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An early morning at Turmi (Omo Valley), a Hamar village. A Hamar family gathers around traditional three-stoned cooking stove to drink coffee and warm up. A common cultural practice among all the tribes, I was offered coffee in a calabash. . . Hamer is one of the most known tribes in Omo Valley. They inhabit the territory East of the Omo River and have villages in Turmi and Dimeka. They are a semi-nomadic and pastoral people. Hamar appear to be confident in the survival of their traditions. Despite increasing contact with town-dwellers, they continue to marry only from within the tribe and scorn those who refuse to take part in tribal ceremonies such as bull jumping





. . THE SHOCKING STORY OF MURCI REVENGE KILLING. . . This is Ganet and Yodit. Ganet is a teacher and Yodit a midwife. They both lived together in a room which was part of a small complex the government has set up near the Mursi tribes. The idea was to offer some basic assistance to the tribes in education and healthcare. I spend the evening with them and a few other health care workers, we shared food and a few laughs and got to know the Murci people whom I found to be reserved but nice enough. Three years later I went back and the complex was abandoned. None of the health care workers were there, just empty, dusty rooms. Then I was told what had happened. It appears that a lorry driver had accidentally hit a Murci and killed him as he drove past the village. Knowing that the Murci would now look for a lorry driver to kill in revenge the police closed the road for a few weeks. The Murci categorize everything in terms of tribes and believe in revenge killing. After a few weeks seeing that no lorries were coming through the village elders had a meeting. They concluded that the lorry drivers came from the towns outside The Valley and so they were highlanders. The health care workers also came from the same places so they must be from the same tribe. They consider themselves to be lowlanders as they live inside The Valley. And so they went to the clinic complex and killed one of the nurses. In this way they appeased they desire for revenge but stayed without health care assistance as all the other workers left at once never to return . . Photo taken by 😀@spencer_travel_photographer😀 Follow me around the world and see the world as I see it..🌍 . . . . . . . . #travelstories #travelstory #travelafricastory #travelstoriesfromyworld #storiesuntold #scarystories #stories_in_pics #africans #africa #ethiopia #ethiopia🇪🇹 #igstories #whp #peopleareawesome #people_storee #instagram #awsomepeople #amazingpeople



🚨TÄVLING🚨Nu har ni möjlighet att vinna ett par AS SNYGGA sneakers!!! Jag har i samarbete med fått chansen att lotta ut ett par sneakers till en lycklig vinnare. För att va med och tävla så följ dessa steg: . 👟gilla bilden 👟följ mig och 👟tagga tre vänner och kommentera en trevlig kommentar . . Du kan kommentera hur många kommentarer du vill men med 3 olika vänner i varje kommentar! Vinnaren taggad ➡️⬅️ och dras söndagen den 23 december! Lycka till❤️ . För er som vill shoppa från hemsida så är just nu dessa skor på nedsatt pris och kostar nu bara 299kr +fri frakt hemsidan är . . #tävling #giveaway #streetstyle #style #ootd #sneakers #fashion #instagood #ad



Two girls in close embrace as they skate together. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ©Israel Dejene [@megabiskate] __ #forafricans #addisababa #ethiopia #everydayafrica



✈️ momento conexão e uma foto no Brasil • Aproveitando que o natal tá chegando, já viram minha coleção de joias em prata para @mellinamachadojoias? Tem muiiiita peça linda, como esse colar da foto 😍 gostaram? Então corram no site pra conhecer tudo!



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It took me a while to figure out what this was! . "Welcoming a new monkey on #WorldMonkeyDay! // An unpublished gem from my @natgeo assignment that captures the moment a gelada monkey enters the world. Researchers were able to use these photos in addition to others (and copious notes!) they gathered as part of the Guassa Gelada Research Project over the years to write a scientific paper about primate obstetrics - a process rarely seen in the wild for most species. Found only in Ethiopia! This project included support from @insidenatgeo." . From @jtkerby . . #Guassa #Gelada #Ethiopia #NatGeo #birth #childbirth #newlife #life #africa #african #africaninspired #monkey #monkeytime #wow #baby #wild #wildlife #africanwildlife #africanwild #africawild #rare



How do we look? Habesha thing ✨ #habesha #habeshafamily #siblings #family



With my bestie Aida






“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson Thank you for #giving this holiday season. ❤️ #givetolive



. 하라르에는 800년 전부터 하이에나에게 먹이를 주는 풍습이 있다. 옛날 심한 가뭄때 먹을것이 없어 하이에나가 마을로 내려왔고 사람들을 공격했는데 죽을 끓여주니 더이상 해치지 않았다고 한다. 그래서 지금까지 저녁이 되면 먹이를 주는데..그냥 개같다. 겁많은 개 - - #harar #hyena #ethiopia #에티오피아 #아프리카여행



Nice day with yene konjo








So things may not have gone as planned, but hey that’s life😂 #adventure #ethiopiafor24hours #addisababa #vacation