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I love peeing outside, it’s so much better than in a dirty little room. But that’s not what I’m doing here. Here, I am looking off into the distance despondently wondering if the changes we make TODAY will be enough for TOMORROW. . Time is running out for Earth if we continue our way of life. Our conveniences. Our comforts. . It’s not easy to closely examine our lifestyle to identify where we can adjust, change, sacrifice. I have given up plastics, which is a great help to our planet, but I need to do more. It can feel draining to already lead such a limited lifestyle & to look back for more to change. . I don’t own a car. I do not buy new clothes. I don’t eat meat. I walk, ride my bike, or take public transport as often as I can. I compost wherever I am. Even if I have to make a scene to separate & bury my food scraps. I buy local. Local food, support local business, support local artists, support local designers. I support local Environment’s organisations & small scale solutions. The only food packaging in my life is glass or metal. I am politically active. I have been outspoken & standing up for the environment for over ten years. I have devoted my life to a healthy planet. But even I have more to change. . I am in a year unlike any of my life when I am being asked to help advise on plastic issues & inspire others. It is hard to say no, when I know I can help. When the personal relationships of being physically present build trust. When living in a community and getting my hands dirty cleaning the beach help be understand the depth of the issue & how to tackle the specific problem plastics. . I am flattered, & I am committed to this cause & creatively plotting how to use technology to tackle this without burning fuel to fly my mermaid self around to spread the light, inspiration, & solutions. I am grateful for this life—forever learning, growing, evolving. . I am working to condense what I know into programs & books for others to learn, be empowered & act 4 this & for all the righteous causes that need our energy. If I launch a fundraising campaign to support this work, will u help me fly less & teach more? We are ALL the ones we have been waiting for.


Sailing on a boat made entirely from recycled plastics. @theflipflopi is approximately 30,000 flipflops and up to 12 tonnes of compressed recycled plastic beams comprising the boat’s ribs and frame. . Globally more than 3 billion people purchase flipflops every year making it the most common shoe in the world. Kenyan companies produce 100,000 pairs a day. And because of the currents, even flip flops from Asia are washing up on Kenyan beaches. . I love solutions like @theflipflopi which is raising awareness around recycling of plastics, but also helping us face one specific type of plastic that could be avoided. Plastic flip flops are notorious for breaking & barely last a season. Instead of spending ten dollars every year on a cheap pair that inevitably ends up in the bin, invest in some natural materials like hemp or rope or vintage leather sandals! Or recycled plastic or rubber sandals like the legends of @indosole make. Vote with your dollar. Don’t vote for plastic flip flops. The beaches are choking in them. . Photo by @normme


I teach environmental activism, my plastic free ways, how to live a vibrant mermaid lifestyle, connect to intuition and help you tap into your purpose in little life-expanding experiences I call MERMAID RETREATS. 💙🧜🏼‍♀️✨These are magical week long excursions to some epic location where we have surreal ocean adventure, practice daily yoga & meditation, & eat delicious fresh vegan meals with like-minded environmental humans from around the globe. We can start your campaigns, we can support your personal mission, we can transcend your story so you can rise into your full power. . The next mermaid retreat will be on the Big Island, Hawaii 19 - 25 January 2019. I only have the “early bird” price available for the month of October. Then it goes to regular price. . COME SWIM WITH DOLPHINS 💙 PLAY IN WATERFALLS 💙 CONNECT WITH ECO TRIBE 💙 book in at link in bio. . EXPLODE INTO 2019 WITH PURPOSE PASSION & MERMAID MAGIC . photo by @alexkyddphoto


All my friends are getting married and having babies, and I’m just over here in a serious relationship with the worlds plastics, looking after future generations. 😜 . #plasticfree #plasticrevolution #breakfreefromplastic #iquitplastics


Do you throw your trash “away?” . Break yourself out of this delusion. Face your waste. Reduce your use of plastic products & reduce the waste you are responsible for creating. 💙💙💙💙💙


Fam, I have had to drink water from plastic bottles. 😔 . . The locals drink the tap, so I did my best to filter the tap water with my @lifestraw but it was not enough for all my clean water needs. After hearing a few horror stories, I made the choice to reach for the plastic bottle. I have always advocated we look after our health first and foremost. I didn’t want to put my body at risk. . The irony is that by drinking bottled water, my body is subjected to myriad other contaminants like the estrogenic chemicals that leach from the plastic bottle. Sheesh. I need a portable laboratory to help assess of the lesser of two evils. . . I just wanted you to know, that sometimes even a plastic free mermaid has no other option. . 💙


“kitanushi” means mermaid in Swahili. . I learned this after introducing myself as Kate or Mermaid, so it only fits that the root of Kate is Kitanushi. ✨😉🧜🏼‍♀️ I explained that the mermaids have been driven further & further out to sea by pollution. They sent me to land to investigate why humans use plastics & to ask them to reduce their use of plastics. They were skeptical, but once they saw my mermaid ring & earrings their eyes widened and they erupted in a sea of questions. Here, they examine my skin for scales and my feet for webs. ✨💙 I have a large task ahead of me, cleaning up the oceans and reducing plastic use, but once complete, I can return to my mermaid family. ✨💙 The sea is full of mystery and wonder. Believe in mermaids.


