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"Getting a good drone shot is hard. I spend a lot of time scrolling around Google Earth, finding new locations, and looking for uncluttered patches of water, trees, or grass. But for this particular photograph, I turned to my memories. I remembered this lighthouse from a trip I took years ago, and how it rests on the liminal teeter-totter between land and sea. Although I accidentally ate my fair share of strange little water flies while trudging for the shot, it was more than worth it." 📷@een_wasbeer 📍Urk, Netherlands #passionpassport


"Varanasi, an ancient city located along the Ganges River, is full of traditions and home to colorful houses and narrow streets. In such a crowded setting, everyone knows their neighbors — and their cows. As you walk along the streets, you'll find street traders, monkeys, and brahmans (members of the upper holy class) all living in harmony. Because of the close quarters, it's not uncommon for children to spend time on their rooftops, flying kites and looking upward for a sense of freedom. But even in these tight conditions, as a traveler to Varanasi, I found myself overcome by a soothing and positive sensation throughout the city. I haven't forgotten that feeling since then, and I'm fortunate to have had the chance to experience such a beautiful and ancient place in person." 📷@badiansaunasystem 📍Varanasi, India 🇮🇳 #passionpassport


If you’ve ever tried stollen, the long-cherished Christmas fruit cake sprinkled with dried fruits, spices, and nuts, then you’ve already had a taste of Saxony. This German region is well-known for its lively array of Christmas markets, but it’s a wonder to visit in all four seasons, offering fascinating landscapes, fairytale castles, rivers, mountains and a variety of music festivals. Check out our recent article to discover the magic hidden within the region’s borders. #passionpassport 📸: @care4art #ad


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Budgeting may not be the most glamorous aspect of travel, but it is one of the most practical and most important! Join us today at 2:30 pm EST alongside @travelling_mom, @travelbyb, @pip_says and the Passion Passport community. We’ll be sharing budget processes, our most successful trips, and our best advice for scrimping and saving when it comes to travel. Make sure to tag us in your tweets with #PassionPassport — link in bio! 📷@johnbozinov


“Welcome to Orvieto! Though simple and understated, the city’s beauty is impossible to overlook. History, art, nature, and rich tradition can be found at every turn, and a love of good living fills the streets with charm. One of the memories I cherish most from my time there is the day I headed out for a stroll before the day had begun — the morning was still tinged with the first rays of light and the smell of jasmine filled the air. From where I stood, it was an experience that perfectly paralleled the magic of the city.” 📷@stefanogera 📍Orvieto, Italy #passionpassport


"I was wandering around Shah-i-Zinda, a necropolis in Samarkand, and admiring the mosaics. When this woman walked by, I couldn’t help but notice that her attire was just as vibrant and beautiful as the mosaics themselves, which I’ve learned is often the case in stylish Uzbekistan. As the woman began cleaning the walls of the mausoleum, the room was so quiet and the scene was so aesthetically pleasing that I had a hard time believing it was real. I thought of this moment throughout the rest of my trip, especially whenever I met people dressed in colorful, patterned garb. My time in Uzbekistan reminded me of the value of good design, no matter the medium." 📷@thediaryofanomad 📍Samarkand, Uzbekistan #passionpassport


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"After a freezing winter morning in the Glen Coe mountains, I got in my campervan and made my way along the small road that winds deep into Glen Etive. Surrounded by mountains and split in two by a crystal-clear river, this place always feels special to me. It is also home to a small herd of deer who tend to spend a lot of time close to the road. I usually drive on by, but this time was different. The deer were sitting on a vantage point and relaxing in the winter sun — I immediately identified the photo opportunity, as the snow-capped mountain provided the perfect backdrop. But what surprised me most was that I was able to get so close to the deer. In fact, my presence didn’t seem to bother them at all. It almost felt like they gave me permission to capture this moment. It was a truly humbling experience that I could’ve easily missed out on had I just told myself that I’d see the deer another day. Now, I aim to make the most of my surroundings and actively seize opportunities when they are presented to me, rather than take them for granted." 📷@_aawild_ 📍Glen Etive, Scotland #passionpassport


“When I was recently in Zanzibar, Tanzania, I met a 29-year-old yogi from Buffalo, New York. There is a certain quality of surrealism that accompanies meeting a fellow American in a far away place. We always — and I mean always — partake in a traditional greeting undoubtedly established long ago by our journeying countrymen: ‘Where are you from? What are you doing here? Where are you going next? Did you quit your job or are you in transition? Would you consider yourself a digital nomad?’ … But what I’ve realized is that we must begin to reorient ourselves in conversations and beliefs about the value of the time we spend traveling and sharing our travels with others. We are fortunate to have space in which to take an intentional pause. We ought to let our fellow travelers know that we don’t need to know where they’ve come from or why they’re here. And we don’t need to know where they’re going, or how it maps onto the larger trajectory of their lives ... You are here, now, because you have listened to yourself. That, in and of itself, is cause for a tremendous celebration. Keep going.” To read @etchinlight’s full essay, click the link in our bio. #passionpassport


“In July, I had the chance to visit Corsica for the first time. After checking in to my hotel, I walked down to the Citadel, one of the oldest parts of the city. I was forced to stop for a few minutes, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of the view. Thousands of colors, narrowed streets, and old stones stretched out in front of me — a sight that made me fall in love with Bastia. In France, it's often called 'the island of beauty,' and I must say that the name suits it pretty well." 📷@a_ontheroad 📍Bastia, Corsica, France #passionpassport


In 2005, following a period of loss and frustration, travel writer and storyteller Mariellen Ward made a decision that would ultimately change the course of her life. In what seemed like an out-of-character decision at the time, she packed her bags and dove straight into the deep end of the travel world. Six months traveling solo through India not only reawakened her appetite for life, but it unraveled the person she was meant to become. Mariellen now runs @breathedreamgo, a publication dedicated to transformational travel and cultural immersion.
 We caught up with Mariellen to discuss her experiences and why she believes that if you’re willing to just say “yes” to the journey, you’ll discover things you never thought possible. Read the full interview via the link in our bio.