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Exploring the concrete jungle with @art.side. #Ps_Urban


Where fog meets city lights, Los Angeles is aglow in this #Ps_Urban piece by @bryanadamc.


Open up your imagination. Piece by @julien.tabet.


Boxed out. #Ps_Urban piece by @yk.


Caught up in traffic with @13thwitness. Be sure to tag your #Ps_Urban work to be featured this month!


Hey everyone! @Swopes here for the final day of my takeover. Comfortably being a graphic designer before a photographer, I have always felt excitement in creating my own landscapes. Thank you so much to those who have followed along for my takeover. Check out today’s Instagram Story to watch my process for this edit using the Photoshop Mix app. • This month’s theme is #Ps_Urban. I’m entirely inspired by the idea of an urban jungle as you have seen with my work! I hope you learned a thing or two and will share more of your own creations by using #Ps_Urban for a chance to be featured on the Photoshop Instagram page.


Hi again, @Swopes here. When you visit 360Chicago, a ticketed experience 94 floors above Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago, they’ll turn you away on a foggy day suggesting that “there will be zero visibility.” Basically saying, “don’t blame us if you waste your money and see nothing.” I like to take my chances, but that’s because I know what kind of outcome could be on the other side of the glass 1,000 feet up. • The bottom half of this image was shot with my iPhone on an extremely foggy morning. Check the before and after of this edit in today’s Instagram Stories.


Hey amazing people! @Swopes here taking over the @Photoshop account. I’m a big fan of touching all of the senses with my art. When I finally learned how to make my images move, I became enamored with finding matching sounds. Make sure to turn your volume up for this one! • Check the before and after of this edit on today’s Instagram Stories. 📷


Hey there! @Swopes here again. Helicopter rides are an average occurrence for me. There was a moment where everyone on Instagram snuck on rooftops and risked their life for the shot. The closest I can get to death-defying is with a doors-off helicopter ride, which I can assure you is quite safe. • What inspired this trippy edit? Trying things out. Knowing that I have an undo option. Seeing what will work and what won’t. Happy accidents are an everyday achievement for most designers. • Check out today’s Instagram Stories for the before and after edit.


Hey everyone! It’s @Swopes. I’m a big fan of catching scenes from above, but you’d never know I was afraid of heights. Yet another photo I shot from a helicopter, but this was actually a mistake. The photo was so crooked that there wasn’t any way to straighten it, which, to most, would make this photo useless. I figured I’d play with it a bit to get this Inception-inspired edit. • You can see the before and after of this edit in today’s Instagram Stories. 📷


Hey there! @Swopes here, based in Chicago, IL. I’m beyond excited to be taking over the @Photoshop Instagram this week. • This was originally shot with my iPhone on a super cold day in a helicopter with the doors open. I am not entirely sure why I felt compelled to edit a waterfall over it, but this isn’t meant to be scary. This was imagined as a normal day in downtown Chicago. Make sure to bring your umbrella! • Check out today’s Instagram Stories to edit with me.


Bathed in moonlight. Piece by @bayuseptiaann.