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Call to action: Land, sea and people are interconnected in Gwaii Haanas. With this in mind, the Gwaii Haanas Archipelago Management Board (AMB) is taking a leadership role by creating the first land-sea-people management plan in Canada. A plan is currently in draft form, and is based on AMB direction, informed by Haida Nation and Government of Canada priorities. The Gwaii Haanas Land-Sea-People Management Plan will provide strategic direction on managing the natural and cultural resources of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site from mountain top to sea floor, for the next ten years. Engaging Haida citizens, the Gwaii Haanas Advisory Committee, and key groups including tour operators, fishermen and environmental organizations has been an important part of the planning process. You are now invited to have your say during the public consultation period, until July 15, 2018. Click on the link in our bio to learn more. Photo: @iantmcallister


To attempt to cut red tape, reduce costs and accelerate approval of big projects, the B.C. government uses a model called “professional reliance.” This means they rely on registered professionals such as engineers, biologists and foresters—rather than their own employees—to assess projects. These professionals are paid by the developers. Only then, the government steps in. It’s an imperfect system at best and, at worst, is ripe for corruption. In 2014, the BC Ombudsperson reported that there was too little oversight by the government of programs to protect streams and fish habitat. In 2015, a review by the Environmental Law Centre at the @universityofvictoria cited the potential for conflict of interest: “In some cases the same individual can be the evaluator, planner, approving professional and the supplier of goods and services. In many cases the professional may be an employee or contractor of the proponent, with duties of loyalty that may conflict with optimal environmental outcomes.” If this seems strange to you—as it does to us—have your say in B.C.’s environmental assessment process. Click the link in our bio for a @wcelaw-penned, detailed, easy-to-read guide on letting B.C. know they need to manage wilderness better. Deadline for the comment period is July 31st. Thanks for reading. Photo: @iantmcallister #savebcwolves


For years, hunters from the European Union have been granted export permits for grizzly bear “trophies” from British Columbia’s government, even though the EU has banned the import of grizzly bear trophies since 2004. A recent report by grizzly bear expert Jeff Gailus “reviewed export permits granted between 2004 and 2015 and found between 25 and 36 hunters from the EU received such permits.” While the whereabouts of these dead bears is unknown, “records from Germany and Denmark indicate that some hunters tried unsuccessfully to import B.C. trophies.” At @PacificWild, we’ve always wondered how foreign hunters got their trophies home to the EU. There are still no answers as to how many trophies may have been successful smuggled to Europe, but what we do know is that any attempts were done illegally and with great effort. An important question to ask is, are those export permits still valid? We are relieved grizzly bears can finally roam safely without danger from hunters in B.C., after the December, 2017 grizzly bear hunting ban. Photo: @IanTMcAllister


Job Alert: We are seeking a video editor to help create powerful conservation videos. Work with incredible footage and help protect B.C.’s coast at the same time—we need an experienced visual storyteller with strong video editing skills to support our conservation campaigns. Together with Pacific Wild’s small production team, you will create incredible social media content and short-form storytelling from the world’s largest #GreatBearRainforest video library. 8K, #IMAX-quality footage. You are creative, productive and passionate about wildlife conservation. We want to tell stories, inspire people towards real change, and celebrate all the good while exposing environmental injustice. Join us. Details on the job and how to apply at via the link in our bio, or email Photo: @iantmcallister


The voices calling loudly for a seal cull in the Salish Sea continue to rise up. Why do suggested solutions to human-created #wildlife management problems always involve killing one species to save another? While Kinder Morgan gets fined an insignificant $920 for intentionally ruining four precious salmon-bearing streams, we propose killing seals and sea lions merely for eating what they are meant to eat—salmon. Fish farms already legally kill seals. Culls are a tricky game to play. We need to consider any and all solutions, while always deferring to science. Habitat matters most. We need quiet, healthy waterways for herring, salmon, sea lions, orcas and humpbacks. Every one of those Salish Sea species—plus 3000 more—need our help in habitat and fisheries management, not from our rifles. Click the links in our bio—MPAs + Environmental Assessment—to learn more about how governments need to revamp the way they manage the oceans which make Canada so special. Photo: @iantmcallister


