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Being alone is not the same as being lonely 🖤


I’m trying to get into a routine here but I’m also trying to have all my favourite dishes - the falafel bowl from @pureveganheaven being one of them 🌱 - I mentioned before that the plan is to get a good bit leaner by the Summer and I’m still checking in with @thefitclinic for the accountability on my nutrition. I’ve been tracking my food in @myfitnesspal but just roughly guessing the calories. Once my measurements are coming down I won’t worry too much about the accuracy. I just need to make sure I don’t eat too little for the intensity of my training either (lols, I just like to eat as much as I can while getting leaner!) - I think it’s important that coach’s have a coach and I have learnt so much from all the great coaches I’ve had over the years. If you’re struggling with your nutrition, I’d highly recommend (Doctor!) Michelle and her team at @thefitclinic, and you can use OHFITNESS10 for 10% off 😘 #collab


Just jumping on the bandwagon 😅 I’m glad I finally got comfortable with my freckles and my red hair! Phone in hand 10 years ago - no surprise there! #10yearchallenge


I’m loving being back in Thailand but I’m also getting very excited about the OhFitness Wellness Retreat in Bali with @wanderfit.retreats 😎🏝 The dates are 18th-25th August 2019 📅 I announced it before Christmas just to give people plenty of notice but we’ve already had a lot of enquiries and places secured! All female solo travellers so far! If you want to see what it’s all about - click the link in my bio and feel free to email me if you’ve any Qs! #OHWellnessRetreat #Bali #OhFitnessTravels #JustGo


Forgot how much I loved that mental challenge - with workouts that make you question why you’re even doing it 🥵 But then you do it and you feel amazing, and you remember that feeling the next time - which let’s you push yourself even harder 😅 @unit27thailand - it’s good to be back 💪🏼


I landed and went straight for my favourite Thai meal - the ham and cheese toastie from 7eleven 🤤 #ifyouknowyouknow 😎


Well that’s that now - ready to fly to Thailand today 😎 Being home with my friends and family for Christmas was so special, plus I got lots of work done! Now for a few weeks of routine, tough training, sunshine and meeting new people 🤗 What’s the plan? I don’t really have one! First stop, my second home - Phuket, and sure then we’ll see! #OHFitnessTravels PS. I posted today’s 15 minute workout on my story - it was a toughie! 😅


If you are not confident with your squat I think it is hugely beneficial to work with a good coach to get it right from the start. I remember “squatting” 100kg for reps a few years ago, but looking back, my form was all over the place and I don’t think I was even breaking parallel 😬 I’ve learnt a lot more on the mechanics of the squat and it helps me identify where I can improve. (Like reducing the length of my femurs 😆) If body composition is your goal then the weight on the bar doesn’t matter. The bigger the range of motion, the heavier a weight will feel but the more benefit you will get. You are much better off working on mobility and technique to get the most out of each squat. I’m finally getting into the book ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ which is teaching me some new things but also clarifying the reason behind cues I already used. I got it on Kindle because it’s a big book 🤓📕


2 weeks of a calorie deficit and I’m starting to see the results 💪🏼☺️ I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t spoken about my own training and nutrition much but I’m going to explain in detail what I’ve been up to in my weekly email. You can sign up by going to ohfitness.ie/email ☺️✌🏼 PS. Go check the older emails on that page for all the basics on where to begin 💪🏼


I always like my food to be: - Tasty - High in micronutrients - High in protein - Easy to make - Tasty 😋 I’ve been so lazy when it comes to cooking since I’ve been home but the “fakeaways” from @kerrigans_irl have been so handy as always. These are two meatzzas (turkey burger base so super high in protein) with their Mediterranean veg. All the macros are on MFP too, which is handy. I’ve been ordering from Kerrigans for about 3 years now and I love it. If you want to try it out yourself - they always have good bundles on offer and they deliver all over Ireland and the UK 👍🏼 Use OHFITNESS10 for 10% off #brandambassador


Love yourself enough to do the best for yourself this week. Some things I do that really helps me feel good: 👉🏼 Read 20 minutes a day of a hardback book (Usually before bead - helps me switch off from the screens) 👉🏼 Listen to audiobooks and podcasts on topics I’m interested in while doing other tasks 👉🏼 Get out in nature early in the day 👉🏼 Choose meals high in micronutrients and protein 👉🏼 Drink 3 litres of water 👉🏼 Exercise daily 👉🏼 Practice Yoga 👉🏼 Journal my thoughts They are just a few things. Is there anything there you might put into practice this week? Have you anything you do that you feel adds to your wellbeing? Post below 👇🏼 Have a great week 🖤