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@gabriella_brooks gives a whole new meaning to triple threat. Photo: @natewalton4


Lounge the rest of the day away with Bali-based model @elena_ralu at Photo: @rubylaw


In the U.S., circumcision has been on the decline for decades. And in most parts of the world, uncircumcised men compile the majority, which begs the question: is there still a stigma against uncut men in America? Read more at Art: @baby__kates


Dream girl @alliesilva1 is giving us ultimate relaxation vibes. Photo: @purienne


Up for an adventure with @leralakhina? Photo: @anadiasphotography


Playmate and self-proclaimed tomboy @nereyda_bird sure knows how to heat things up. See her full pictorial at Photo: @wiissa


Looking to win Playmate @miss_alyssaarce over? Easy. Feed her. “Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it’s the way to mine. So ya’ll get cooking!” You've gotta love her. Photo: @adammont


Is a hangover cure finally here? 28-year old entrepreneur Sisun Lee may have found a real remedy for those booze-filled late nights. Find out more now at


“I don't take it for granted that people look up to me and appreciate what I have to say about feminism. I don't feel like an icon. I want to just do the work I do." Playboy profiles @roxanegay74, one of our most accessible cultural commentators. Read more at Photos: @ryanpfluger


Safe to say Australia native @anthea_page is the ultimate beach babe. Photo: @jenniferstenglein


“Buddha didn’t need anybody else. He went his own way, like Johnny Cash." In America, punk is a safe and predictable rite of passage; in Myanmar it's a matter of life & death. In this piece for Playboy, @danielcbritt explores the Yangon punk scene. Read now at