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From my last visit in Iceland 🌊 This place is only a 40 min drive from Reykjavík. 📸: @arnulfur #iceland #reykjanes #beardedvillains


Went to Landmannalaugar this summer 🏔 To get there you need a 4x4 jeep and you have to drive across some rivers and rough terrain but it’s so worth it 🙌 #iceland #landmannalaugar #mountain


I’m really enjoying these autumn colours 🍂 Get 15% discount by using the code “oskargud” on the official @danielwellington website #danielwellington 📸: @arnulfur


Right before sunset 🌅 #stockholm #gamlastan #beardedvillains


Looks like autumn is here 🍂 I’m wearing my new watch from @danielwellington , I really like the minimalist design. Get 15% discount by using the code “oskargud” on the official DW website ⌚️ #DanielWellington #Stockholm 📸: @arnulfur


A shot from my latest Iceland trip. Just got some beard oil & balm from Valhalla Beard Care @feedyourbeardyyc , outstanding scent as always. The Valkyrie Blend is a new favourite 🔥 #iceland #valhalla #feedyourbeard


Earlier this summer we were driving down this valley and all of the sudden it got filled with fog. Pretty cool 🌫 #iceland #foggy #mist


Just received a member patch from the Swedish Chapter of Bearded Villains. I’m very thankful for the kind people I’ve gotten to know through this brotherhood 👊🏻 #beardedvillains #BVSC #beardedvillainssweden ✖ 🇸🇪BVSC MemberPatch🇸🇪 ✖ ******************************************** Here it is, the new memberpatch of the BVSC. Given to all who join the Swedish Chapter of Bearded Villains. ******************************************** Design by @mangobeard ********************************************


Crazy waves in Reykjanes 🌊 #iceland #reykjanes #waves 📸: @arnulfur


The hike to Glymur, Iceland’s second highest waterfall, is amazing. You have to cross a pretty big river with assistance of a rope, go through a cave and up endless hills, but totally worth it. This pic is taken in the beginning of our Iceland trip this summer ⛰ #iceland #glymur


Lava rocks with moss 🌋I found this old wool blanket (35 yrs+) in the basement back home in Iceland, it’s so warm and comfy #iceland #lava #moss


A sunny day in Iceland 🌊 #iceland #westfjords


At Rauðisandur (Redsand), probably staring at the sea 🌊 #iceland #westfjords