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24 September 2018 “I hope you all have successful careers. whether your field is low paying or high paying, whether you are pursuing a passion or doing what you can to get by, whether you have known your future since fifth grade or are still trying to figure out what you want to be, whether you become an engineer or an artist or a stripper or a technician or a business owner or a nurse or a designer or a construction worker; i hope your career thrives and brings you some type of joy. you deserve it.” heyooo guysss! I hope y’all had a good weekend & are enjoying my new feed so far :) anyways I gotta go eat some fooood, lotsa loveee 💘 • qotd: comment a letter and I’ll comment something to brighten your day starting with it!


22 September 2018 “if they loved you, they would change their hurtful, bad behavior the first time you asked. if they didn’t, they’re going to keep doing it and keep taking advantage of the fact that you believe they will. they’re using your feelings to their advantage, which is toxic and manipulative. the best apology is changed behavior, and if they aren’t willing to give that to you, you should probably let them go.” hi guysss! hope your weekend has been fab so far & that you’ve eaten hella good foooood 🤪 MOOD: from now on, by law, no one is allowed to ask me what i plan to do with my life or about my future plans. i’ve updated my privacy policy. anyways, lotsa love for y’all <3 • qotd: can you legally drink in your country? aotd: nahhh, i’m still a bubba


18 September 2018 “I ripped the skin on my knuckles many times from punching the wall too much & too hard. I knew the feeling of the tears running down my face all to well. I had tried to kid myself into thinking that the tears were good for my skin but when I caught a glimpse of myself when I passed a mirror, all I saw were my puffy red eyes & my broken soul. It took me way to long to realize that those eyes held so much more than pain. They held the happiness of sunsets with champagne. Of syrupy pancakes. Of dogs tongues licking my face & cats pawing my lap. Of a sense of real. Of a sense of me. It took me way to long to realize that that was enough. I hope you don’t take that long. I hope you know you’re enough.” [via seh-sharp] wassupppp guysss 💘 welcome to my new feed - it’s kinda vintagey ( and it’s all inspired by @sarahbahbah so go check out her page! ) anyways I’m glad to be starting a new theme & I hope you guys enjoy it! I know I keep saying it but I’ll say it again, sorry for being inactive, I’ll be more active as soon as my dance championships are over & they’re at the end of this month. lotsa love for y’all :) • qotd: which set of celebrity twins are your favorite? aotd: it’s a hard one - I think the sprouses ? I’m not sure tho • { if you use the caption quote, pls give creds x }


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7 September 2018 “my lover has shadows under her eyes as tender as the purple of bruised figs. the winds whisper she doesn’t belong under the light of the sun, but they’ve never seen how her shadowed face glows when it teases the light. her voice itself could blend into the morning mist. when she runs under the sun, i’m just a lost ray of moonlight, running after her to illuminate me. that is, if I lose sight, i’ll dull into non-existence - starlit thoughts: extract” hey guys 💘 this is the very last post of this themeeee, hope you guys all enjoyed :) anyways, hope you have an amazing weekend! • qotd: have you watched to all the boys i’ve loved before ?? aotd: yes & it was soooo gooood!!


2 September 2018 “veins; flowing with molten sunlight and liquid gold, shone through his skin like jewellery. he was a king adorned by riches within himself, gifted with the eyes of an angel. people would touch him and recoil, singed by his beauty. even thieves could not bring themselves to cut him open to steal his blood, for he was priceless whole and just a speck was not enough - dust city royals: extract” hey guys - I haven’t posted in forevaaa 🙃 I’m literally swamped with dancing & school work so this account has taken a slight backseat in my life ( #nothappyaboutit - sorry guys ) by the end of week all the hectic school stuff should be done & by the end of this month all the hectic dance stuff should be done so I’ll be so much more active then 💘 anyways this is the second last post of this feed so get keen for the next oneeee! ily! • qotd: do you dance? what type of dancing do you do? aotd: irish dancing :)


