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So often we experience challenge in one area of our body and we think that means that this area is our weak spot. But I’ve found the opposite to be true. I have seen over and over again that we manifest imbalance in a given area of our body, not because that area is our downfall, but because this is where our strength resides. . If you are experiencing imbalances in our pelvis, your pussy, your root, it’s not because you are deficient. It is because there is so much potential here your body, and the soul of the earth, will not allow you to move through life without noticing. It is a clarion call— come back into relationship with yourself and this earth, return back home, claim your creativity, realize your power, own who you truly are. . The places that hold the keys to our destiny are often guarded by dragons. And this may well be where your dragon lives, but they are not here to fight you. They are here to get your attention via flames. To protect your potential, your treasure. And when you arrive, they will be there to open the door to what lies inside. . Your pussy is not your weak spot. It is your power waiting to be claimed . If you are going through a challenge in this area of your body. I want you to know that you aren’t alone. And this is my love note to you. Pass it on. Share this post with someone today who needs to hear this. Someone who needs to remember that they are not defective, but incredibly potent. So much so, that they are being called right now to re-member who they truly are. . . And when you’re ready, come reclaim that power in #thepussyportal (link in profile)


Dealing with back issues is hard. Stomach issues are upsetting, and heart issues are scary. But vaginal issues have the ability to emotionally debilitate those experiencing them in a way I’ve never seen with imbalances in any other part of the body. Dealing with health issues in our roots seems to bring us right down into the underworld— the deep, unlooked at things of our own journey and the underbelly of the culture that we live in. Sometimes that hurt brings us as deep as our ancestors unsettled bones, and the core of this earth we call home. . Yeast infections and BV are just one of the ways we can experience imbalance in our roots. But they are some of the most powerful communicators I’ve encountered. In one study by the CDC 75% of people with vaginas have had a yeast infection in their life, 30% are currently living with BV. I’ve dealt with both chronic yeast and chronic BV, and never fail to be amazed. Both by the wisdom they bring, and the lack of awareness in the conventional medical community of how to treat them! . The truth is, these conditions are often a direct line into soul work. Sometimes, even the best herbal protocol can’t relieve a case of chronic BV until we are willing to look at the depths. Because this is where they are taking us. Into the root places, the places where we (or even our ancestors) have buried what we can’t look at. The places where we stored trauma and told ourselves we’d tend to it later. The places where the treasure of a lifetime lives but needs to be uncovered. To struggle with these issues, is not to be defunct. It is to be on the deepest of soul paths, your own hero’s journey. And when we have the tools to engage with them on a multidimensional level, healing can happen on every strata of our being. . Ready for that healing? Come check out The Pussy Portal. An online library of resources that includes healing protocols for BV and yeast as well as a whole wealth of support for the soul of this work. #thepussyportal


All healing happens in relationship. Whether that’s a relationship between our body and a plant constituent, ourselves and our environment, or even between our heart and one of our own beliefs. All healing happens in relationship. . Pussy healing is no different. A their heart, pussies are oracles. They will always tell you the truth and show you where the deepest healing lives. They can communicate through imbalances, infections, pain, discomfort but also through activation, joy, desire, comfort and pleasure. If this area is talking to you, however, there is a reason and that reason normally boils down to this— there is a relationship that is asking to be healed. . That relationship could be to yourself. To another. To your ancestors. Or even to the earth herself. . In the pussy portal we provide all the resources for you to explore the pussy healing inherent to these four relationships. We explore how, when we tend these four relationships, we can create a cascade of healing in our lives, beginning in our own root. . Learn more and explore how to speak to your own portal and oracle in the class. Check out the link in my profile to register #thepussyportal.


If you are in pain, you aren’t alone. . Since I posted my story about having vulvodynia I have had countless people reach out to me and say, “me too.” When I was dealing with this pain condition, I never felt so alone. So, the fact that I can talk about it now, and help others to feel less isolated, is literally the biggest gift on earth. Because you aren’t alone, far from it. In one recent study 1/10 Americans with vaginas report chronic genital pain. Clearly this is a wider phenomenon. . I was first diagnosed with Vulvodynia when I was in college. While most of my classmates were enjoying this carefree era of their lives, I was running home from class to tear off my clothes and cry. Sex was excruciating, pants became impossible. My relationships and sense of self hit rock bottom. I was given steroid creams and told my only options were surgery to remove nerve endings, or be in pain for the rest of my life. . But, for some reason, I refused to accept that there wasn’t another way. And, as it turns out, I was right. Most cases of vaginal pain are linked to pelvic floor imbalances. Our pelvic muscles are some of the most sensitive tissues in our body. They are intimately connected into our flight-or-fight response and highly attuned to imbalances anywhere else in our system. Our pelvic floors let us know when there is trauma, danger, or emotional disruption going on. And if we only learn how to listen, these muscles can let go of their need to communicate in such loud tones. I began working with a PT who specialized in the pelvic floor and doing self-massage. I let my pelvis speak. I began calling it my “oracle” and I changed my life according to its directions. And slowly, all the pain disappeared. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful. To me, being pain-free is still a miracle. . I share all of this not because I’m special. But because we need to know that there are other options. That there is hope. I the Pussy Portal I gather together all the resources that helped me and share them with you. So if you are lost or searching or simply know there is more then come join me. I’ll see you there. #thepussyportal #vulvodynia


