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three wooden puzzles will be listed in the shop at 6pm eastern, two in this color way and one in the other. i had bigger dreams, but life’s been crazy. hoping to list some more next week though! i’ll also be listing the geometric animal wall hangings and a new banner design, so be ready! #linkinprofile


margot helped me pair up these owls last night to package for craft fairs. she has pretty great color sense. now if only it translated to her five year old fashion sense... what’s your favorite pair? . itty bitty owl magnets available in the shop. packed in pairs they make a great stocking stuffer if you’re a way more on the ball christmas shopper than i’ll ever be.


so i posted about these puzzles awhile ago, and got so much positive feedback, but man are they a labor of love—reworking the letters (you can now flip the flip panel ones!), painting, figuring out finishes, sourcing larger wood, assembly 😳. working hard to get some listed for holiday shopping. eloise is approves of the first production copy. two more color ways in the works, because again, sets of three! #enoughalready #nowtolistallthethings


sometimes i find something at a thrift store that i’m totally undecided about but also totally have to have. this mushroom terrarium-diorama-y thing is one of those. what do you think? totally awesome, or super weird, or both? i think it makes a fitting woodland scene with this #mustardyellow owl clock though, and for $2.49, i’m giving it a chance. have you any great vintage scores lately?


these two orders going out are really indicative of the weather today. most everything is still green and fresh, while the air finally has a crispness that’s inviting in autumn’s full color, and i couldn’t be happier. #givemeallthesweaters #andscarves #andhottea


something about the mad dash of craft fair prep always has me wanting to make new products when i really should be building up my stock of the tried and true ones. #makerproblems...this #buffaloplaid adventure banner will be making its debut at the @vintagemarketdaysgreensboro, nov 16-18. you local folks should come out and have first dibs!


last week our little family got knocked down by sickness and then power outages. the weekend was a total loss, which is a shame, because it finally felt like fall. today though, it’s going to be 78 and we’re all on the upswing. i’m feeling the pressure of craft fair season plus trying to release some new products in time for the holidays, so hopefully i can channel that into a productive monday, rather than just nights up too late worrying. what about you? what are you hoping to accomplish this week? . . many colors of the wild flower and grow mighty banner up in the shop, so check them out...now with #freeshipping 🙌🙌


i actually have all of these owl clock colors in stock! this may not seem like a big deal, but it’s definitely a rarity. so if you’ve been eyeing one, now’s a good time to grab one. the plum is a personal fav. how about you? . i’ve also been wanting to make another clock for awhile, so if you’ve got some clockspiration, send it this way! also, autocorrect wanted to change that to clock pirating...so maybe that’s something 🤔 . . check out my shop for more made to order colors. and if there’s a color you don’t see, just message me and we can make it happen 🙌


september has seemed endlessly rainy—always a drizzle, a downpour or a looming threat of storms. here’s to october bringing about some glorious fall days, because i could sure use some. . . head to the shop for this #rainbow wall hanging, as well as other colors. feel free to message me for custom colors or phrasing! #linkinprofile


it feels like #fall today, which is quite a nice way to start a monday. our second planting of wildflowers is just starting to bloom, and my daughter knows me all too well, because when i came inside with this tiny bouquet, she asked ‘are you going to take a picture of that with your sign?’ 😆 #fivenager #instakidproblems . . sign available in my shop. check out all the colors, including the perfect pumpkiny orange one for fall 🍁


my sister lives in arizona. we went out there two years ago and it was magical. hot and terrible, but also magical, like being on an alien planet. 🌵 this #rainbow wall hanging reminds me of the trip. deserty somehow. . . check out the other colorways in the shop. feel free to message me for custom colors or phrasing! #linkinprofile


i really like designing packaging—for craft fairs, for packing inserts, for my kids play kitchen food. i especially like making drawing of my products, and this care label for my yarn #rainbow wall hanging is a new fav. if you’re a #smallshop owner interested in graphics of your products, send me a message! i’d love to do more of this sort of thing. . if you’d like one of these sweet packages to arrive at your home, snag one of my rainbow wall hangings from my #etsy.


happy saturday lovelies! its raining here, but i’ve got 3 new color ways of my #rainbow banner up in the shop to brighten things up, including this one which i think captures this rainy, almost fall mood pretty perfectly. #linkinprofile . with the weather being uncooperative, we have no real plans yet, so i need some inspiration. what are you up to this weekend?