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"We woke up early on a Monday morning and headed to this famous tree in Wanaka, New Zealand. Upon arrival, we were greeted with clouds and rain, and very poor visibility. Because of the conditions, we ended up leaving before I could capture what I wanted. A few days later, we returned for sunset and were surrounded by pink skies, quiet waters, and mountains in every direction — there was even a man playing the piano on the shore a few feet away from us! He is known locally as the traveling pianist, and we just happened to be there the same evening he was. A crowd of about 20 people took in the scenery beside us while enjoying the serenity of the music. It was one of the most peaceful moments of our entire journey in New Zealand." 📷@mlbourne 📍Lake Wanaka, New Zealand #passionpassport


“The Cappadocia region of Turkey (meaning 'land of beautiful horses') had been on my bucket list since I was young. As an adult, I finally got the chance to visit and appreciate its unique beauty up close. We hiked and roamed the area all day, and watched the sun set over the Bronze Age homes carved into the valley. I wasn't expecting to discover such a beautiful palette and vista, but as the sun went down, the clouds and view became even more beautiful. Stray dogs from the neighborhood started gathering around us, and sat down to enjoy the sight for themselves. Once the sun fully disappeared from the horizon, we walked down the incredibly sloped hill together, like we had successfully completed a mission. Cappadocia was everything I'd hoped it would be." 📷@mrtayrnc 📍Cappadocia, Turkey #passionpassport


Tell us about your #PPTravelEncounters for this week’s challenge! Who have you met who’s stayed in your mind? To enter: 1) Post a photo/video relating to the theme with @passionpassport and #PPTravelEncounters in the caption. 2) Take us in the moment with you in 3-4 sentences and introduce us. 3) Check the link in our bio for full details. 📷@thecuriousfrolicker 📍Maras, Peru


“Tuscany is a place full of beauty. It captures your attention at first sight. I've visited every corner of this wonderful region, but the place that will always stay in my heart is Val d’Orcia, a world heritage UNESCO site in the south of Tuscany. Its large fields filled with cypresses and varied colors that change with the seasons make you want to live in one of its stone houses, just so you can wake up to that scenery each day. That's how I felt when I took this photo. Other than the wind blowing and a bird chirping, I didn’t hear a sound. The smell of grass lingered in the air and the sunlight glistened, creating an atmosphere I will forever cherish.” 📷 @federico__vella 📍Tuscany, Italy #passionpassport


We’re giving a huge round of applause to #PPColorWheel winner @timdavhen who takes us to Begnas Tal, Nepal’s second largest lake! Thanks to guest judges @sezgiolgac & @yellowillow as well as all who participated — get ready for our next challenge!


The #PPColorWheel has been spun and taken us from Rio to Harar, Ethiopia. Congrats to our honorable mentions @andyhendrata, @madstravelson, @committingtokindness, @astower, @suspendtime, @insearchofperfect, @marcelomitnik, @wanderlust_driven_life & @carlocafferini — check their individual feeds for their write-ups! Stay tuned for our winner to be announced!


“Founded in the 1300s, Ayutthaya was once the largest trading city in the world, but it was attacked in the 1700s and burnt to the ground. After learning this, I had to see it for myself. At the break of dawn, I took the 'slow train' from Bangkok that was filled with locals heading north. Although my original plan was to rent a bike and explore the city, that quickly changed once I realized how incredibly hot it was. Upon arrival, I found myself negotiating with a group of friendly tuk-tuk drivers who knew the area and settled for the one with the best sound system. When I got to Wat Ratchaburana, I noticed this family walking through the archway, each with their own umbrella. Without hesitation, I raised my camera to capture the moment. I appreciated the fact that the entire family wanted to experience this place together — and their impressive preparation for the sun." 📷@alexortega.__ 📍Ayutthaya, Thailand #passionpassport Welcome Alex, the newest member of our social media team, who shares one of his travel memories here!


"This photo was taken in early January. It was the first day that the sky had been clear since the beginning of winter. @saviourmifsud and I took advantage of the sunshine and went for a hike. As we walked through the valley, the sun warmed my cheeks for the first time in months. It felt like spring already. We sat down and enjoyed the weather, waiting for sunset. Then it happened. As the sun lowered, it gave the landscape and the islands in the background the most magical look. Everything seemed to glow — a true sight to behold." 📷@kirstinvang 📍Streymoy, Faroe Islands #passionpassport


"During my trip to Bhutan, there was a stormy afternoon when the clouds rolled in as we trekked through the mountains around Paro. As we made it to camp, winds whipped our hair, and the sky grew dangerously dark. Torrents of hail suddenly plummeted from the skies, and the ground was soon covered in a blanket of white. But rather than hide in our tents, we laughed and danced around amongst the storm, marveling at the sheer quantity of ice bouncing down around us. The beauty of the landscape transformed before our eyes." 📷@lostwithpurpose 📍Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan #passionpassport Bring your primary colors to our #PPColorWheel challenge; the link is in our bio, and the entry deadline is noon EST tomorrow!