Why the word “pussy”? . Words are powerful. They are a way to reclaim one’s sovereignty, one’s sanctity and soul. . In a world where we are swimming in terms that reduce us to our anatomy, or words that are so steeped in misogyny as to be useless (vagina, for example, is Latin for “the sheath of a sword” blurgh), there is still one word that can belong to us. A word that is radical yet soft, a word that has claws and yet purrs when it rolls off the tongue. A word that is inclusive for all people who identify as holding one, regardless of the makeup of their genitals. A word that is asking to be reclaimed in the same way we have taken back “witch.” . That word is pussy. . Pussy is a feline kind of word. . Like the big cats from which they were named, pussies hold the same sense of autonomy, elegance, softness and power. Pussies grace us with their purring presence, and yet with a single hiss can set a nonnegotiable boundary. Pussies enjoy themselves thoroughly, take pleasure whenever they want it, and yet answer to no one. Pussies belong to themselves, give only when they feel like it, and yet are adored. Pussies are innately sensual, sovereign, mysterious, and mystical. . There is a reason why the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. It’s the same reason that I love the word pussy. . Which is why I named my brand new online course the PUSSY PORTAL. This library has become one of the most emergent and extensive resources for root healing on the planet. And it’s waiting for you to join. Learn more through the link in my profile and enter the portal. . #thepussyportal #thepowerofwords


Portal: a magical gateway or entrance. An approach or access point to a much wider field of knowledge, space and possibility. . Our pussies are portals. . They are places of transformation. Spaces where power is stored. Our pussies are portals from which a new world is born. . All parts of our body are sacred. But there are some places we’ve been told to ignore. . Not anymore. . The P U S S Y Portal is a brand new online gateway that helps you access the power of your own root. From pelvic massage to pussy steaming, ancestral tending to earth reclamation. Though these gateways access the resources that can help you explore the numinous, mystical, multidimensional and powerful nature of your pussy— aka your portal. . 🌺 with 250+ pages of pdf material 🌺 30+ lessons 🌺 15 hours of video and audio material 🌺 10 guided meditations + offerings from the most emergent root healers on earth the Pussy Portal has become one of the richest resource libraries for pussy healing on the planet. . Learn more through the link in my profile (and see for yourself why we’ve already had people from over a dozen different countries register in just the first 24 hours of this portal!) . #thepussyportal #itchangeseverything


The most personal thing I’ve ever posted… . Honesty is its own kind of medicine. When we're honest about our journeys, we normalize everyone’s experience and each one of us can realize that we are not alone. Today I want to share my story so you can see how perfect your story is too. .
I’ve been known as an herb mentor for almost a decade. But the truth is, I never started out wanting to be an herbalist. I began my journey thinking I’d become a vagina healer. . It all started in my teens when a single yeast infection spiraled into a chronic state of infection. In my twenties I was finally diagnosed as having vulvodynia, a mysterious vaginal pain condition with no mainstream treatment. Finally, after going to more specialists than I could count, I was told the only solution would be to get surgery to remove nerve endings from my vulva. In that moment, I heard a small voice inside me say “no.” I turned away from the medical model I had been handed, and my real journey began. . I became a seeker. I got into fertility charting, reiki and herbs. I went outside— into the woods and fields. I started talking to trees, and they talked back. . I found my destiny, I found myself. And slowly, I healed. I healed my chronic yeast. And then my vulvodynia. . I turned around to face the sexual trauma I had experienced earlier in my life. And I turned inward and found something truly incredibly inside— my goodness, my gifts, and my power. . I learned how to work with this part of my body. How to love it, tend it, listen to it. How to see my pussy for what it is— a portal and an oracle. And by doing so, I tapped into the vastness of my life’s potential. . One day, when I was still in the midst of chronic pain, I made a promise to myself and the earth. When I’m ready, I will compile all the pieces that helped me to heal. I will gather some of the most emergent pussy, sexuality, sensuality, and embodiment healers on the planet. And I will create a library, a sanctuary of healing and learning, for others with pussies to come, reconnect, and heal. . I’m ready. That day is today. The Pussy Portal is here waiting for you. Head my profile to learn more. See you inside #thepussyportal


There’s only one time of the year that this cozy space is open to the public... and it’s coming up this weekend! Come join us this Saturday for the @marshallhandmademarket right here on the island! It is always a seriously bustling good time with so many incredible local makers and artisans, bands, food and merry making. Come visit our tea salon inside the apothecary. @alelisima and I will be selling our medicines and @gloriousforest_apothecary will be there with her elixirs and wild edible delectables as well! If you want a sunlit place to chill from the bustle of the market this weekend come give us a visit 💛


It’s not a question of whether your identity will change, or even when. The question is how will you meet it when the change begins . There always seems to be themes running through my practice depending on the season and time. Recently, with every client and my own self, it seems to be this: your identity— who you knew yourself to be, that person you built over so many seasons— is changing. Like the season tipping over and pouring its carefully grown flowers and leaves upon the ground. There is a you that is ending. Let her go. . There may be winter. There may be big open spaces that scare you with how far out, and how far in, you can see. And after that, always, is spring. The real test is not if you can change, for it’s happening already. But how will you meet now that it’s here. Will you lock the doors and ignore the eventual piling of the leaves? Or will you go out into the gold leafed edge of the world and venture with a hope, lanternheld, straight into the mists?


Creekside divinations. And encouragements that now is always a good time to begin again.