In my travels when I see piles of trash I no longer get sad, I get down and look closer. What materials are not valued here? What can we focus on to prevent waste in this area? . . We don’t have time to pinch our nose or feel sad. It’s time for action. Here I cannot simply preach BYO cup or just abstain from plastics, because that is not an option for many people here and around the planet. Bottled soda is more readily available and cheaper than actual fresh fruit or juice. Same as packaged snacks & treats, not to mention the sugar that hooks them in wanting more. I’m here looking at what gets left behind. What materials are not valuable? Where can we send these to have value? How can we create an economy around the soft plastics & bottles? How can we make fresh juice & fruits desirable or cool? How can we create demand for unpackaged food & drink? How could we clean the water, so bottled water is not the first or only choice? How can we empower leaders within the community to inspire a shift in the use of plastics? A shift in the acceptance of pollution? Who here cares about sea creatures or healthy oceans? Who will help us make signs? Who has been here before to help with this issue? . . These are the questions we are exploring. Tackling a global problem, in one community. Experimenting on a small scale, with the world in mind. . photo by @normme


”takataka” means rubbish in Swahili. . From my conversations, it seems there is recycling here in Kenya, for plastic, paper, metal, and glass recycling. Along the streets, you find these receptacles that have three compartments for general waste, metal cans, and plastic & glass. It all looks disorganised and disheveled with materials intermingled between the bins. Down the road is a larger receptacle for paper. The paper is all bound up in large plastic bags. . I head to Lamu today. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to see one of these recycling centres and ask more questions about resource collection and repurposing.


Dear mom, I am in Africa. The last time I was in Africa was to study abroad in college. It was just two years after your car accident. I was called here. Despite my unconscious habits & destructive lifestyle. Unknowingly I came to find perspective on your death. I realised my rare good fortune to have had your immense, unconditional love & “the universe is your oyster” support for 19 beautiful, formative years. I was here to have my blonde bubble popped. To understand my privilege. To explore the diverse world we live in, metaphysically & physically, to discover how I want to live on this planet. I accepted your mortality, I pondered my own. . Your legacy of love, women’s rights activism, boss lady business success, mentoring young women, community care, friendship and family. Your laugh, your pushing me to rise. I am here again. 11 years later. Pushing myself to rise. I am here with an open heart. Deep reverence. Respect. Gratitude. No agenda. I am here to learn. To humbly walk my path of bringing light. To practice what you always taught me when we went into nature: to leave a place, a person, a heart, better than how I found it. Cleaning up, sharing what I know, LISTENING. I am here because you died. I am here because you lived. I am grateful for all of your words. They live on in me. Your spirit of adventure. Your deep integrity & courage to stand up for what is RIGHT lives on in me. My style, a bit more reckless without my mama bird to keep me in line; all the ungraceful winding has formed my path. And I own it. I have tapped the magic. No thing impossible. All is possible. As you always said. I surrendered years ago in great, deep grief. I surrendered. I opened myself as a complete channel. It felt good when I followed the calling. When I helped the ocean. When I inspired change. I followed this, mama. I followed this when I couldn’t hear your voice any longer. In the absence of your voice, I found my own. I know you are proud of me. I walk for you mama. I walk for our ancestors. I walk for me. I walk for future generations. Thank you mama. I will see you in the eyes of all I meet. I will love them as I love you.


Mermaid Travel: Every trip is equally a unique learning opportunity for myself & others around me, if tactful in my approach. 👼🏼 . I learn most in my chats w flight attendants, esp. where meal service products go. Our relationship begins during beverage service when I present my own cup (ensuring 1st the bev is not in plastic). I gauge the reaction as I disrupt their usual flow. I experience 3 types: 1. Rude, dogmatic folk who refuse my cup claiming health laws (which don’t exist). I politely decline the bev, smiling as I quickly explain plastic pollution is too ooc for me to add to & go back to my book. Intentionally plant a seed & avoid being too disruptive of their work. 2. A person pauses to consider & here is my in! I politely explain my WHY. I BYO cup, food, water to avoid disposable plastics. I realise how hard it is on flights to separate out recyclables from food waste, so most goes to landfill. & each airport/city/country has diff recycling, so how could y’all responsibly sort w diff policies @ every destination. Instead of feeling guilt, I abstain & bring my own stuff! 3. My fav is when I find a frother who is excited by my cup, thanks me & goes into their personal plastic/sustainability journey & how thy do their part. Fun to connect w a like minded human & offer support + discussion to a legend “on the inside.” (Shout out to Nermina who collects plastic caps from containers, holds them until she arrives at airports that recycle them into wheelchairs!) In purchasing flights, I mark “vegan.” I decline meals, but if a special vegan meal is to be tossed out (I ask), I’d rather not waste. @jen.kyna of Virgin advised, I KEEP recyclable materials to dispose of MYSELF in an airport recycling bin. This flight had metal silverware & plastic trays that they wash & reuse. I kept the cardboard & paper that would get contaminated by food & will (cross fingers &) toss in a recycle bin on land. I buy the carbon offset. Jen says that this truly makes a difference. It funds programs managed by genuine sustainability pros like Jen to offset the incredible impact of this industry. It’s important. The little things we do add up. Our little individual impact matters.


Does banning plastic bags even work? YAS! IF there are HECTIC consequences! I'm headed to Kenya where you go to prison for FOUR years or pay $40k for producing, selling, or even just carrying a plastic bag. Unlike many of the bans we’ve seen in the West, where the intention of the law to reduce pollution is ignored as thin plastic bags are replaced with thick plastic bags. The Kenyan authorities are claiming victory reporting that the streets are cleaner, waterways clearer, fishermen are having success again, & there is less "flying shit." Yep. Apparently, people were defecating into plastic bags & throwing them onto tin roofs, which would obviously just fall off the roofs. Onto people or onto the road to be squished open by wheels. This is just one great benefit of banning plastic bags in this country. Because of their success, other east African nations Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi & South Sudan are considering following suit. I look forward to seeing what is being used instead of bags for buying goods, if another material bag has replaced plastic & learning how people are adjusting to this very strict, high stake legislation. Will report back soon... photo by @celiagalpinphotography wearing @saltgypsy #banthebag #plastic #plasticfree #kenya