24 August 2018 “I want to receive a love letter. A sappy, sweet love letter. I want it goes into detail about how they want to kiss each and every one of my freckles. I want it to describe how they admire my eyes, no matter what they portray about me. I want it to tell me how they would hold me close, safe, warm, and tight. The details about my personality, my heart, would bring me close to tears. This is the closest I’ll ever get to knowing how they see me, I realize. They describe in great lengths, paragraphs upon paragraphs, about how much they love me, how much they want to hold me dear. I would have tears streaming down my face by the time I was done. And then, only then, would I realize more had fallen out of the package. There wasn’t just a letter in this box. There was a jar of honey, closed tightly with a yellow checkered cloth covering the top. There’s a candle, that smells of Autumn. It would bring me back to my childhood. To me, and my siblings, running under trees, leaves crackling under our feet. And finally, there’s a scattering of pressed flowers. Daisies, I recognize. I would lift one in my hand, holding in close to my heart as tears freely fall. I long to receive a love letter, and all the promises that come with it.”


21 August 2018 “i do not know of the angels in paintings. i know of angels that fill the horizons of the sky in golden glory. east to west, as far as the eye can see. an angel, with six hundred wings, more profound then every ray of sunlight to reach the lowest earth. each wing dripping with multi-coloured pearls and jewels and rubies. brilliance ever so potent i could imagine it to demand fear of man. i know of angels of such grandiose, the throne of god rests on his horn. i know of angels that mix amongst the good in war. i know of two blue-black angels that ask only three simple questions. of those unaccountable numbers that visit the much frequented house every day, never to return to it again. this is what i know.” [via nostlagic; the truth about angels] hey guys - keeping it short. i’ve got lots of work to do but i still appreciate y’all. lotsa love 💘 • qotd: comment one word that you love & tell me why! aotd: leaving this one up to you guys :)


18 August 2018 “Shock yourself into living life. Bright face, peppermint, daylight, striking outfits and cold showers on drowsy days. Read difficult books and make notes in the margins. Write something in your messiest handwriting. Stop running your fingers over the flaws on your skin and paint your nails an ugly colour. The sky outside is brilliant even when its grey. Think about a perfect day and then do it. Wear black. Wear lipstick and no other makeup. Do things despite your feelings. The internet is the perfect place for numbing your thoughts but it also holds almost all knowledge. Learn. Enjoy everything you can, whenever you can. Don’t stop. Life is never quiet when your mind is in constant motion. You are life. You can use its full potential. This is the meaning of self love. Enrich every aspect of your self.” hey all, I hope you took time to read the quote this time because I my opinion it’s one of the best. anyways gotta go study for bio - lotsa loveeeee 🧡 • qotd: have you ever leaned out of a car window before? aotd: yes, my hair got so tangled!


17 August 2018 “You are not broken. You are simply disassembled for now whilst you build something infinite of yourself.” hey guys, gonna keep it short cos I got a cook ton of work to do, lotsa love thoooo 💘 MOOD: standing in a meadow, waist deep in wildflowers as the world moves but time stands still. shadows thrown by low hanging clouds fall upon your face, moving fast as the wind scatters them, wildflowers bowing in waves around you, creating a soft hush. you are looking at something in the distance but your mind is too hazy to know what. there is no other soul but you. • qotd: comment one thing you’re wearing right now aotd: black socks w/ lil white hearts!


14 August 2018 “The sky is a breathtaking mix of pinks and purples and oranges and blues, but the sight alone doesn't compare to the way she grips the steering wheel in her little hands, the way she smiles as she sings along to her favorite songs, her way her hair cascades in curls on her shoulders and bounce in the wind, the way a cigarette settles between her fingers then rests between her rose colored lips. She is art come to life, a painting in motion, and the most beautiful sunset in the world can't compare to her.” [via starrywrite] hey guys, it’s been about a week since I’ve posted - i’m super duper sorry 💘 my life is hella crazy right now but i’m really trying not to be too inactive. hope you guys have a great week further & do some fun thangs (i’m going to see a play tonight) anyways lotsa love 🥂 MOOD: all I wanna do is collect more stamps on my passport • qotd: how many continents have you been to ? aotd: three


