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We offer only the highest quality liquids to our shops. No Hype! Just Quality! DM us for wholesale or contact us via email: Sales@opmhproject.com


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Las Vegas Vape Expo was a huge success!! Our booth and team did amazing and we had so much good feedback from the re-release of Sweetworks!! Thank you guys for an amazing show! It was a pleasure meeting every person who came and visited us.


It’s that time again… Testimonial Tuesday! Take a moment and check out Cosmin Onu (A prized member of the OPMH Family) talking about how his life changed when he put down cigarettes and picked up a mod.


We are starting pre-orders for Sweet Works today!!! So excited to bring this awesome line up back ⭐️Pink Star- Pink Fruit Chew ⭐️Red Flash- Red Fruit Chew ⭐️Mango Rings- Mango Fruit Chew Visit OPMHProject.com for more info


Introducing Testimonial Tuesday: real life stories from people who have bettered their lives by putting down real cigarettes for e-cigarettes. Real people. Real stories. Real results. *these stories are the views of actual people, and are not the opinions of OPMH Project.* Want to share your story? Message us to tell the world about your journey of saying no to cigarettes.


The best “Milk Pie” flavors on the planet. @primitivevaporco


Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to re-up on your favorite juice for the weekend. We recommend “Berrymilk Pie” from @primitivevaporco. What are you vaping on?


100% Quality Guaranteed @primitivevaporco


One of the rarest sight you will see right here… One of the coolest dudes on the planet, with one of the coolest flavors you can find. This pic of @codyashdrums Ash rockin out with Coded from The Fountain is a picture of what the perfect day looks like. Want to offer this seasons hottest flavor to your customers? Call OPMH Project today at 833.676.4669 (OPMHNOW), or email us at Sales@OPMHProject.com


What is your favorite E-Liquid line and why is it The Fountain?


Wanted to take a second and share some exciting news. Our boss/owner/friend @eddyopmh got married yesterday!! Check out our Instagram story to see a few clips from his wedding day! Thank you guys for your support inside and outside the community.


Happy Friday everyone! Make sure to re-up for your weekend!


Our friends over at @hometownvapor created an awesome Stix line that we love! Bee-Razzers is an exciting blue raspberry powdered sugar flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. What are you guys vaping today?


Introducing the latest edition to the OPMH family, Stix E-Liquid is now available! With four incredible flavors, how could you not want a taste? Contact us today via email or phone at Sales@opmhproject.com or at 1-833-676-4669 (833-OPMHNOW).


Cool off with one of our refreshing flavors from The Fountain! Cherry Ice, Coded and Blast Off! Contact us today to get these flavors and many more either by email or phone. 1-833-676-4669 (833-OPMH-NOW) or Sales@OPMHProject.com.


$ WORLD PREMIERE $ T-MONEY $ DRIP DRIP 🚨 SHOTS FIRED 🚨. . . . (**DISCLAIMER** This video was created just for fun. The owner (and rapper) of OPMH gladly carries all of the e-liquids named in the video. Enjoy 😁) #OPMHProject #teamopmh #vape #eliquid #vapeporn #vapenation #vapelife #vapelove #vapeon #vapegod #vapefam #vapecommunity #vapefriends #vapesociety #vapedistro #ejuice #vapefam #vapelyfe #vapetricks #vapestagram #vapers #VapeDaily #vaper #vapeshop #vapepics #vapehooligans #Vapes #vapefamous #vapeallday


Rainy days never get us down here at OPMH Project! No matter the weather, OPMH is always here to serve you. With award winning flavors like Watson, and some of the best beverage flavors available like The Fountain, OPMH Project can fulfill all of your e-liquid needs. Contact us today to get these flavors and many more either by email or phone. 1-833-676-4669 (833-OPMH-NOW) or Sales@OPMHProject.com.