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5 Arrows Farm

Moravian Falls, NC At 5 Arrows Farm we like to call our chickens "coodles". So I guess you could say we have "oodles of coodles".

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Sweet Buckbeak 😍 This little hen was hatched with a beak deformity sometimes known as “crossbeak”. It can be caused by the temperature being too high or too low, or not the right percentage of humidity when incubating eggs. Despite her crooked beak, it doesn’t really affect her day to day. She still forages, drinks and dust bathes normally like everyone else. I “rescued” her about 6 months ago and I’m so happy I did. She’s really friendly and I think she has the sweetest eyes ❤️


Anyone else find it really funny to watch their chickens drink?? The way they throw their heads back to swallow 😂


I wonder if I’ll ever stop falling in love with roosters I can’t keep 😫 If I could keep every rooster I’ve ever raised, I would. I know people have had terrible experiences with roosters, but every rooster I’ve raised has been extremely sweet. Unfortunately I don’t have enough hens for another rooster, so this guy is looking for a home. He’s a 5 month old cream legbar. I’m in Moravian Falls, NC. Let me know if you’re looking for a sweet, gorgeous roo :)


The storm has passed and it’s back to sunny weather and blue skies. All of the animals have been locked in the barn for the last two days, so everyone is very happy to be out foraging. Luckily there wasn’t any damage done to the property or any of our animals ☀️


I think Mel would agree that hurricane weather does nothing good for the hair 😬


I find eggs so interesting!! Which is kind’ve weird. If you told me three years ago that I’d be collecting different chickens because of their egg colors, I would’ve never had believed you 😂 There are many different chicken breeds and they lay a variety of colored eggs. The rooster, who carried the dark brown egg gene, mated with a hen, who carried the blue egg gene, which made a hen that laid an olive egg. So cool!! It is so much fun to play around with different hens and roosters to see what their feathering looks like and what color eggs they lay 🥚


My favorite place to be. Sitting under a tree with the birds and the pigs. Doesn’t get much better than that ❤️


I was thinking about last time we had a bad storm and the power went out. At the time we were raising 25 meat chicks and 5 other chicks. They were very small and it was cold, so they had to all be brought down from the barn and put into our house which had power because of our generator. We had five totes with giant heat lamps attached to them which took up our entire living room. Our house, which is very small, looked like a hatchery 😂


Everyone is out enjoying their time free ranging before Hurricane Florence hits 😬


I’m happy to announce that Wallace will continue to live out his days at 5 Arrows Farm. Last week I was really considering getting rid of him. He had become consistently aggressive and I wasn’t going to tolerate it. He has become so much better and we haven’t had an incident in a while. He’s back to his old sweet ways. I guess he was just having a bad week. I’m so glad we won’t have to replace the @5arrowsfarm mascot because I do love this turkey boy (He has egg all over his face 🤦🏼‍♀️)


I’m sorry if you’re getting tired of hearing about Tiny Tim, but he is such a sweetheart. He’s always there by my side (to the point where it can get annoying). He also loves to admire our rainbow eggs as much as I do 🍳


It’s an especially happy Friday on the farm because we have babiessss 💃🏼👏🏼 These two broody hens have been waiting for at least 3 months to hatch babies. I held out for a long time, but finally gave in and gave them eggs. And I’m glad I did. Nothing makes your day better than coming home from work to some fluffy chicks 😍


Guinea’s first drink 🐣


Sylvester sure does know how to pose for a picture 😍


This little lady has been trusted with a very important task. She is going to hatch the peafowl eggs for me. I chose her because she hatched turkey eggs before, so I know that she’ll faithfully stay on the eggs. Unfortunately one of the eggs cracked, due to a soft shell, last night when I put them under her. So I’m unbelievably grateful that we were given an extra for free. Really hope all 5 hatch 🤞🏼


I am extremely excited about the new additions to 5 Arrows Farm 😭 Picked up six peafowl eggs today. Thank you so much to @carlynherhens for the hatching eggs and the beautiful feathers. Hopefully we will have some peachicks in a few weeks 👏🏼


Treats for the lovelies ❤️ Tomorrow we will be picking up some very special hatching eggs that I’m extremely excited about. Any guesses on what type of hatching eggs they are??


Zelda the Barn Cat. Just another member of the flock 🐓🐈