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22 April 2018 REASONS TO STAY ALIVE waffles with nutella - your fave singers new album - roadtrips - finding money in your pants pocket - free food testers - beach days - getting flowers - perfecting your winged liner - the dog that runs up to meet you heyoo, we just hit 0.5k & i’m so fricken happyyyyy!! 🤪 anyways gotta keep this short lotsa love 💘 ( also, go check out #ooohtumblrshitsaccoftheweek ) • qotd: what is your short-term follower goal? aotd: 0.6k ✨


19 April 2018 are there actually people that don’t have any stuffed animals? like real people that decided that once they hit middle school or something that they needed to sell all their cuddly friends because adorable plush puppies and bears are for children only? where are they? are they okay? do they need someone to talk to? zendaya poppin’ into the feed like whaaaa. anyways i’m extremely tired rn & i’ve still got a flip ton of work to do so i’m keeping this short ( check my story for a tiny update on various stuff ) k gotta go, byeeee 🧡 qotd: zendaya fan or nah? aotd: hell yes


17 April 2018 YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL IF: 1 you have a body 2 that’s it 3 you’re beautiful 4 you did it 5 congratulations hey y’all school is rough so i might not be posting everyday but i am trying to stay active 💘 i was watching people compete in the ironman ( a very hectic triathlon ) that was held where i live this past weekend & i have some questions... HOW? i can’t comprehend the distance & time that people can swim, cycle & run for... i’m MIND fricken BLOWN! are any of y’all triathletes? if you are, i am impressed 👀 anyways i gotta go study ( history test 🙃 ) so imma wrap this up, bye cuties 👼🏼 • qotd: have you ever competed in any triathlon ? aotd: nope


15 April 2018 REASONS TO STAY ALIVE: perfectly ripe avocados - the cutie from the coffee shop - homemade cookies - the next episode of the series - disney movies - hot chocolate - listening to your favorite song - jumping castles - overfilled tacos - the extra fry at the bottom of the bag - puppies & kittens woOw guys i haven’t posted in a couple days, i’m sorry it’s been hectic, i’ll try to post more 🤘🏼 also #ooohtumblrshitsaccoftheweek is up on my story so go check it out 💘💘 ( also don’t forget to send in some nominations for wednesday! ) i finally decided to start a photography account & i was hoping y’all would check it out ( @sehsphotography ) 👀 anyways, lotsa love x • qotd: do you have a photography account ? ( comment it’s username below ) aotd: i do, @sehsphotography


11 April 2018 THINGS TO DO ABOUT A BIT OF WEIGHT GAIN: 1 nothing 2 you look fabulous 3 have a nice lunch 4 go outside, look at a tree 5 throw panic in the bin i just realized that this friday is friday the 13th-woaOo. anyways i just posted 3 of my favorite nominations from y’all on my story ( & decided i AM actually gonna put them on a highlight ) you can already start sending me your nominations for next week ( if you’re confused check out my “announcements” highlight ) i’m keen to see a whole new bunch of nominations, so get sending 🧡 • qotd: this outfit, wear or tear ? aotd: WEAR


10 April 2018 “make pizza, not war” a short caption this time lol. it’s time for a new feeeed, this one is only 9 posts cos it’s not my faaaaaave feed ever but anyways. lotsa lotsa love for y’all 💘 qotd: madelaine petsch, yay or nay ? aotd: YAY


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7 April 2018 “I totally understand this ‘i wear makeup/shave my legs/dress in figure flattering clothing because it makes me feel good and confident and sexy and it’s not to impress you silly boy’, but like... it’s okay to want to look good for someone other than yourself. it’s okay to wear red because he likes that colour on you. it’s totally okay to wear the dress that shows off what your mama gave ya because you know he can’t resist your curves. like it’s OKAY to want to be sexy for someone other than yourself. there are days when i’m like ‘i’m not trying to look good for you, i’m trying to look good for me.’ buttttttt man i’d be lying if i said there weren’t days that i didn’t think ‘damn, he’s going to be blown away by how bangin’ my ass looks in these jeans.’ i’m just saying.” i go back to school on monday and i’m just not ready :( this is the last post for this feeeeed 🤩 stay keen for #ooohtumblrshitsaccoftheweek tomorrow !! ( & check out my story highlight “announcements” ) qotd: are you still on holiday atm ? aotd: yes - but not for long


