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\(*_*\)Pimpin 4 Paradise(/*_*)/ OPEN HOUSE GUEST MIX⏬


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Hey guys! I just got word that my guest mix with @randyseidman and the Open House podcast is up now on all platforms! Peep the link in my bio for some 🏠 beatz 📷@endvrsmedia


I'll see you again very soon🐝 📷@tamara.y.photography


Really glad I got to play a live set before I leave. Especially when it's with a crew that helped me get so far so quickly. Thanks to everyone who came out, and big love to @therabbitholelv for being so good to me. The last couple years with you guys have been amazing and I'm excited to see where we are in the future🐰 📷:@_somanyfeels_


A year later and stronger than ever... This day forced all of us to stop our fast-paced work and ask each other if we were really okay. Everyone came together and showed the world that Las Vegas isn't just some tourist spot. The people are real, they care, and they come back swinging in the face of adversity. This place will always be home and I feel lucky to have spent the most important years of my life here. I love my city and and I will never forget.


Yo! Last Vegas gig today at Juicy Beets with @beatsandbrunchlv! I'm in the mood to play some latin grooves and garage so we'll see where that goes😂 Im on at 4. Thank you guys for sticking with me these last three years and making my time here so special. Love you. Drink some water. See you soon. 📷@endvrsmedia


Yo! Just the Red-line fairy here to let you know my last two Vegas shows (for a while) are this weekend. Come see a live set tomorrow at @velveteenrabbitlv with my friends at the Rabbit Hole, and a dj set on Sunday at Juicy Beets. I'll have hugs and kisses locked and loaded for ya. See you soon :') 📷@endvrsmedia


Okay okay one more! One of this biggest blessings about this weekend was getting to see my best friend and biggest motivator @scartoonmusic. He's like the Bill Murray to my ToonSquad. @yeisukee and I immediately clicked once we met and it's hard not to just play b2b whenever we're together. So thankful that I got to share that day with the friends that made Vegas so crucial for my growth. That is all for today😂 📷@endvrsmedia


"DUDE! I HEARD WE GET FREE FOOD AFTER 4 PM YOU TRYNA GET SOME BRUSSEL SPROUTS??" Massive thanks to @wethebeat for letting my friends and I do our thing at @lifeisbeautiful this year! Thanks to @endvrsmedia for being a trooper all weekend to get these dope shots. Thank you guys for coming early and sweating it out! I couldn't ask for a better experience officially playing my first festival. I'll see you this Saturday😘


I met these two cornballs in LA during my mixmag set a while back. Our introduction was the first time I felt comfortable in a show setting like that where there's so much pressure and you dont know anybody. They stayed in touch and contributed to a lot of my fun this past weekend. Thank you @eleni_misha22 and @lennpuu for being the sweetest💙


WOOOP WOOOOOP SOUND ON Y'ALL TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Go download my new song "Recovery for free.99 in my bio. Catch me TODAY at the Forest Art car with the squad at 4:00 to celebrate. Let me know what ya think of the new tunes. See you later 😛


These next two days are a perfect example of what I said to the @morningdinner boys. Vegas always gave me the competitive drive to keep going and I'm excited to play alongside so many friends tomorrow. See you at 4pm in the Forest Car and look out for my new single "Recovery" that'll be out Sunday morning. Stay safe this weekend✨


The weekend is comin in hot boooiii! Not sure if they knew what they were doing putting my set between @scartoonmusic and @yeisukee, but I need to remind you that September is still swamp ass season here in Vegas😎 Swipe left for the Sunday schedule and bring an extra pair of clean undies. 📷:@endvrsmedia


@mat_zo either telling me I need to fade out or that I need to play "Baile de Favela" Excited to visit Cali and play again soooon😍 📷:@linconator


Yo! Set times are finally up on the @lifeisbeautiful app! I'm on at 4pm on Sunday in the @foresthouseartcar right after my boy Scartoon, so be sure to come early for some special best friend reunion bafoonery ;) Save @wethebeat to your Sunday schedule, cant wait to kick it this weekend💙 📷@endvrsmedia


3 shows the week before I leave and feeling thankful that it's with all the homies :) My @therabbitholelv set will be a live performance, but either way you should come to all 3 shows and hear new tunes while I snot-cry on everyone's gear. See you next weekend🏄 📷:@danielajustine


I always feel weird about what to share with people since I want to keep things positive, but I never liked the idea that social media makes people's lives look better than they actually are. Living in Vegas has taught me some of the heaviest lessons in my life. I've come closer than ever to my artistic vision and I was able to experience incredible opportunities simply because people believed in that vision. I always felt the motivation to hustle because everyone here is constantly moving and evolving beautifully. With this I've also had to come to terms with the ugliest sides of my personality. Always feeling angry, sad, disconnected, controlling, breaking under pressure, trying so hard to make jokes to cover it up...all of it I have to take responsibilty for as my own choice and it never felt good. With that realization I feel that it's best to allow myself time to breathe so I'm leaving Vegas next month to spend time with family and get myself back on track. I appreciate everyone for seeing past my flaws and helping me come as far as I have. I'll be back to visit soon and there's still a lot of music on the way, but I just wanted to say that if you find yourself overwhelmed by your mental health, dont be afraid to reach out to people that care about you. It's better to take the time you need than to force yourself to keep going when you don't have the strength to do so. Wishing you well. I'll see you very soon. -Lu


Getting all lubed up for my show next weekend. I've got a couple more dates in Vegas before I go away for a little while: 9/23: Life Is Beautiful 9/29: Velveteen Rabbit 9/30: Juicy Beets Love you. Hope to see you soon.


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