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new wooden wall hanging up in the shop! this one’s been a long time coming and i’m pretty stoked with how it turned out. #growmighty . . available in four colors. message me for customizations. #linkinprofile.


hello weekend. we currently have zero plans. unless eating an entire watermelon counts. what are you up to this weekend? #weekendvibes . . catch the difference? wild flowers... with an ‘s’ for twins! customs are my happy place. if you’re interested in a custom sign, send me a message!


these tiny wood earrings are quickly becoming a summer staple. they make me feel cute and a little put together, even when i’m trying to wrangle two kids on a library trip in 100 degree heat, wearing yesterday’s shorts and this morning’s yogurt 🙄 #momlife #amiright #treatyoself. . hexagon earrings in pale pink in the shop. many other colors and shapes to choose from. #linkinprofile


throwing me shade because it’s not a real donut. #ifeelyou #atleastitsfriday #allthepicturesareblurrynow #toddlers. . . felt donut rattles available in my etsy shop. perfect baby shower gift—especially when paired with some of my wooden earrings 😊 #momsneedlovetoo.


on mondays we read (and reread 🙄) all the #librarybooks. 🙌 🙌 if you can name that picture book. . . wooden #toadstool magnets available in the shop in a myriad of colors. (and owls!) #youreallyneedsome #treatyoself


custom work is my favorite you guys! especially when i get to make my #wildflower sign for an actual wildflower farm! so jealous 🌻🌻🌻 these wildflowers from my side yard will have to do, i suppose. . if you’re interested in a custom sign, just send me a message!


here are some tiny owls and mushrooms for your #friday🙌 . finally updated the listing in the shop to include these tiny mushroom magnets! choose any two—owls or mushrooms! #linkinprofile


i feel like i should say something profound in light of this kid’s first birthday, but i feel like her clapping about chocolate cake is good enough.


someone that i like a whole lot has her first birthday coming up 😭 i channeled my denial into making this bespoke alphabet puzzle for her. pretty jazzed with how it turned out. it’s probably too much work to be a regular in the shop, but i may do a small limited edition run. what do you think?


my baby is about to turn one, so seeing your babies with my makes does a number on my momma heart #babiesdontkeep . . love this custom name version of my wildflower banner that i made for @raising.wild.flowers. if you’d like one for a little in your life, just shoot me a message. one day i’ll put a listing up for customization...🙄 or if you’re looking for an out of stock color for the standard wildflower, let me know. #onthelist #whyisthelistsolong


yesterday my husband asked me when’s mother’s day 🤦‍♀️ but, #procrastinatorsunite! there is still time to order our awesome minimalist wooden earrings and have them by mother’s day. with many styles and colors to choose from there is certainly something for everyone. and they’re super lightweight and great for everyday wear, perfect for our hardworking superhero moms! #yodadsimtalkingtoyou #andkids #ormoms #treatyoself


mondays need donuts. sadly, these are as close as i’ll get... . . felt donut rattles listed in my etsy shop. these are leftover from a craft fair this weekend, and not one of my standard makes (only for killing time on car trips), so grab one before they’re gone!


some days you put a bow tie on your daughter to take product photos, and she’s a total ham the whole time. sadly, a blurry ham most of the time. . wooden bow ties will be available at the @gsocurbmarket’s made 4 the market this sunday. adult, kid and baby sizes available . also, if you haven’t entered the giveaway, check out the details in my last post!


for mother’s day i would like a full night’s sleep, to drink a whole hot cup of coffee and to not cut up anyone else’s food. who’s with me 🙋‍♀️ what would your dream mother’s day involve? . but, in lieu of miracles happening, our tiny wood earrings would make a super awesome gift. #colorblocked hearts shown here on the ever lovely @laytontribe. check them out in the shop!


some rainbow owlness for your friday! pretending my weekend plans don’t include watching frozen and painting the porch 🤦‍♀️ what are your plans? . . i’ve been trying to scrap bust all the bits of wood that are cluttering up my closet space, so a rainbow of tiny owls it is (there is also a rainbow of tiny 🍄 🍄!). i need to update the color options on the etsy listing, but if you see something you want in the meantime, just message me!


this kid. my #wildflower indeed. spunky, smart, fierce, bold, and full of spirit (read: sass and attitude). she’s 100% me and it makes me smile and cringe all at the same time. . new banners up in the shop, now with white and pale pink, as well as a restock of mustard yellow and blue!


i love making custom orders for you folks! and i love how this nursery name version of my wild flower banner for @raising.wild.flowers turned out. (check out her feed for pics of her lovely nursery 😍😍). . if you’re interested in a custom make, just shoot me a message. one day i’ll add a custom listing to etsy... . also, my stock of #wildflower banners is pathetically low, so if you want one, just message me. i also plan on adding white and pale pink in my next restock. #somanythingstomakesolittletime


the upside of the craft fair being snowed out last weekend was that i still got to have a fun time mocking up my booth in my dining room. it’s fun to see all of my product making randomness in one spot. what’s your favorite product? . owl clocks, cactus magnets, wild flower banners, and wonderful and loved hangings all ready to ship in my #etsy. message me if you want anything else in the shot 😉