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🌑 Oberon, green boy from the moon litter 🍃Born 21 October 2017 🍃Melbourne, Australia 🍃Everything to do with raising a pup 🍃Check out our highlights🍃

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YAY for the weekend! This weekend is about getting organised, cleaning the house and running errands! I also need to catch up on opening and taking photos of Obie’s mail 😂. What are you guys all up to?


We are getting pretty excited about Christmas! We are halfway through present shopping and have just planned Christmas lunch. How’s everyone going with their plans?! This gorgeous photo of Obes was taken by @erinkingphotographer 📷 and his bandana is from @jaxsonandco


A few snaps of Obie and his insta friends at the @dogsvic Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday! Such a fun event, it’s like the Dog Lover’s Show except free and you can bring your dog!


Yesterday at @jaxsonandco’s awesome party, Obie got to meet his insta friend @flynn_the_toller! He also got to meet SO MANY insta friends at the @dogsvic event. Needless to say Obie was a sleepy boy today! Happy Monday everyone! #twoweeksuntilchristmas


Nothing to see here... just Roberta with 5 Tollers in tow 🦊 🦊 🦊 🦊 🦊. Come meet us at the @dogsvic Big Day Out today! Obie will be at the Toller stand between 12 and 2pm! Roberta (@novafusiontollers) will be there with Obie’s glamorous sister Mimi.


#TGIF !! Obie will be on the Toller stand for a few hours in the afternoon at the @dogsvic Big Day Out for Dogs on Sunday! Drop by and say hi if you’re going! He’ll also be going to the @jaxsonandco Christmas party! He’s pictured here rocking their bandana. What’s everyone up to this weekend? 🎉


Throw back to the cheeky boy as a puppy, looking exactly as he does now. Double tap to boop the snoot! #throwbackthursday #boopthesnoot


You guys, my sister sent me these photos of Obes being the most annoying stage 5 clinger ever and they are too funny not to share! 😂 Obie was a major dog’s dog as a puppy, he just wanted to PLAY and get up in every dog’s grill! My sister’s dog Mika was a total saint for putting up with his crap! Now that he’s older he still likes to say hi but he is way more low key. What was your dog like as a puppy?


Ball or stick guys? Help Obes settle the age old question 😂


From derpy puppy to majestic lion (and grumpy old man). Our little Obes is growing up fast! Where does your pup sit on the derp to majestic spectrum? 20 derpy/80 majestic .... or the other way around? Or does your pup operate on a totally different spectrum? 😂


Obie had a fun day yesterday getting his Christmas photo taken and exploring @basillovestimtams’ backyard (swipe for photos). He came home and conked out! We backed it up today with a trip to @novafusiontollers! What was your favourite thing about this weekend?


Happy Friday everyone! Please enjoy this video of Obes delicately munching a pear 🍐😂. He likes mango too! He’s not a huge fan of veggies though. What is your pup’s favourite fruit or veg?


A #tbt to January 2018! One more sleep until the weekend! By the way, Obie is a Ravenclaw for those who are wondering 😂. What Harry Potter house would your pup be in? Photo by @doggosofadelaide


Happy hump day everybody! Let’s get over the mid week blues by dreaming about the weekend! 😂 what’s everyone up to? Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you enter the @furparcels @rawfurrypantry give away before it ends on Sunday!


Happy #tonguesouttuesday guys! This morning, I was thinking about how we all show our dogs we love them in different ways, whether that is through dressing them up, letting them go to daycare, doing sports with them or giving them special treats. I thought it would be nice to share the ways we show our dogs love! ... For Obie: 1 - Letting him sniff as much as he wants on walks as long as he doesn’t pull. 2 - Belly rubs and snuggles in the morning. 3 - Treating him when he comes to my side and smiles at me when he’s off leash! ... How about you guys?


Proud of our good boy! On a whim I decided to return to obedience classes after 4 months away, and to my surprise, we were promoted to class 4! This means we qualify to start agility and rally! The trainer said Obie was perfect and I was letting him down 😂. Our issue is that he doesn’t sit or stand close enough to my left leg, always leaving a 15-20cm gap and then I need to get him to shuffle in closer. He also goes slightly ahead of me in heel when he gets bored halfway through 😂 Does anyone have any tips for correcting these things?