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another 1 of an estimated 1.4 million here to say that i #WontBeErased. our identities are not up for debate, and we are not to be used as pawns to drastically sway political discussions. i stand, empowered by my fellow trans*folk, to say that we will not be eradicated. we have not fought for as long as we have, to be told that we simply do not exist. we exist. we exist in endless combinations of physiology and identity. we exist with or without anybody’s consent. i am not going anywhere, i am not shying away while the government perversely makes another attempt to demand docility of my community. all allies: this is the time to utilize your privilege to stand for those you told you would. amplify our voices, our demands, our existence. work as a platform to allow our voices to be heard at volumes we are incapable of reaching on our own. all trans*/gnc folk - largely my fellow POC: i hear you, i see you, i care for you so much. i am fighting with you, and for you, and i will not stand down.


i hope the world’s been kind to u. and if not, then i hope it is kinder soon (^:


a boy n his girl


autumn!! autumn!! i love autumn and my friends and apples and the world has been kind to me and i hope it has been kind to u too!!!!


it’s been spooky season for a month now. prove me wrong, i dare ya (^:


hi i just moved again and i am stressed! over the last 6 months or so, my plans for my near future have been dismantled and reassembled at least half a dozen times. so i am here - fresh outta high school - to tell u that it is ok to still be figuring it out! @ the school i went to, i feel that administration instilled a sense of fear toward the future in students who showed great uncertainty for their plans post-high school. but that headspace is so toxic! bc believe it or not, not everyone has it all figured out at age 18! some people need more time!! it is ok - and i am so proud of u - if u do have it all figured out, but i am equally as proud of u if u have no clue what the hell u are doing. u are valid and important and there are plenty of other people who are still trying to figure it out alongside u


plz take care of urself as best as u can, whatever that means to u. everyone is different and everyone takes care of themselves differently. do what works for u! ur mental health is important!!!! tu corazón is important!!!! eres importante!!!!


my favorite boy!! the love of my life!!!!


get urself some friends who will wait in line for 15 minutes - despite being hungry - just for u to hold some little flying friends before it was their bedtime


don’t let my smile fool u, i took this immediately after apologizing to my sweet corn for letting her get burnt )):


hi i saw a sunflower on my walk w lily so it’s already a good day, i hope ur day is going well too!! 🌻


here is a 24-hour Gem for u all because it will make my friends laugh and they r my world


ahh i am trying really really hard to love myself and see the small beauties of my daily life. and despite struggling often, i am doing my very best and i am so proud of myself. idk what the point of this post is except to announce that it’s hard sometimes but that’s ok. i hope u enjoy the rest of ur day, my lovely pals. plz don’t forget to do something for **you** today, whatever that may be. i am proud of u for waking up today


hi i’ve been thinking about this past weekend a lot and i just want to express how important having a sense of community is. since pride season only comes along once a year, it’s really easy (for me, at least) to forget how impactful it is to be surrounded by such a diverse crowd of people - in sexualities, identities, races, genders, etc - yet still feel so comfortable because i know that there is a general common desire among us all - to love ourselves, all of ourselves, and to appreciate all kinds of people. although i am by no means a person who surrounds my entire life around my gender identity, i do recognize that it has grown to be a vital component of my mental development - aside from all the obvious aspects - and has shaped a lot of who i am today. and i am not going to say that i’m glad that i’m trans or that i wish that i wasn’t because this is just how it is. and despite being proud to be a trans POC, for me, it’s neither good or bad, it’s just one of many things that make up who i am. and i’m really learning to appreciate the person that i have grown, and am continuing to grow, into. i’m not too sure where i’m going with this but thank u for reading, i hope ur day has been fantastic


can you see the happiness?? 🏳️‍🌈


ahhhh an avid succulent collector


spideyboy comin’ at ya to say that i hope u all have a super lovely rest of ur day. plz stay safe & don’t forget to hydrate. also thank u to my mom for taking these photos


yesterday was my first time going on radiator springs and i’m telling you guys ,, it’s wheely a great ride ,, you auto try it sometime