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Love Mother Earth; her beauty brings me to tears. We have one home & must care for it. Stop the greed & destruction… Dont follow2unfollow Van.Isle, BC

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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...🎄☃️❤😊 #christmas #christmaslights #sightsandsounds #christmasspirit #hustleandbustle #family


My first photo with my camera. Had to slowly crack my door open and stick my lens out to capture her. This little female sits on my balcony most of the day and fights with others for the best roost in the house. So interesting to watch them. Feel bad for them lately since it's so cool outside, in the minus temperatures. Sometimes they look like a little ball all fluffed up. It was about plus 5 celcius when I took this photo. #annashummingbird #hummingbird #winter #cowichan #cowichanvalley


"Spray Lakes husky" coloured pencil drawing. I took a number of photos of the dog sled races on Spray Lakes many years ago when I lived in Canmore. This was one beauty I decided to draw. It is one of my favorites. It's been quite some time since I've done any colored pencil drawings as it takes me so long with my eyes the way they are. I'm legally blind in one eye; no central vision but have peripheral vision, and my other eye is affected (have some blind spots caused by a fungal infection called histoplasmosis). When I do close-up work it's difficult and takes me many, many hours because I almost see cross-eyed, and fine detail is hard to see. I can very much appreciate others who have limited vision or no vision at all that can do artwork. So much beautiful artwork they do. Have to give them more than a two thumbs up! #artwork #drawing #colouredpencildrawing #animaldrawings


I did it! After at least five years of saving up some money for a camera and a VERY generous donation by a super friend and wonderful human being, I was able to buy the entry level camera kit and lens on a great deal (my 1st Black Friday experience). My friend has faith in my talent and wants me to go further with my photography. Isn't that wonderful?! Makes me cry! 😢😊 My dream come true. I couldn't have done it without my dear friend ❤❤❤ Now for a course on DSLR's and I can't wait to get out and take some photos 👍🏼🙏❤😁


Anyone own the Canon Rebel T7i? Buy body or kit? Telephoto lens recommendation? Comments or suggestions? Thanks 👍🏼😊 Credit @canoncanada thank you. #canon


My Dad was a Park Warden in Banff National Park post-WWII. He died @ 54 yrs from a brain tumor caused by "an old war lesion". Love you and miss you so much, Dad ❤ #LestWeForget ❤❤❤


An elephant at dusk 😊


Blustery day in Nanaimo, BC. Fall back tonight! #fall #fallcolours #fallcoloursbc #fallleaves #nanaimobc #timechange



A happy, chatty little hummingbird sitting and enjoying the flowers on my balcony. At first I thought the finches over yonder were being particularly loud until I looked out the window and realized it was this little gal. There aren't many flowers left in our area but mine are doing well. This little one is busy with the petunias and the campanula. Haven't seen her feed from my flowering maple or nasturtiums yet. Not a very good photo.



Ochre sea stars. Pipers Lagoon, Nanaimo, BC . . . #ochreseastar #ochrestar #starfish #piperslagoon #marinelife #lowtide #nanaimo #beautifulbc #bc


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