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Happy 4th of July!!! I’m gonna give away a glidecam hd2000!! Better for Someone else that might use it more to have it!!! Here is how to enter! 1. Follow me 2. Tag 3 friends 3. Like the post The giveaway will close on July 14th. I’ll post the winner on my story on the 15th! So one week!! Good luck!


Did some work for @chrissyhair the other day and super happy with how they came out. She does hair extensions if you need any contact her! Check out her page for before and afters. Will blow your mind!


Video coming soon from Bali:) keep an eye out


This was my favorite waterfall of the trip. Something about the walk down to it and the way it was position in between these cliffs! And the amount of mist that was in the air at the bottom of these stairs was crazy!!


We miss you Bali! What a great trip it was! So glad I got to spend it with you @ki_panos


What’s this path lead to? 😳 read something today that said success and comfort do not coexist! Sometimes you have to go down a path that makes you uncomfortable to find success at the end of it!!


Klingking beach! Definitely one of the best if not the best beach I’ve been to! Such blue water and such a crazy hike down !!


Last waterfall of the trip! Best for last?


Ok so far this swing has been one of the best parts of Bali! We were lucky enough to have it in the back of our villa! So much fun and such a great view


If you guys ever go to Bali! Stay at the Zen hideaway! This will be your view!!


We made it!! We are in Bali!!


We are in Shanghai!!! We leave for Bali tonight! Tag someone on this post that may want to follow this trip! Gonna be some awesome content!


Newport Beach! What a blast it was with family! Thanks ki for snapping this pic :)


Super excited, finishing up an amazing wedding video!! Stay tuned to see it within the next week!


Life is like a camera Focus on what is important Capture the good times Developed from the negatives And if things don’t work out Take another shot📸


Heading down to homestead crater and the Utah ice castles at the end of this week! Gonna be posting some stuff when we get back! Whose excited to see them too?! #watchthisinstagood #instagood10k


As promised! Super short but just grabbed a couple videos with the weather the other day! Hope you enjoy!


Live in the moment! The future can be foggy and build anxiety! And the past can drag you down! Be in the now!!