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i really like designing packaging—for craft fairs, for packing inserts, for my kids play kitchen food. i especially like making drawing of my products, and this care label for my yarn #rainbow wall hanging is a new fav. if you’re a #smallshop owner interested in graphics of your products, send me a message! i’d love to do more of this sort of thing. . if you’d like one of these sweet packages to arrive at your home, snag one of my rainbow wall hangings from my #etsy.


i don’t think kids need any encouragement growing. my daughter will be five tomorrow. 🖐 that’s crazy. crazy. we probably all need a little encouragement to grow mighty, though. to grow a little braver. to grow a little kinder. to grow a little closer to who we want to be each day. #growmighty . . signs available in my shop in a multitude of colors. #linkinprofile also, fun fact, we accidentally have a collection of metal bottle openers. this deer, a walrus and a lobster. #weareweird #imnotcomplaining


you guys, this week, i hit 100 sales on #etsy and 1000 followers on instagram! i may have done a little happy dance. i passed on the celebratory confetti cannon, however, and instead restocked the most popular #wildflower wall hangings. #takethatwednesday #alsohowisitnotfriday #oratleastthursday . also, because i’m really trying to make the universe explode, this is my 100th post 💥


happy saturday lovelies! its raining here, but i’ve got 3 new color ways of my #rainbow banner up in the shop to brighten things up, including this one which i think captures this rainy, almost fall mood pretty perfectly. #linkinprofile . with the weather being uncooperative, we have no real plans yet, so i need some inspiration. what are you up to this weekend?


oh, time, you thief. as my oldest is about to be five and my little rounds past fifteen months, i love seeing pictures of your sweet littles, especially surrounded by so much small shop love (and that puppy 😍). my #wildflower sign couldn’t be in better company. . photo by the always lovely and oh so talented @heather_lootens. wildflower shop available in lots of colors in the shop!


happy back to school day to so many of you guys out there! even though i’m still at home with both of my littles, i’m using this day as a reset with new energy and big ambitions. ambitions to learn more, play more, and practice kindness more. and we’re maybe celebrating with a new giant chalkboard and chocolate cake. what about you, what are your ambitions for this time of year? . . #mustardyellow wildflower sign available in my shop. one of my favorites and a perfect color for dreaming your way into fall...even if it’s ninety today 😒 #comeonfall #iwanttowearallthesweaters


somebody needs to go #yarnshopping! 🙋‍♀️ what’s your favorite color palette right now? i always gravitate towards muted and neutral colors. and as my daughter says, “mom’s favorite color is mustard yellow.” #bekind


me and #mintgreen paint aren’t friends. every time i try for it, it either turns out too teal, or in this case, too baby blue... alas. i have some kelly green paint leftover from our bathroom that i may try mixing in... anyone have any tried and true minty green paints? #makerproblems . . i probably won’t be making any other owl clocks in this color. still need to finish this guy (like add hands...) so he’s not in the shop, but if you’d like a one of a kind #owl, message me!


mondays can use a rainbow or two, right? especially ones like today that are dreary and overcast. my only hope is that the coffee is strong and plentiful. #mondaymood #bringmeallthecoffee . . i listed two of these #rainbow wall hangings in the #shop. if this pink one remains unclaimed for long, i think my daughter will steal it


happy sunday folks! what are you up to this lovely day? hopefully adventure or relaxation or productivity or something. i’ve been #rainbow making and children wrangling whilst the husband tries to mow the lawn before the inevitable afternoon storms. . i listed two of these #rainbow wall hangings in the shop because i’m too impatient to wait until i have a chance to make more. head to the shop to see the other colorwar and grab one quick and give me an excuse to go yarn shopping 😉 #linkinprofile


so i’m pretty sure felt donut rattle and matching geometric wooden earrings should be a trending baby shower gift. 🙌 . #twinningiswinning #mommyandme #donutsforever #ontrend


working through the logistics of getting this wooden cross-stitch sampler kit shop ready 🙌 adding some blank rows for decorative stitching at the top and bottom, designing a wooden thread holder and picking out color palettes. what options would you like to see? #superexcited #comingsoon #yesthatsacassettetapeholder #noitsnotforholdingcassettetapes #yesmyhusbandstillownssome . . #modernembroidery #moderncrossstitch #needlecraft


using a cat as a photo prop was a silly idea... . . in focus cat earrings available in the shop. lucy the cat not for sale. #catsofinstagram #crazycatlady #strategiccropping #thebedsreallyamess


i can be a little obsessive about details. my husband may question the use of the word ‘little’ in that sentence...but when the details look as good as these etched stripes in my #growmighty sign, i’d say being obsessive is winning. 👌 . . #mighty sign available in four colors. message me for customizations. #linkinprofile.


life needs more stick #mooses. you guys’ custom requests are the best. anyone else want one? should he be a regular in the shop? any other animals you want to see on a stick? . . see my stories for my unusual packaging. 😆


new wooden wall hanging up in the shop! this one’s been a long time coming and i’m pretty stoked with how it turned out. #growmighty . . available in four colors. message me for customizations. #linkinprofile.


hello weekend. we currently have zero plans. unless eating an entire watermelon counts. what are you up to this weekend? #weekendvibes . . catch the difference? wild flowers... with an ‘s’ for twins! customs are my happy place. if you’re interested in a custom sign, send me a message!


these tiny wood earrings are quickly becoming a summer staple. they make me feel cute and a little put together, even when i’m trying to wrangle two kids on a library trip in 100 degree heat, wearing yesterday’s shorts and this morning’s yogurt 🙄 #momlife #amiright #treatyoself. . hexagon earrings in pale pink in the shop. many other colors and shapes to choose from. #linkinprofile