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Los Angeles, my two front teeth were wondering if you had games on your phone. See you in 3 days 📷@keemibarra · ´ · · · · #olan #newmusic #recovery #losangeles #lifeisbeautiful #bestoftheday #producerlife #musicianlife #studiotime


I was talking about it for weeks, but I finally got around to building my own acoustic panels to treat the studio. I was able to make 12 panels for about $325 with some material left over to make 6 more. Monk didn't do shit. · · · · · #DIY #englishbulldog #musicians #musicstudio #studiolife #acoustic #build #olan #IntentionsofWar #monk



A year later and stronger than ever... This day forced all of us to stop our fast-paced work and ask each other if we were really okay. Everyone came together and showed the world that Las Vegas isn't just some tourist spot. The people are real, they care, and they come back swinging in the face of adversity. This place will always be home and I feel lucky to have spent the most important years of my life here. I love my city and and I will never forget.


Okay okay one more! One of this biggest blessings about this weekend was getting to see my best friend and biggest motivator @scartoonmusic. He's like the Bill Murray to my ToonSquad. @yeisukee and I immediately clicked once we met and it's hard not to just play b2b whenever we're together. So thankful that I got to share that day with the friends that made Vegas so crucial for my growth. That is all for today😂 📷@endvrsmedia


"DUDE! I HEARD WE GET FREE FOOD AFTER 4 PM YOU TRYNA GET SOME BRUSSEL SPROUTS??" Massive thanks to @wethebeat for letting my friends and I do our thing at @lifeisbeautiful this year! Thanks to @endvrsmedia for being a trooper all weekend to get these dope shots. Thank you guys for coming early and sweating it out! I couldn't ask for a better experience officially playing my first festival. I'll see you this Saturday😘


I met these two cornballs in LA during my mixmag set a while back. Our introduction was the first time I felt comfortable in a show setting like that where there's so much pressure and you dont know anybody. They stayed in touch and contributed to a lot of my fun this past weekend. Thank you @eleni_misha22 and @lennpuu for being the sweetest💙


@mat_zo either telling me I need to fade out or that I need to play "Baile de Favela" Excited to visit Cali and play again soooon😍 📷:@linconator


13 more days till my @lifeisbeautiful set in the Forest Art Car! Making some heavy edits and I dont think I've ever been so excited to sweat my ass off. See you in a lil bit😎


Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to my boy @yeisukee! Thanks for always being down for impromptu b2b sessions. Cant wait to tear up @lifeisbeautiful with ya in a few weeks😇 *EVERYONE ELSE: be sure to check out his podcast @citysoundsradio and their new line of comfy tees in the shop! 📷@endvrsmedia


It's interesting how much more initative I have to create when I'm under a lot of stress. Not to say I dont make music when I'm happy, but I tend to see my ideas out all the way through when I get overwhelmed with the thought that I need to prove myself...Im gonna go shower and dance to some house music. You probably should too.


Very pleased to say I'm returning to the forest art cart this year for @lifeisbeautiful! My mom is coming to see me play for the first time in 6 years, and I couldn't be more proud of all the homies I get to share the tree with😜 Needless to say I'm excited for this and all the new music coming these next couple months. Stay close. Hold my hand🐢


Little bit of recap love from last Friday with @yeisukee! Big thanks again to @muditasound for a great time. Next set is this Saturday at Velveteen Rabbit! luv u. see ya sooon🐠 📷:@jessehudson_ · · · · · #musicians #musicianlife #producerlife #summer #vegasmusic #djset #muditasound #festivalseason


I still can't believe how much fun yesterday was! Big love to @mixmag, @wav, and of course my friends at @mad_zoo_music for letting me jam along with you guys. My set is up on soundcloud now. Link in the bio! 📷: @linconator