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nyepi, string version:


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When I originally wrote re:member's closing track, nyepi, I intended it to be for a string quartet. But before I could record it I made a demo on my iPhone playing the song on piano and got very attached to that version. During our day in Linz my string quartet went down to the harbour area next to the venue and recorded the string version, beautifully arranged by Viktor Orri. Link to the full video in the bio. @unnspunns @amapofthepotato @sigrunfidla πŸ“Ή @studio.maximilian.koenig


Today we are in Milan setting up for a show 13th day in a row. Our spirits are still high, but a day off will be welcomed!


My visual team has really outdone themselves with this one... πŸ™ shout out to @stuartbailes and @tomtomshep light designers


My midnight walks are often the only chance I get to explore the cities I go to on tour. Good thing I'm nocturnal... πŸ™ƒ


Thank you Ljubljana! What an amazing beautiful city... I will be back! ❀️ Tonight: Budapest!


National Album Day 🎧 . I have already worn out my first copy so I got a new one on tour. I play it all the time, on Sundays or at parties, it always fits the mood. It’s pretty much the soundtrack of home. … also, the grooves on this thing are ridiculous. #nationalalbumday


I went piano hunting today.


Amazing night in berlin yesterday! Tonight: Prague. πŸ™ . . . Photo by @studio.maximilian.koenig


10 years ago I opened up for @sigurros in this venue. I remember thinking "one day I'm going to do a my own show on here". So i am thrilled to be playing for a sold out @tempodromberlin tonight! β€οΈπŸŽ‰


A little dressing room nocturne for you all. Momentary. πŸŒ™


Hello Poland! Arrived well slept from all your new roads πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