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Is this an appropriate work outfit y/n? Asking for a friend


Another one from the @latattooconvention, Zeke the Plumber from Salute your Shorts on @xchocobeastx, got so many responses to my stories about how much he traumatized you all as kids I couldn't wait to post him and dredge up the feels!


Had a great time working the @latattooconvention this past weekend and we treated ourselves to a day of looking like total assholes all over @disneyland, hit all the rides and snacked all the snacks. This was my first time staying for Fantasmic and the little kid in me LOST IT that shit was SO MAGICAL. Drove 21 hours straight home afterward ☠ I really had fun working both expos but am so, so glad my travel season is over for the year! Time to get settled in and back to business.


Had the pleasure of making this Ninkasi inspired beer goddess for my girl Lauren at the @latattooconvention last night! Thanks for yet another fun one and always trusting me roll with it πŸ™β€


The 10th @portlandtattooexpo (and my 6th or 7th year attending) was a total success! I can't believe how many people stopped by to say hi and snag a little souvenir. Portland always treats me right. Now to do it all again this upcoming weekend in LA πŸ™ƒ


Tiny freehand indestructible wolf mother @wyrdofheart trusted me with this weekend. Not a lot of clients let you roll with the sharpie, that's love πŸ’•


Not sure if I'll be able to keep up with #inktober this month but I think I'm going to seriously try. Not all the @inktober prompts work for "lady heads" but I think it would be a fun challenge to keep them all in my tattoo style and the first day - "poisonous" was just asking for it πŸŒ™πŸ„ happy Halloween month you lovely ghoulies!


Plenty of glare on this fresh pit viper / magic smoke / crystals and brambles piece I did for Vivian but I wanted to share anyway 🀩 healed pics next month when we balance out her other thigh πŸ™


And I don't fear the dark anymore, for I've become all that, all that and more.


After going through my emails it looks like a may have just a spot or two left for the LA expo! These would be my *last* openings of 2018 so let's do something SICK! Email your idea to


It's official! These antique gold die struck pins are now live in my shop. I am so happy with the overall "vibe" this finish produced, I will leave the discount code in my stories active until it disappears in a few hours πŸŒ™πŸ‡πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ (link to my bigcartel can be found in my bio!)


The skull of Pan, with a fresh laurel crown resting in the overgrowth of poppies.


Forever impossible to pick a shot of the new holographic sticker options cuz they catch the light so differently every way you look at them! "All Holos" packs include 3 designs and are selling fast. Link in my bio gets you yours! Even tho I'm out in Chicago all orders will ship in 2-3 business days πŸ™β€ appreciate the support from my friends, clients, and the artistic community so much. Every time I recognize a name going on a package my heart swells as my community grows.


Putting putting in solid work on Michael's epic anime battle sleeve! Half healed half fresh here.


FIVE new gold and holographic sticker pack options are now live on my bigcartel! If you've been watching my stories and took advantage of the early access yours are already on their way to you, if you haven't snagged a pack grab one before I leave for Chicago this week! Link is in my bio πŸ™ amazing hand crafted crystal dish by @essarai_ceramics


Tattoo-i-fied a lovely Athena reference for Kristin based off of a piece by @yamaorce πŸŒ• she loved the pose and the armor so I flipped the design to face forward, simplified the details, added a signature 'nouveau' halo and moved her faithful owl so he flies ahead. (Check out more of Yama's work on deviantart, it's all amazing)


Even indoors I never let myself get far from the nature that inspires me. #plantlady πŸŒ±β˜˜πŸƒ this swampy coven queen is on the lovely @salem_rising now, can't wait for our color session!


Still a little red from the session but I was so flattered to make this Circe for Melinda to take back to Kansas with her. The majority of my clients this week are making huge trips from all over to collect their magical totems from me and it never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!