5 August 2018 “Yo if someone inspires you, let them know. If they brought you happiness, motivated you, encouraged you to do better, express that to them. Bring joy to the ones that have impacted your life. Often as we get older, we start losing people before we get the chance to tell them thank you. While people are alive, let them know they are appreciated. Tell people the truth about the good they did for you from the heart, not because you want any back but simply thank them.” hey guys, I did warn you about me not being super active this month, but I’ll apologize again :) hope you guys had a great weekend (and had lotsa good food) MOOD: I hate going to the kitchen and finding out I’m the only snack in the house. anyways I gotta go study for a bio test - lotsa love 💘 • qotd: what your current movie or tv series obsession ? aotd: mamma mia 2!


1 August 2018 REASONS TO STAY ALIVE: swimming in the ocean - an extra chicken nugget - drinking rosé - silk pajamas - strawberries & cream - fireworks - hot new heels - brunch dates - mamma mia 2’s music - nick & priyanka’s wedding - music festivals - baby giraffes - new mascara hey guys, it’s augusttttttt 🤪 this month is hella crazy for me so i’m super sorry if i’m not as active. i’m in the middle of this school ‘baby-care’ project (basically i have to look after an egg as if it was my child - meaning i have to wake up to ‘feed’ it at 12am & 4am 😣 <<< i’ve literally never used that emoji in my life) MOOD: I hate going to the kitchen and finding out I’m the only snack in the house. - anyways lotsa love y’all, and thank you for 0.7k 💘💘 • qotd: what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t ? aotd: own a pet piglet! they’re so cute!


30 July 2018 “Don’t you think that if it was supposed to happen it would be a little easier? Someone probably told you that good things take time and if it’s quick and easy it won’t be worth it. But why? Some things fall into your lap and are amazing and just because you didn’t work or fight or suffer for something it doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Because the truth is some things aren’t better just because they’re more work. Some things waste your time and aren’t worth it. So stop trying so hard and forcing things that don’t come naturally because you like the idea of them or because you have some kind of fantasy of what it should or will be like. Because some things seem better than they are and people put years into jobs they end up leaving and people miss their daughters soccer games for sales calls they never get. And people move away from their families for girls that will break up with them. But after all the sacrifice is it really worth it? Are you really getting something that you can’t get anywhere else at less of a cost? Is there not another girl you would like as much without all the fighting or a job that will pay you as much without taking away your Sundays or friends that are down for drinks whenever you ask them not just once a month when it’s convenient? If something’s not working, it’s okay to walk away from it. It’s okay to decide that something you care about so much is just not worth the trouble for what you’re getting out of it. There are endless ways to spend your time but your time isn’t endless, so choose wisely.”


27 July 2018 “I'm not full of honey, I'm not a kindred soul, I'm wild and unattainable, reckless and brilliant, and you won't see it at first, because I smell of sweet promises and garden roses, I look like stone, with plenty of shade, I'm the kindest meanest person you will ever meet. Whose bad side is your worst nightmares put in one. My wisdom goes as far as my words, I am the glitch in the universe. I'm the mistake you never thought you'd make, the gift you never thought you'd receive, I'm an anomaly, the living-dead. All my brain is my heart and all my heart is an impulse. I'm no one memorable, but it doesn't matter, I'll never give you a chance to miss me first. Something is wrong with me, it's nothing at all, I'm just human, as monster as they come.” sorry for being inactive recently, i’ve been hella sick. hopefully i’ll be getting more active as i’m slowly recovering. MOOD: baking heart shaped cookies in a pink lace night gown, sipping on jasmine tea and dancing to light 1920s flapper girl music • qotd: do you have a nose piercing ? aotd: nope


21 July 2018 “There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot. Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize life like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful, I promise.” hey guys, I included quite a long quote but it’s definitely worth the read! I am also still a bit shook that we’re nearing the end of july... where did you even go 2018??? MOOD: eating popcorn in a blanket fort with you while arguing over which movie to watch first. • qotd: are you gigi hadid or bella hadid? (based on he last digit of your like) gigi - 1,3,5,7,9 bella - 0,2,4,6,8 aotd: I haven’t liked my post 🤩