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Every photo has a story, want to share yours? For this month, submit your work using #Ps_Wanderlust for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.

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Just getting his bearings. Piece by @ebenism


Are you more team Countryside or Oceanside? #Ps_Wanderlust piece by @iambrandon747.


Are you as elated about this #Ps_Wanderlust piece as we are? Created by @ditpict


Walking on clouds with @ramaparanta in this #Ps_Wanderlust piece.


Don’t let the stars rain on your parade. #Ps_Opposites post by @owlhorror.


Wonder why you’re wandering, or are you wandering to wonder? #Ps_Wanderlust piece by @kellansworld


Is @brighthighlight sparking your #Ps_Wanderlust submission idea?


@bryanadamc back with the final image of the takeover. The inspiration behind this image hopes to evoke a sense of acceptance and unity. For me, it is important that the art I create, with amazing tools like Photoshop, help speak to a bigger meaning. Even if one person is inspired to love more and in a bigger way, that makes this all worth it! . Now it’s your turn! Tag your photo with #Ps_Wanderlust for a chance to be featured on the Photoshop Instagram page!


Time to explore a new place with @art.side! Click the link in our bio to travel to Istanbul and read the latest installment of Creative Layover. [Link to blog post in bio]


@bryanadamc back with the takeover! This image is actually a combination of an epic peak found in Zion National Park and a shot of the sun bursting above some clouds that I snapped while on a flight! The most important thing with this composite is that all of the light matched up - the direction of lighting and time of day were both critical elements for this composite to work. I was then able to take a brush tool in Photoshop to add additional cloud texture around the base of the peak and make it all fit together. I'm super stoked with how this image came out!


Hey friends! @bryanadamc here once again! This image is an epic combo of a vibrant Arizona sunset photo I took, a silhouette shot of my wonderful wife, @alexiistherese, and, of course, some added magic of balloons and birds. Arizona is well known for its incredible sunsets, which have inspired a ton of my silhouette images. Photoshop has allowed me to enhance this style of images to an epic and otherworldly level! I hope you are all enjoying the takeover so far!


@bryanadamc back with the takeover this week! Living in Southern Arizona, I get a chance every Summer to experience monsoon weather, which brings in big epic lightning and thunderstorms. One night, I set out to capture some lightning in my area. I was amazed with what I was able to capture! From there, I decided to get a shot of my wife, @alexiistherese, holding an umbrella and I tied the shots together using Photoshop. This is definitely one of my favorite composites I have ever created!