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🌑 Oberon, green boy from the moon litter 🍃Born 21 October 2017 🍃Melbourne, Australia 🍃Everything to do with raising a pup

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A quick video from last week, testing out the chin to hand recall 😊. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Obie and his brother Tolli. I thought all Tollers had piercing serious gazes but maybe it’s just an Obie thing 😂. His eye is looking much better after the vet visit. It is mostly open and not twitching now, though still red and sore looking. Thank you everyone for your well wishes 💚


We’ve just been to see Obie’s favourite, Dr Vicky at @vetsonbalwyn. It’s so funny to see him pulling and excited to get into the vet clinic and then into the consult room, he just loves it there. He had his eye flushed, checked for abrasion using a dye and a torch, numbed and swabbed out with a cotton tip. There wasn’t anything obvious so he’s on anti inflammatory drops and we’ll monitor it. He was very good through the process and Dr Vicky was amazingly efficient and reassuring. The first picture is before he went in and the second is afterwards. Notice how much smaller the pupil in his right eye is? Obes bought Dr Vicky some @lunecroissant goodies for making him feel better. And I learned something new to share, don’t flush out your dogs eyes with self made salt water solution because it may make an ulcer worse! Hopefully Obes will be good as new in a few days.


Poor Obes has hurt his eye! He came in with a bunch of leaves and a twitchy right eye last night so we suspect that something hit his eye as he was stripping the plants, as he likes to do. We flushed it with water last night but this morning it it still twitchy. So, off to the vet. Hopefully @vetsonbalwyn can fit us in because they’re his favourite 😂


The walk home from the park is the best kind of walk #looseleashwalking


Obie and his brother and sister having a frolic at the toller catch up 💚


Obie looked so striking this morning that I had to take a photo before starting our walk. For a goofy little pupper, you can sure smoulder Obes. Does your pupper act how people would expect based on their looks? 😂


Obie’s always happiest in the park. He loves to roam and sniff but he sticks near us too. If we ever find that he is roaming too far, we hide from him when he’s distracted and then after that he keeps a closer eye on us 😂.


Just morning cuddles 💚


This made me realise just how much Obie likes to have a job, and how I need to give him more! I accidentally threw the ball into the thick bushes. He was hell bent for a good five minutes about finding the ball, showing way more interest and enthusiasm than he normally does for fetch. I was SO proud of him for persisting! 🎾 he is such a sweetie.


Car manners and look of utter disdain on point 👌


Same, but different. This is Obie with his brother Tolli. Brown and green boys from the moon litter.


I taught Obie a focussed chin rest today. The command is resting his chin in my hand and giving me eye contact. I plan to use it as a variation to his usual recall because it requires him to be more focussed on me than his normal recall and I can also use it to grab his collar if I need to. What tricks/commands are you working on at the moment?


Obes enjoying the water at Ruffey Lake. Today we went to a toller catch up. It sounds like fun but to be honest, having a large number of dogs (including a lot of intact males) running around in the same area is not very fun, it’s stressful to manage! We much prefer to catch up in smaller groups. Obie had to be kept on leash most of the time just in case, particularly as a few of the other dogs were trying to hump him at the start, causing him to react. On the plus side, we had a lovely weekend with Obie’s brother’s humans and they showed us how humane and effective a head halti can be for addressing leash pulling. Has anyone else been to a breed catch up? What was your experience?


Studying a furry dehydrated lamb ear. Conclusion: “give it to me NOW mum”. What are your pups favourite treats?!


Darebin Parklands with our friends @basillovestimtams! After a jam packed Saturday we are going to a toller meet up. There will be little red foxes galore! 🦊 hope everyone gets to have a cosy Sunday sleep in 💚


Obie is having a blast this weekend, and the best part about it? I have Monday and Tuesday off! 😀


Obie and I give Darebin Parkland the tick of approval! We had such a fun time with @basillovestimtams followed by a trip to @barking_good. Check out Obie’s stories for our haul! What is your favourite park? 🍃 🍃