and the unexplored. It’s always a good time ✨ Here’s his work that I’ve been so eager to share 🧡


It gives me the butterflies just thinking about how I got the exciting opportunity to work a studio shoot 😆 Thank you to @allienoradophotog for the lovely opportunity and for letting me get funky with my makeup 🦋 It was a great experience being able to learn and to be creative along with @kevinfides and @lichseeker 🧠 I’m so stoked to share with y’all all that we came up with, so be on the lookout for the rest! ⚡️ // 📸: @allienoradophotog


What’s Austin without u? Astin


🦋 Feel’n fly 🦋


Thanks to @kristietonthat 💕 I was able to have one of the coolest and most unique immersive art experience at Current Studio (my favorite exhibit as of yet). She brought me to see the SHIFT exhibit by Factory Obscura where each room had an installation which persay “shifted” you into other worlds of bewilderment, thought, and wonder.


🎄Wishing y’all a tree-rrific Christmas🎄 - Tran sisters ✨


I realized throughout the semester that I didn’t truly realize what I had gotten myself into when I became a VSA officer. Time put into VSA felt less like work and a lot more like fun. Also, my fellow officers became friends who I found to be so loving, hilarious, hardworking, and perfectly weird. In the spirit of Christmas, I just wanted to give a little light on the organization and people that I feel so very thankful for 💗


Spring found even amongst the coldest of winters 🌿 // 📸: @allienoradophotog working her magic ✨


Winter blues // 📸: @allienoradophotog


My time in Oklahoma with these fellas was certainly more than OK ;) #neighborsIveAlwaysWishedFor 💕 #squadmas 🎄


It’s starting to FELINE Christmas 😬 #12DaysofVSA 📸: @jas_caught_it


Who would’ve known that the first friend I made in college would become my best friend for life! Thanks Binh for all the derpy and fun moments shared together while studying and sitting in class together throughout the years. Congratulations on becoming one degree hotter!! 🎓✨


Thanks for always letting me steal food from your plate (cause I’m too lazy to get seconds myself), teaching me how to do my makeup and hair (so I wouldn’t keep asking you), making me feel like I’m hilarious (I think that you’re laughing with me), bringing home a cat whenever I said no (he’s now our family treasure), and letting me bother you for the past 20 years (cause I’m stuck with you forever). HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY BUTTERCUP 💕~Love, your favorite sister (your only sister, but ya get what I mean 😚)


How it feels to finally be done with finals ⌛️ // 📸 @kevinfides


From wandering through coffee shops and dark alleyways, to raiding Urban Outfitters, it was an adventure 🌃 It was great being able to collaborate with @_believethehype_ again ✨ Definitely check my talented friend out 👏🏻 🎥


‘Tis the season for tacky sweater vests and awkward family photos 🎄