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When you’re just feelin yo selfie but can’t think of a caption 🤷🏻‍♀️ #skinsinbitstho


The ocean is everything I want to be. Wild, mysterious and free 🌊😎


Double tap if sunshine makes you happy 🤗💚 I’m loving all the positive vibes back home now that the sun is shining! I really think my mood is linked to the amount of sun I get... which would also explain why I’m so happy this week - and always 😆😎 Hope the sun sticks around for a great Sunday. ☀️☀️☀️


“One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember” - AVICII 🙏🏼😌


Will I ever feel comfortable in shorts? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ Am I going to do two hours cardio (Muay Thai) in the humidity? Yes 😅 It’s not that I hate the backs of my legs - I just know that leggings are more flattering on me 🤗 I’m wearing all @myproteinuk gear in a medium. I have an affiliate link in my bio (this means that if you order through this link I get a small commission) plus if you use my discount code you can get up to 30% off! #sponsoredathlete #ohfitness #ohfitnessfactory #ohfitnessfurnace #ohfitnessmindsetmastery #Myprotein #teammyp #makeyourmarkmp #fuelyourambition #training #workout #exercise #motivation #fitspo #healthy


If I want something bad enough - I work for it. Simple as. I’m just thinking of all the competitors back in Ireland getting ready for the Spring Classic tomorrow. This was me on the eve of my first comp last year. 🙄 The first layer of tan had gone on and it was all starting to come together I think is the part where other competitors doing their throwbacks say “the hard work is done” but really, for me, that’s when it only started. The buzz on stage was amazing - almost like a sky dive! I shocked everyone (well, myself mainly) by coming away with a 2nd place trophy. I didn’t even feel I deserved it because I cruised through prep. But then the hard work really began. Battling with my head and my eyes and my heart and my hormones. I never got to enjoy being in the best shape of my life because everyday that I gained a little more weight, I was ashamed. I didn’t want to be seen. I cancelled a holiday on myself because I binged so bad just before it that I had to restrict myself. I didn’t really talk about it online. I tried... I just didn’t know how to say “I feel so fat” when the other half of my brain could see I looked thin. I’m just sharing this because I know the last time I spoke about my experience, I was overwhelmed with other bikini competitors agreeing. I want you to be prepared for the roller coaster of emotions you are about to encounter and please please please talk to somebody about it. I find it best to talk to other competitors now because they understand how much it messes with your head. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing competitors out there who cope really well. We should leave them to it! I see so many young girls jumping on stage because it’s so cool on Instagram now (I even felt guilty for glamourising my prep because I found it easy enough) but they have no muscle to begin with and that’s what it is supposed to be showcasing. If you are competing tomorrow for the first time - have an amazing day and well done on your hard work so far! I’ll be glued to the updates! We have some amazing athletes in Ireland and I am still very interested in the sport but I will be a spectator from now on 😎


It’s always gonna be a PR with @trainedbyeric around 💪🏼 101kg Squat 🤗 I hit 100 about 2 months ago and hadn’t tested it since so didn’t wanna push too much! Let’s see what next week brings 💙 I’m wearing all @myproteinuk gear in a medium. I have an affiliate link in my bio (this means that if you order through this link I get a small commission) plus if you use my discount code you can get up to 30% off! #sponsoredathlete #ohfitness #ohfitnessfactory #ohfitnessfurnace #ohfitnessmindsetmastery #Myprotein #teammyp #makeyourmarkmp #fuelyourambition #training #workout #exercise #motivation #fitspo #healthy


Coconut and protein powder is a balanced meal isn’t it 😎


Love a challenge 😬 The last time I tried to do a handstand I ended up on my neck so I have a fear to conquer! But I learnt some excellent tips and drills from @erikalisthenics in her handstand workshop at @titanfitnessthailand today. And lads, I know there is a lot wrong with this 🙈 I’m just glad to be on my hands 🤗


Morning! Waking up feeling the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in a long time 😊 I survived my first day of not counting macros and I didn’t lose my shit and eat all around me 😱 I ate lots of big meals and had my ice cream at the end of the day. I said no to a slice of pizza because I was full, not because it didn’t fit my macros 😆 (all the food is on @ohfitnessfurnace) I kept a rough number of calories in my head and I ate about 2300-2400 but I was very active too so I’d say I was still in a very big deficit! Anyway, just wanted to keep you all updated as I go! #intuitiveeating . . 💙 I’m wearing all @myproteinuk gear in a medium. I have an affiliate link in my bio (this means that if you order through this link I get a small commission) plus if you use my discount code you can get up to 30% off! #sponsoredathlete #ohfitness #ohfitnessfactory #ohfitnessfurnace #ohfitnessmindsetmastery #Myprotein #teammyp #makeyourmarkmp #fuelyourambition #training #workout #exercise


Aaaand she’s back 😅 Forgot how much I hate Crossfit 😆 Thanks to @rikardlanner for 6,382 burpees in 30 degrees 😅


I’ve landed in Thailand and I’ve decided to stop counting macros 😱 This might not sound like a big deal but I’ve tracked solidly for about 3 years and it was honestly one of the best things I did. After years of different diets where one thing or another is restricted, I was delighted to learn more about nutrition during and after becoming a personal trainer. When I adapted an IIFYM approach, I felt so much more freedom with foods and found it so easy to keep up. I never viewed food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I never found tracking stressful. It works and it got me and my clients the results we wanted 🙋🏼‍♀️ So why stop? 🤔 👉🏼 I’m a numbers person BUT I know there are people who don’t believe that food should be viewed in numbers. I like to keep an open mind and see things from other points of view 👉🏼 I’ve always said I don’t trust myself to eat intuitively. But after @jade_mwilson posted a quote the other day from a book, it really made me think. It basically said we shouldn’t fear that we’ll eat uncontrollably if we’re not tracking. This is something I am genuinely nervous about because any of the times I haven’t tracked (Christmas, Croatia) I have piled on the weight. But I think that’s because I gave myself “off” days and ate all the calorie-dense food then 👉🏼 As I kick off a month in Thailand, I think it’s a good time to do it. I’m so active over here that I’d probably worry more about under-eating than over-eating (I hear everybody who knows me scoffing out loud reading that 😆 - as if I’d ever under-eat!) But also, the food here is so fresh and tasty, it doesn’t feel like I’m dieting so I never feel like I need a blow out or cheat meal. The portion sizes are small enough too 👉🏼 More than anything, I’m working on being in the best mindset possible. When your mind is in the right place, the training and nutrition are easy. I want to work on being more mindful with my eating and more in tune with my body 👉🏼 I want to learn to ‘eat like a f***in adult’ (in the words of @skinnygaz) i.e. getting as much fruit and veg into me instead of squeezing as much chocolate into my macros (which is fine, in moderation!) Please read my “BUTS” in the comments!