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Fuss-free favourites to help you achieve flawless skin & #PixiPerfect makeup looks💚 #PixiBeauty #PixiPretties


Tonight, we are bringing the #PixiGlow to San Francisco! A #PixiPerfect evening awaits with some of our beautiful lovelies. Tune into our IG Stories for even more fun from the evening. 💚Where should we glow next? Leave a comment below! ✨ #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #SanFrancisco


We are loving how @makeupbyhendra uses our Glow-y Gossamer Duos in Delicate Dew to create this lit-from-within look! 💚 The silky-smooth texture of this makeup must-have instantly enhances radiance while revealing a skin-like finish that is #PixiPerfect! What do you love most about this essential? 🌟 #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Regram @makeupbyhendra


The most important note you'll take all day? Write with Pixi perfection on your eyes using our glide-on, waterproof & richly-pigmented Endless Silky Eye Pen. 💚 For a chance to win these Endless Silky Eye Pens AND #PixiGlow pencils: 1) Follow us: @PixiBeauty 2) Like this post 3) Tag a friend who is in #Pixi love! #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Eyeliner


Sunday calls for our #Pixi essentials! 💚 @greenstoryblog says that our #Skintreats, including our gently-exfoliating Glow Tonic, soothing Rose Tonic & purifying Glow Mud Mask, are "must-haves in my #skincareroutine." 🌟 Which of our favourites do you indulge in to delight your skin? Leave a comment below! #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Regram @greenstoryblog


Treat your skin by adding our new Rose Glow Mist to your #MultiMisting routine! Rose Oil helps to moisturize & restore the skin, Argan Oil hydrates & smoothes & Avocado Oil enhances your radiance. Best of all? Rose Glow Mist can be used with your other misting favourites such as Vitamin Wakeup Mist, Glow Mist and Sun Mist! #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Skintreats


🌟Retinol Tonic: reduces the appearance of fine lines while gently resurfaces complexion to minimize breakouts. 🌟Glow Tonic: exfoliates with 5% Glycolic Acid, energizes & smoothes, to reveal your most radiant #PixiGlow. 🌟Rose Tonic: Naturally soothes, re-hydrates & balances skin while adding nutrients for optimum hydrating glow! #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Skincare


Glowing perfection! 😍@maryamnyc loves using our creamy-textured Glow-y Gossamer Duos to highlight her complexion. 💕To enhance her radiant #PixiGlow effortlessly, Maryam uses all of her Pixi favourites to complete this look!✨Share the #Pixi love: tag a friend below who can't get enough of our essentials. #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Regram


We have a #PixiPerfect gift for you lovelies! When you make an order of $40 or more, enjoy a free Mattelustre Lipstick, in any shade you choose! 💚  #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Gift


"Behold my two summer essentials from @PixiBeauty. Glow-y Gossamer Duo & Eye Define Waterline...I just can't go out without these two on!" -@b_anachristie 💚 These essentials are #PixiPerfect for travel! Which of our favourites are on-the-go necessities for you? 😘 #PixiOnTheGlow #PixiBeauty #Regram @b_anachristie


Indulge in our new Retinol Tonic, Rose Glow Mist & Rose Ceramide Cream! Visit our latest blog post to learn more about these #PixiPerfect essentials. (link in bio) 💚  #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Skincare


Enjoy #MultiMasking away your skincare concerns with our favourite #facemasks! 💚Clarify & Soothe💚For clearing blemishes, use Glow Mud Mask on the large T-zone area as well as Rose Flash Balm to soothe irritated skin. 💚Purify & Resurface💚 To purify congested skin, use Glow Mud Mask on the large T-zone area as well as Peel and Polish to gently resurface dry skin. 💚Detoxify & Balance 💚 To detoxify, use T-Zone Peel Off Mask on the small T-Zone area & Glow Mud Mask all over the face to balance oily skin. #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Skintreats


A #PixiPerfect pair: our ultra-hydrating H2O Skindrink & exfoliating Peel & Polish! 💚Comment below with your favourite #Skintreats! 💕 #PixiByPetra #PixiBeauty #Regram