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Ok Taecyeon & Kim Sohyun

💑 #옥택연 with #김소현 🚢 since August 2016 🔔 Taec's discharge day: 2019/06/03

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Instructor Taec and pretty Sohyun look so good wearing red cap ♡ 굿나잇 ✨


Taecyeon can be so cute and sometimes he can be hot AF ♨❤


180625 - Ok Taecyeon jogyonim with a lucky fan again today! 😊 (출처: @h.jinius)


180625 - Kim Sohyun Talks About What She Desires for Her Next Role (@cosmopolitankorea July 2018 issue) Actress Kim So Hyun showed off a matchless aura in her recent photoshoot with Cosmopolitan. For the fashion magazine’s July edition, she looked refreshingly charming yet romantic at the same time. Kim So Hyun is photographed enjoying a nice break amidst a very busy life. The image of her smiling while lying on the grass resembles a refreshing juice commercial and allows us to catch a glimpse of her still youthful beauty. However, since coming of age, her look has matured and that combined with a gorgeous landscape creates ethereal images we can’t stop looking at. While filming, Kim So Hyun mentioned she was so shocked at how pretty the sky and ocean was when it was stained orange by the setting sun. She continued, “Wine was the first type of alcohol I drank with my mom, so I’m more comfortable with it. Since I’m getting used to drinking, this laid back, family-friendly festival is nice.” . . In the interview, she divulged, “I keep looking at myself through other people’s eyes and I feel like I’m losing who I am. While resting, I’m trying to find me again. When assigned to a cheerful role in a drama, I feed off of the positivity for the 2-3 months I’m focused. However, I’m realizing that even after I become Kim So Hyun again after filming a difficult role, I feel down.” When asked about future jobs, she stated, “I would really like to play a role that fits my age — like a young and lively college student.” . . (source: Soompi) https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/24/kim-hyun-talks-desires-next-role/


Have a nice Monday everyone! ❤


'Coincidence' by Kim So Hee feat. Song Yu Bin (Let's Fight Ghost OST) 🎶 a very good song, still one of my fave kdrama ost ♡👍


180624 - Taecyeon with a lucky fan today 😊💕 (출처: @cuu_ric)


180624 - More photos of Kim Sohyun for Cosmopolitan Korea | July 2018 issue 🌹 . (출처: @leekiwi002)


Taecyeon at the 15th Annual Military Service Awards last Wednesday ♡ So cute! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ😆😍. . (출처: jju_080904)


drastic body transformation ㅋㅋㅋ . before and after enlisting in the army 😊❤ . (출처: Baque)


sitting on man's shoulders 💪💕 let's fight ghost X she was pretty 🎬


180623 - Kim Sohyun for Cosmopolitan Korea | July 2018 issue 🌸 (출처: @cosmopolitankorea)