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Анастасия Ty 🍑

ᴜᴋʀᴀɪɴɪᴀɴ ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴜᴋ 🇬🇧 Snapchat: PlumGotMad Youtube: Anastasiya Ty I take pictures of others at @anastasiyatyph


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NEW VIDEO alert! I’ve just posted a new video on my YouTube for this Glowy Natural look! If you wanna see it head to my stories for the link to watch it!


February Air 🌹


Just taking it all in! ☀️ My fave time of the day is the Dawn! What about yours?


Something I’ve fallen in love and been using loads, an online exclusive, Jumping Juniper vegan solid shampoo from @lushcosmetics 🤩 It smells citrusy due to lemon & lime oils for shiny hair and juniperberry cleans my hair to a squeaky clean effect! There are other magical ingredients in this shampoo, but to each their own, i’ve researched and found my perfect match, what about you? Have you tried the shampoos and conditioners from Lush? #HushHushLushLush


Happy Valentine’s Day 💗😘 Even tho i will always believe that love should be celebrated daily and not once a year! 💋 Comment with ❤️ and I’ll leave a heart on your page 😘


Hiding in my teddy jacket cause it’s miserable in U.K. today! ❄️ (For outfit details click on the image)


I wish my life was directed by #quentintarantino ☀️ but hey, I can do it okay too! 💪🏻


So today is my first day to my #plums30daychallenge and I will show you my progress as we go! 💪🏻 Why am I doing this? Because I promised myself this year to take better care for myself and this combined with better eating habits (aka no snaking at night 😿) will help me stay healthier and develop a habit that will make me feel 100%! I’m mostly exercising at home on my yoga mat with ankle weights and resistance bands with tons of exercises I find online targeting the areas I want to improve! What is your main resolution for this year? 🌼


BELIEVE 🍒 Do you like @Cher?




I was challenged by @magnum to try this #60secchallenge and see if I can munch up the whole thing that quickly! I clearly couldn’t as I love to enjoy my ice cream and gave up half way!! 👵🏻 What about you, can you do it? And what’s your fav flavour from their range? #magnum


Are we having fun yet? 👽