Red, blue, yellow, and any combo are the focus of this week’s #PPColorWheel theme! Take us as well as guest judges @yellowillow & @sezgiolgac on your journeys from Essaouira (pictured) to Rainbow Mountain in Peru. The deadline is Sun. 5/20 at noon EST, and the rules are linked in our bio! 📷@pzabeti 📍Essaouira, Morocco


"During a short trip to Buenos Aires, I spent my time exploring the city's oldest buildings. In my investigation, I came cross El Ateneo Grand Splendid. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries in my life but have never seen anything like this structure before. The once iconic and beautiful theater has since been stripped of its seating and filled with bookshelves. The mix of 1920s architecture and the smell of thousands of books created an unforgettable atmosphere. I was incredibly happy to have found such a special place." 📷@burakbudak 📍Buenos Aires, Argentina #passionpassport


"I’d seen photos of Mont Saint-Michel plenty of times before, but when I went to visit, I didn’t really know what to expect. The mile-long bridge that leads to the island allowed me plenty of time to take in the surrounding scene, and the abbey’s spire seemed to tower higher with every step I took. My jaw dropped as I inched closer and realized how grateful I was that my body and mind are healthy enough to experience the incredible world we live in." 📷@meshna 📍Mont Saint-Michel, France #passionpassport


It’s time to spin the #PPColorWheel! This week’s challenge is all about the primary colors you’ve come across on your travels. Guest judges @yellowillow & @sezgiolgac can’t wait to see your entries — from the Blue City to the Pink City (yes, pink is close enough to red for us). To enter: 1. Post a photo/video relating to the theme with @passionpassport and #PPColorWheel in the caption. 2. Take us in the moment with you in 3-4 sentences. 3. Check the link in our bio for full details. 📷@mattia_passarini 📍 Labrang Monastery, Gansu, China


"I had never been to Venice, so my girlfriend and I decided to venture to the city and spend the New Year there with two of our closest friends. We had just finished a drizzly walk through the streets of La Serenissima, and the smell of rain was still very strong. The scent of wet stone beckoned me to get lost in the winding roads and canals of the city. We began walking again without a destination in sight and came across this scene. A gondola passed under the bridge at the very moment we stopped upon it. As always, the best moments come unplanned. Venice has something that cannot be described in words, but which you must discover for yourself." 📷@ema_therabbit 📍Venice, Italy Tag your best travel moments #passionpassport and share a memory!


Congrats to #PPNegativeSpace winner @j.a.y_daley who takes us to “outback traffic” on Cobb Highway, NSW, Australia. Thanks to guest judges @israel_r & @pat_kay as well as everyone who joined in — hang tight for our next challenge theme coming soon!


This weeks #PPNegativeSpace challenge showed us that less is often more! Congratulations to our honorable mentions who showed us the beauty of uncluttered travel — @alyshiaturchyn, @jimchanfc, @mylondonchildhood, @insearchofperfect, @marcorama, @jiminyjimi, @patagoniatothenorthpole, @anna28h & @zenandzany — check out their feeds for more! Stay tuned for our #PPNegativeSpace winner….


"My elementary school had a large banyan tree in the middle of the playground. I always loved it because it was a single tree that became its own forest. It was a treehouse without the additional planks and screws. It had a spiritual presence and seemed almost invincible. As the years went by, it continued to grow outward. To this day, banyans are my favorite type of tree. Back in January, during a drive around Fort Lauderdale, I stumbled upon this giant. As soon as I saw it, my playground days came flooding back to me." 📷@michaelgeorge 📍Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA #passionpassport


When @callicles visited Barcelona, he was taken aback by the notable impression that a certain Spanish architect left on the city. The unique designs of Antoni Gaudí could be both seen and felt in the city's streets, and an enchanting mood elicited from its buildings. @callicles chose to experience this mystique fully by visiting one of Gaudí’s greatest masterpieces at sunrise, so as to take in the quiet of the early morning and to admire Casa Batlló in peace. While the tiled site is considered a tourist attraction, the intimate layout of the building reminded him that it was not only a work of art, but it used to be someone's home. 📷@callicles 📍Barcelona, Spain #passionpassport


"I had visited Scotland a couple of times before, but this time, my sole aim was to experience the Scottish wilderness. On my first afternoon in Cairngorms National Park, a couple spotted my camera and steered me toward some very relaxed reindeer. The light was starting to turn golden when I saw them for myself. I slowly made my way over and sat down next to them in the grass. It was my first experience with wildlife photography, and an afternoon for the books." 📷@simonhird 📍Cairngorms National Park, Scotland #passionpassport


Solitude, airiness, vastness — #PPNegativeSpace can represent a lot of things! Join guest judges @pat_kay & @israel_r for this week’s challenge — linked in bio. The deadline is 11:59am Sun. 05/13, so let’s see your vastest, airiest, and solitude-est travel moments! 📷@raphycruz 📍Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA


“I never considered myself someone who's afraid of heights, but when you're floating through the air in a small basket, it's probably okay to be a bit scared. At least, that's what I told myself. I can still remember how shaky my legs were when we first lifted off the ground. But after a while, I got somewhat used to it, and the view helped keep the fear away. I never thought I'd experience something like this. I guess it's one of the reasons why I love traveling: you get to experience the unexpected." 📷@jelitodeleon 📍Singha Park, Chiang Rai, Thailand Why do you travel? Share your answers and memories by tagging #passionpassport!


“During a month-long coffee research trip across Mexico, I found myself exploring Sumidero Canyon in the region of Chiapas. Despite being in the southern portion of the country, the air felt cool because of the altitude. The feeling of being that high up and immersed in both nature and local culture was surreal. In the days that followed, we ventured into the mountains and met countless friendly faces along the way. While in Sumidero, I was asked to take a photo with a woman, and though I was happy to, I asked her why. She smiled and said, 'Un recuerdo,' which means 'a memory.' A great word for the entire experience.” 📷@thenomadbrodie 📍Cañón Sumidero, Chiapas, Mexico #passionpassport