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"Going up the St. Anne’s Church Bell Tower in Warsaw at sunset unravels a magical view over the Old Town Square. You could literally stay there for hours just observing the people below, listening to the street musicians, and waiting for the sun to disappear behind the rooftops. From where I stand, it is the most wonderful place in the world." 📷@megswanderings 📍Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱 #passionpassport


To celebrate our five-year anniversary, we teamed up with @ONAbags and created a collection of travel-inspired camera bags in five limited-edition colors, each chosen to represent the vibrant nature of travel and the rich experiences that can be found around the world. We gifted the bags to five talented photographers and challenged them to incorporate them into their shots, and daily lives. First up is @andrewtkearns, a landscape photographer whose shots of the Pacific Northwest have us in a serious state of wanderlust. Click the link in our bio to learn about Andrew's journey with photography and how the bag impacted his creative process. #passionpassport #ONAxPassionPassport


"I woke up early in the morning and took two trains to make it to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove in Kyoto before the masses of tourists arrived. My plan worked, as the only other person in the forest was a local man walking his dog. I vividly remember the sound of the leaves rustling in the gentle breeze, as well as the way the sunlight looked streaking into the grove. The peace and quiet made it so much easier to choose my lens and frame my shots. At the same time, it dawned on me that this is how the locals would have experienced Arashiyama before the area’s tourism boom. The humbling reminder was well worth my extra efforts." 📷@erenjam 📍Kyoto, Japan 🇯🇵 #passionpassport


@jarradseng is an Australian photographer best-known for his awe-inspiring images and innately Instagrammable content, but did you know that he started out studying law, has toured with the likes of Ed Sheeren, and even “survived” a reality game show in the middle of remote Oceania? Needless to say, he’s an interesting guy, which is why we decided to feature him in Issue One of Places, our new print magazine. Want to learn more about Jarrad and his work? Click the link in our bio and snatch a copy for yourself. #passionpassport @gomoreplaces


"Wandering in Sighisoara feels like stepping back in time. This tiny medieval town of winding cobbled alleys, steep stairways, and secluded squares is one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania. One thing you will immediately notice when you visit is its incredible vibrancy — the bright, pastel homes aid in the town's ridiculously photogenic facades. You’ll also find that the city center is small enough to wander by foot, which encourages exploration of its many side streets! It’s difficult not to fall in love with this amazing town. Sighisoara is just one of those places where you’ll find beauty everywhere you look. Upon my first glance at its charming streets, I knew I would be spending my days walking down every pathway I could find.” 📷@claudiumaxim 📍Sighisoara, Romania 🇷🇴 #passionpassport


On December 12, 2015, the world had a major reason to rejoice. Thousands of delegates had just spent two weeks discussing climate change, and the summit president had tapped his green gavel, announcing that the U.N. had reached a landmark accord — the Paris Agreement. It’s been three years since that day. So where are we now? Click the link in our bio to learn more about where we stand on the front of climate change. 📷@guillepozzi 📍Maui, Hawaii #passionpassport


"I love to travel, but when I can’t, I explore my hometown of Lisbon the same way I do cities abroad — like it’s my first time there. I ignore established routes, get lost, and discover the true beauty that tours and guides don’t always provide. That’s what my friends and I were doing — getting lost in Lisbon — when we heard the sound of the tram approaching this square. I had little time before it arrived and had to move fast to find the right composition. I saw these flowers with a palm tree behind, and without even thinking, I started running toward them. I hunched down to try to fill the frame with a green foreground while still focusing on the tram, and I ended up with what is now one of my favorite photos of Lisbon. Even in the areas we know best, there are hidden pockets of beauty waiting to be discovered." 📷@ben.pinto 📍Lisbon, Portugal 🇵🇹 Share your adventures by tagging #passionpassport!


Think you have what it takes to join our team? Well, you're in luck — we’re hiring social media interns for 2019! If you're a visual storyteller with creative-writing chops who constantly scrolls through Instagram for travel inspiration, then we want to hear from you! Head to the link in our bio for a full role description and to apply by December 23, 2018, 12pm EST! Or, if this sounds like someone you know, tag them in the comments below! #passionpassport 📷@craigsbeds 📍NYC, New York