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🌑 Oberon, green boy from the moon litter 🍃Born 21 October 2017 🍃Melbourne, Australia 🍃Everything to do with raising a pup 🍃Check out our highlights🍃

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Woo hoo! So happy it’s the weekend! Where are you taking your pups this weekend? We will take Obes for a big off leash play today, hopefully at a new place. Then tomorrow it’s back to @novafusiontollers for a birthday reunion 😊


When pupcakes and Fridays are life! What’s everyone doing this weekend? 💃 (@shenglzrt asked a great question about why Obie stopped trying to eat the cupcake! The answer is in the comments 🙂)


Just lounging on his @indiebohopets bed, waiting for his servants to come home and start weekend and birthday activities. Happy Friday lovelies! 💚


Obie’s all dressed up with nowhere to be. Very serious and dapper now that he’s almost 1 thank you very much. What have you guys been up to? I’ve just been stuffing kongs (swipe to see the video). Let me know your favourite Kong recipes! We always do the same one (yoghurt, peanut butter, dehydrated chicken and blueberries) so hit me up with your Kong ideas!


So happy it’s Thursday! Except our friend has been staying at our place the last few weeks and he’s leaving today, Obie will miss the company and the extra walks 😢. What does your pup do most of the day? Are they alone or do they have company?


Loose leash all the way into our local off leash park. It’s a miracle!! Usually Obes is very pully as soon as he sees the park. I was making slow progress, stopping constantly each time he pulled or luring him with treats. This week I decided to start heaping on the praise as soon as he loose leash walked near the park in a REALLY over the top way, and he’s been responding really well to it. Sometimes praise can work as well as treats or toys, don’t discount it!


Hey guys, we spot Friday on the horizon! We all need something fun to keep us going, so tell me, what are you looking forward to? I’m looking forward to celebrating Obie’s birthday this weekend, and after that, Christmas, my favourite time of year 😍


Backing it up with another #tonguesouttuesday. Hope everyone is having a great week and let’s bring on the weekend!


Happy #tonguesouttuesday every body! It’s wet and miserable here in Melbourne but I just finished a two day conference and am looking forward to returning to a normal routine and being an introvert. Is your pup an introvert or an extravert? I would actually pick Obie as an introvert! He loves other dogs but also loves his alone time. He will often remove himself from play or human interaction to go lay down alone and rest 😂


Just some random training and tricks to mentally tire out a pupper 🐾. Sorry I have no idea why this video is so over exposed, I must have accidentally applied an insta filter when I posted it.


It may be Monday but the days are longer and the skies are brighter, so let’s drink lots of coffee and seize the day. Can anyone tell I wrote this caption while laying in bed on Sunday night?! 😂


I take my dog mum duties very seriously. Just check out our highlights and you’ll see I’m big into grooming, training, feeding, enrichment and just giving Obes the best life I can. So when @petbarn sent me their Puppy Guide, I read it cover to cover and I have to say, I’m really happy that new owners in Australia have access to this free resource. It does cover everything new owners should know and prepare for, and there are vouchers too (including a free full groom for pups under 6 months!). Swipe to check some of it out. @laurenhoad and you’ll both be needing this soon 😊


Good morning and happy Sunday! For fun, type in “this weekend I am” and let predictive text finish the rest 😂


I am so grateful for this sweet, patient, steady, serious yet CRAZY boy. How can a pup be so quiet and obedient yet bursting with excitement and silliness? So independent and strong yet such a snuggly companion. Obes, we love you so much. Never change sweet boy.


Dear Rowen (@amandaauer) we send you our love. You are such a brave little girl and have battled things most of us have never had to battle (including the grown ups), keep going little warrior! Strength and fighting spirit come in small packages like us. Lots of love, from the little lion 🦁 #pawrayforrowen


Obes, did you hear it’s the weekend? What’s everyone doing? Tomorrow is going to be a spring cleaning, get my life in order kinda day while eoin is off kayak racing in Echuca. Then on Sunday Obie is going to @henleyandco’s first birthday party 🎈🎉 where he will finally meet his insta friends @isla.and.finley.samoyed and @mygoldencooper 😊. I unfortunately have a conference all of Sunday and Monday!


Thank you everyone for your reassurance and wise words about Obie’s bad day yesterday. I love this community, it really helps to make me a better human to Obie 💚🙏 Happy Friday everyone!!


Guys, Obie has been having such an off day today. It started this morning on his walk, he went crazy barking at a child on a bike until she was out of sight and then was VERY pully his entire walk. He was just as bad on his afternoon walk. We took him to the beach tonight to run around and he was fine but then came across this other medium sized dog and I have no idea what (if anything) started it but all of a sudden he was growling and lunging/going after this dog (no biting though) 😔. I put him back on leash at that point and he was super pully on leash the whole time after. This is really unusual behaviour for him! I really hope it’s just a one off bad day and nothing else. The dog incident really bothers me.