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March ’18 Playmate @jenny_watwood offers a glimpse of a blindingly bright future. See Jenny’s full pictorial now on Photo: @derekkettela


With private companies planning missions to Mars and launching sports cars into space, the final frontier feels closer than ever. As humanity continues to ascend towards the stars, how long will it be until a truly interstellar conflict turns science fiction into reality?


Meet Mistress Yin, top law student by day, mile-high stiletto wearing dominatrix by night, and the focus of new 10-part web series ‘Mercy Mistress,’ which hopes to tackle societal misconceptions about queer femme sexuality and sex work in today’s world. Learn more at


“The trance state can be used to induce sensation, to play with power and control, or to enhance or suppress arousal and orgasm.” Look deep into my eyes, and in the process experience the heart of erotic hypnosis. Read the full story at


February ‘16 Playmate @kristygarett is always in the driver's seat. See the full gallery now on Photo: @sashaeisenman


While an obvious work of science-fiction, the globally-recognized space saga ‘Star Wars’ has seen its popularity lead down many unexpected avenues. Now, military officers and security experts are using the series to shape real-life procedures. Read the full story on


Detroit native and June ’14 Playmate @missjessicaash brings her own view to the Hollywood Hills. See the full gallery on Photo: @sashaeisenman


Being a gentleman is a worthy goal. #HughHefner #TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir #PlayboyMansionWest


Despite the platform’s strict guidelines on sexuality and nudity, Instagram is seeing an increase in a certain type of content. Welcome to the new online era of uncensored, soft erotic art. Read the full story at Photo: @petitesluxures @twofacedkitten


“I don’t do boredom. Excitement is wherever I am.” @katemossagency rarely has a dull moment. “It’s a sin to be tired.” See Kate’s full pictorial now on Photo: @mertalas and Marcus Piggott


October ’15 Playmate @anacheri doesn’t mind playing the persona of the not so desperate housewife. See the full gallery on Photo:


September ’16 Playmate @kellybellyboom is a force to be reckoned with. See her full pictorial now at Photo: @chrisheads