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For this month, submit your work using #Ps_Dissolve for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page.

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Don’t let #Ps_Dissolve go to your head! Piece by @elwafiey.


It’s getting a little toasty in here with @rsvn_’s image for  #Ps_Opposites.


In the desert, everything evaporates. #Ps_Dissolve piece by @unknownian.


Find out what’s water soluble with @nak_bali_. #Ps_Dissolve


Most leaves blow in the wind. This one dissolves. #Ps_Dissolve piece by @alleviation_.


Escape your surroundings and take a quick trip to Cairo with @a7md3mad9. Click the link in our bio to read the latest installment of Creative Layover.


@smwallday has us blown away with this #Ps_Dissolve piece.


@youcef_daoud’s piece is our cup of tea! #Ps_Dissolve


Hi everyone! Natacha from @skip_closer back with the last piece of my takeover. Birds are my favorite animal, so I’ve had this idea of a dove dissolving for a while. My concept came to life after seeing a Harry Potter movie. I was inspired by knowing that knowledge is power. It was a pleasure for me to be able to share my work with you all. • Don’t dissolve into tears! There are more images to come, and now it's your turn to create them. Share your photos using #Ps_Dissolve for a chance to be featured this month on the Photoshop Instagram page!


Hello, it’s @skip_closer here again! For this piece, my creative process began directly in @Photoshop. I started with a simple image of a cave. I spent a day editing, trying a lot of different things, just letting my ideas flow. I really enjoy this intuitive way of creating. • See how I created this image with a tap to edit series in our Instagram Stories!


Hi, @skip_closer here. The moon is often present in my work. I like the soft and mysterious light it brings, and working with natural textures like smoke, fire, or water adds movement to the image. I also love dissolving objects because it creates an emotional, dynamic effect. • Check out today's Instagram Stories for a tap to edit of this image!


Hello everyone, @skip_closer here! I started to build this image in @Photoshop with a clear idea in mind. I like to create miniature worlds contained in common objects such as cups, bubbles, jars, etc...bringing the extraordinary to the ordinary! Please feel free to tell me your own impressions, I would love to read them! • Edit with me in today's Instagram Stories.