Thank you to all our new followers. We just want to say we see you and we appreciate it. The more we can spread the message of hopeful action for conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest, the more protection we secure for the animals who live there. So please spread our message wide. Tell our stories. Share the @PacificWild way. Together with our partners, donors and the work of First Nations, we helped end a trophy hunt. We can do much, much more. Photo: @IantMcAllister #turningthetide #greatbearrainforest #greatbear #grizzlybear


Being surrounded by sea lions underwater is nothing like interacting with a pack of wolves or one or two dozen bears congregating along a salmon river. Occasionally the sea lions may bark and clank their jaws at a human’s presence. Exhaling bubbles can be a demonstration of anxiety or aggression to them, and unfortunately, scuba creates a lot of bubbles. What appears to be synchronized swimming—the constant diving and surfacing together—is actually feeding behavior. As long as the sea lions stays together, they have equal access when they find prey. They are beautiful as they wrap themselves around one another suspended in blue water, like mermaids in an intricate ballet. Photo: @IanTMcAllister


As citizens, we often trust politicians and industry to look after the land...and are often subsequently disappointed. It’s easy to point fingers, and we need to remember to shoulder our own share of the load as citizens living in an ever-evolving world of conservation. Now is one of those moments where you can do your part. The B.C. government has launched a public engagement period for reform of the province’s environmental assessment process. The engagement period lasts until July 30, 2018. The government is asking for your views on what the future of environmental assessment in BC should look like. Please click the link in our bio to learn more about how you can influence—and improve—B.C.’s environmental policy. Thank you for being part of the change. Photo: @iantmcallister


Whales are beautiful, but our feverish fascination with them can have disastrous consequences. Recently, a rise in ship strikes has caused the deaths of several orcas on the west coast, including the passing of a newborn calf found on a Washington State beach (UPDATE: calf may have passed from birth-related trauma). Remember, “if you see a blow, go slow.” Stay at least 100 metres (330 Feet) away. Endangered southern resident killer whales require at least 200 metres, as they are under heightened duress due to increased ship traffic and noise in their habitat, and a diminished food source. A fish farming vessel operated by Greig Seafood BC in #Tofino recently was filmed by @oren.lawson of @oceanoutfitterstofino while sailing through a pod of orcas. They were warned of the orcas yet did not slow down or change course. Let’s do better. Our entertainment and our industries are less important than the well-being of these magnificent animals. Give them space. Thanks for reading. Photo: @iantmcallister


This is Triangle Island. It is a refuge for a million nesting sea birds, over 60,000 tufted puffins, half of the world’s Cassin’s Auklet population, and the second largest Steller’s sea lion rookery in the world. Canada is proposing to protect the waters around Triangle and the other Scott Islands as a National Wildlife Area. However, this proposed designation currently allows for industrial fishing and shipping to continue within the park boundaries, setting a poor precedent for future Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Great Bear Sea. In the coming months, @PacificWild will be educating and advocating on the subject of MPAs. Please join us in working towards a unified standard for Marine Protected Areas. Edited by @LindsayMarieStewart Video footage by @IanTMcAllister and @AprilBencze


It’s World Seabird Day. Despite being some of the most elegantly beautiful marine animals, many seabirds are still not closely associated with the ocean. From the unique silhouette of pelicans, to the graceful heron, to the goofily-gorgeous puffin and plentiful-but-important gull, we tip our hat to seabirds and toast their integral roles in the life of the Pacific Ocean. Birds live in—and rely on—the same waters we all do. Photo: @iantmcallister #worldseabirdday


Yesterday, our Heiltsuk friends saw the impressive frame of the Haíɫzaqv λiác̓i - Heiltsuk Bighouse go up. The Heiltsuk Nation is proud to present a new film produced by Heiltsuk youth about the first Big House to be built in Waglisla (Bella Bella) in over 120 years. @PioneerLogHomes worked with logs harvested in Heiltsuk territory to create the structure. On July 2 the framework was completed, but it will take approximately one year to complete. We’d like to send our congratulations. It looks like it will be a very beautiful building. 🎥: @JeremySeanWilliams /