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Create a Dungeons & Dragons monster for a chance to win $5,000 and more! No Purchase Necessary. Ends 11/16/18. Age of Majority. Rules at link in bio.

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Taking the next step with @the_life_of_aivax.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most magical of them all? #Ps_Magic piece by @phanttoni.


@lazvisuals’s #Ps_Magic piece brings dragons to life.


It’s Alexandria from @alexandriaslens here with one final piece. I tend to include light and dark elements in my images. I find that it adds a visually striking contrast and is appealing to the eye, but mostly I just enjoy capturing it. In this image, the darkness is creeping in from all sides, but the magic umbrella is lighting her way. This concept is one that I have explored in previous photos and will continue to capture in future ones. I find that when light and dark meet, it really doesn’t take much light to fill a dark space, and there is a sense of comfort in that. What makes an image stand out to you? • Thank you for hanging out with me this week. It was a real dream to be able to share some of my work with all of you. Now, it’s time for you to cast some spells of your own. I can’t wait to see what all of you conjure up for #Ps_Magic this month!


It’s @alexandriaslens! Are you ready to dream with me? Today, we are building the sky. I have always loved the thought of flying. Being able to take off and head wherever you want seems like a dream to me. There is so much freedom in the ability to fly and conquer the sky, so I try to incorporate that feeling into my images whenever I can. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? • Check out today’s Instagram Stories for a tap to edit!


Hello again, @alexandriaslens here. Who doesn’t love a little magic? Personally, I am a bit obsessed with it, and by “a bit,” I mean a lot! Harry Potter is a daily conversation topic in our home, and I love bringing elements of the series into my work. Magic lifts, inspires, and gives hope. It makes me feel like anything is possible, and maybe that’s because it is. What’s your Patronus? • Add some magic with me in today’s Instagram Stories!


Hey, @alexandriaslens here. Is it just me, or does anyone else dream of finding a magical door on the side of a tree and going on an adventure? • I shot this image with a clear idea in mind. After spotting this tree earlier in the week, I decided to return later to capture it. It felt like Alice in Wonderland meets Winnie the Pooh, and the daydreamer in me couldn’t help but imagine the tree with its very own door. Where would you like this door to take you? • If you’d like to see how I edited this, give Instagram Stories a quick look!


Hey there, it’s @alexandriaslens. Yesterday, I talked about how books inspire me. Every book tells a story and every chapter provides another puzzle piece. This image wasn’t intended to be created this way. I planned on taking a photo of the book and enlarging it to fit into the scene I had captured with my subject. When I got home, I realized that I preferred the book shot, so I went with it and made my subject smaller. I find that going with the flow while creating really helps my process. What inspires you to get creative? • Edit this photo with me in today’s Instagram Stories!


Hey everyone, this is Alexandria from @alexandriaslens! I am a photographer/visual artist, and I’m excited to take over @Photoshop this week! I started my career as a portrait photographer and eventually incorporated graphic design into my photos. • I have always believed that a story can transport us to any time or place. When I was a child, a story was a magical portal of sorts, and it was through books that I was able to discover the world. When creating this photo, I really wanted to represent the sense of enchantment and wonder that a book can bring. • Check out Instagram Stories this week if you are interested in catching a glimpse into my editing process!


Hello, @joelrobison here. I’m excited to share that @Photoshop has teamed up with Dungeons & Dragons for a monstrous contest! See how I created this terrifying monster & submit your own for a chance to win $5,000 & more! • Starting with a simple background, I added my boulder & my figure into new layers. Using Layer Mask, I painted with a black brush around the figure, then resized it using the Move Tool. Using Image > Adjustments > Replace Color, I changed the blue cape to red. • I pasted the torso and head for my monster in layers below my figure, then I used Color Balance to match the colors. Using Layer Masking with a soft black brush, I erased the edges of the head. • I pasted one of the monster’s arms into the image. I resized the arm, cut out the bottom half of it, & pasted it into a new layer. To curve the arm around the boulder, I used Edit > Transform > Warp. • To help bend the arm & fingers, I used Edit > Puppet Warp. I clicked a point where the joints would be & moved those points to help create bending in the fingers & wrist. I adjusted the arm’s colors using Color Balance. • I blurred the hand slightly with Gaussian Blur. Using Layer Masking, I blended the joint of the elbow with the upper arm by painting the mask with a black brush. • I copied the monster’s other arm, added it as a new layer, & resized it to fit the body. Using Edit > Puppet Warp, I created joints & moved those points to create bends. • After adding a new layer above the monster, I used a white smoke brush to create an atmosphere in the image. • I added a Gradient Layer set to White to Transparent & dragged it up from the bottom of the image, below the boulder layer. • Last, I added a Curves Layer with a slight S curve to my background image. I dragged the point at the bottom left of the grid up to create a Matte Effect. • I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial & will submit your own scary monster! No Purchase Necessary. Ends 11/16/18. Age of Majority. See Rules at link in bio.


Do you dare to trick-or-treat at this haunted house? #Ps_Eerie piece by @skxproduction.