6 April 2018 “TIP OF THE DAY: if they want to leave, let them. if they push you away, go. you’re weren’t put on this earth to convince anyone of your worth. you’re here to learn, create, flourish, live, spread love and nourish. the ones deserving of you will always make you feel appreciated.” i’m currently really happy because my friend just added me to her family subscription thingy so that i could have apple music 😂 #friendgoals i’ve been jamming & downloading music this wholeee day ( also i just had a real good pizza with ) • qotd: what’s your fave song atm ? aotd: FRIENDS ( by Anne-Marie )


4 April 2018 “you know what ? fuck it man. the world is held in the fists of people who like to break things. at this point I’m saying who gives a shit. wear that victorian dress you don’t have an excuse for. dress up like a witch, pointed hat & all. who cares anymore. why worry about it when there are bigger things to worry about. I’m saying so yeah this lipstick is too dark, but do ya wanna share ? I’m saying go talk to her, tell her that you like her hair. I’m saying yeah, she’s outta my league, but I’m still swinging. I’m saying yeah I’m in a ball gown & it’s a pta meeting. what about it. eat the extra brownie, tell her your feelings. I’m saying that if nothing matters let’s give nothing meaning.” what’s up with me & long quotes these days ? heya bbys 💘 I’m currently eating an Easter egg & watching friends #thehealthylife I’ve actually started running again so I’m pretty proud of myself ( especially since it was one if my New Years resolutions ! ) guys please check out my story to find out all about this new thing I’m doing - it’s kinda ties into #ooohtumblrshitsaccoftheweek but it requires you guys’ input and is all about #spreadthelove ( I have used wayyyy too many hashtags in this 😂 ) okay I’m done now, lotsa loveeee 💘💘💘 • qotd: this bikini, wear or tear ? aotd: wear


2 April 2018 the quotes aren’t usually that long but this one is & it’s definitely worth the read but if loooong things aren’t really your thing - keep on scrolling 🧡 • This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s the universal truth. But the good part is, you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they’ll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. As for lovers, well, they’ll come & go too. And baby, I hate to say it, most of them - actually pretty much all of them are going to break your heart, but you can’t give up, because if you give up, you won’t find the special one. You’ll never find that half that makes you whole and that goes for everything. Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will, sweetie ? So keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly, keep smiling, because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about. • qotd: what’s the time where you are right now ? aotd: 12:42pm


1 April 2018 “this is your world. shape it, or someone else will.” happy easter everyone! 🐰🌷 I hope you have successfully stuffed your faces with chocolate. I have one week left of holiday & It really isn’t enough - I’m enjoying my freedom too much 😂 anyways have a great day further, lotsa love 💛 • qotd: which outfit, left, middle or right ? aotd: right


31 March 2018 “she was like a rain cloud, dark & stormy, ready to fall.” happy last day of March babes 🌻 I just got the iOS update ( a lil late I know ) and I’m loving all the new emojis - I have to say that this one 🤩 is one of my all time faves lol anyways hope you guys are all having a great weekend & eating to much Easter eggs and hot cross buns 😂 love you lots like jellytots 💘 • qotd: what did you do before you read this ? aotd: washed my hair 🧖🏼‍♀️


28 March 2018 “In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.” heya bbys 💘 I’m officially on holidayyyy!!!!! Unfortunately some teachers decided it would be a great idea to give us homework 🙄 anyways I don’t have much to say - hope you guys are having a good holiday ( if you’re on holiday ) 💖 • qotd: what was one good thing that happened to you today ? aotd: I went to a new café called Jack’s Bagels with some friends


25 March 2018 "things may be scary & things may be tough but remember, as cliché as it might be, there can't be any flowers, without a bit of rain." heya babes, it's ya girl sarah - coming at ya. ( if you get that reference you can be my best friend forever ) but seriously tho, slide into my dms, I need more friends 🐒 this weekend has been pretty chill, I hope yours was all good, lotsa loveeeeeee 💛💛 qotd: what's your favorite ice-cream flavor ? aotd: cookies & cream :)


24 March 2018 "when you're downie, have a brownie. don't be upsetti, have some spaghetti. basically, when you're in a bad mood, have some food." food really is a great problem solver 😂 im really happy at the moment because yesterday I got a new shirt ( it's yellow my favorite colour ) and new pants ( they're so fricken comfy!!! ) anyways I gotta go through a buuuuuunch of photos from a photoshoot I had with my friend last night - wish me luck 🙃 comment "⚡️" to be tagged in my next post ! • qotd: what is the last food item you bought ? aotd: an iced coffee