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Oopsa daisy! haha. Got to pay attention when rippin in the mountains. Luckily the sled and me were 100%. Just a small hiccup 🤣🤣


My full tilting deck over from @doubleatrailers is DONE! The Sherp is going to be SO happy!!! Can't wait to come and pick it up! Will have a full video on its features 🤘🤘🤘❤❤❤ Reposted from @doubleatrailers - Mr. @ostacruiser , your chariot awaits!! #canam #trailer #trailers #doubleatrailers #saskatchewan #alberta #trailermanufacturer #offroad - #regrann


Mrs. Osta had a blast rocking in the Sherp with the heat on 🤣🤣 #sherpcanada #tunespumpinheaton


We made it to the top!! Above the clouds! Yeti is an animal!! Sherp and the Ranger on Camso 4s tracks just couldn't take the thick snow and steep grades. What an epic view!!!! Time to head down!


Stashing the Fuel cans at the start of the day. We burnt A LOT of gas today hahahah


Wow!! I must have said that 1000 times today...easily my most epic sled day to date!!! Huge thank you to @jdvpwcanada for inviting me along. We had 5 cats 4 Polaris and my sled was the only Doo. Not a stumble, belt or issue with the entire group!!! What a day!!


New vid uploading now on YouTube! First sled rip of the 18/19 season!! Got some impressive flight time with my @skydiohq drone in -22 weather with a good breeze! Stay tuned