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Mentawai Islands

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Just passing on your timeline to remind you that 2018 is nearly gone. 🌴 We hope to share some perfect waves with you next year. 📸 @saltysoulimagery


Beautiful sunsets need a cloudy skies. “Paulo Coelho” 📸 @osmar.rezende


The microseconds before the ecstasy 🌊🤯😛


People always ask us if there are waves in the low season. 🌴 The answer is yes!!! It’s not as consistent but occasionally we have some good waves and no one around. 🌊 Keep looking the charts and if you spot something get a group of 6 or more and we will open the resort just for you and your friends. ☝🏽 Link on our bio 📸 @saltysoulimagery


Remembering a special day, only 5 of us out, ☀️was out with light off shore wind. That’s what we live for... how about you? 😉 🌴 Planning a surf trip? Go to the link on our bio and get in contact with us👊🏼 📸 @saltysoulimagery


Here is Jarrad Davies from the @margaretriversurfschool showing the way to his students on the high performance coach surf trip early this year. 🌴 If you want to take your surf to the next level get in contact with us or straight with @margaretriversurfschool and join us next year on a trip that will change your surf forever. 📸 @sickframes


What’s your plans for 2019? 🥥🌊☀️ We do have ours and we want you to be part of it!!! 🌴 Go to the link on our bio and take the first step to secure your place in this paradise.


Good memories of a small but really fun day. 📸 @saltysoulimagery


#tbt throwing back to one of the many fun days we had this season🤙🏽 📸 @saltysoulimagery


Shredding in to the weekend🤘🏽 📸 @sickframes


This beach is 5 minutes walk from our doorstep. 🌴 Go for a walk and you will have the felling that you are in a beach from a Hollywood movie with no one around. 🌞 Great place for sun bake or to do a cardio exercise, come and check it out. 📸🚁


Mentawai is not only a place with perfect waves. • It’s also a place where you experience raw nature, a place where you can connect with yourself and live in the present moment. • Invite your friends, bring your family, stay with us and build memories that will last a lifetime. #nofiltermentawai 📸


Happy days. Our season is nearly over and we want to take some time to thank you. - We made some awesome friends, we score some sick waves and we had good laughs. - Without you that wouldn’t be possible, that’s why we work so hard to deliver the best for everytime. - For those that been with us this year we hope to see you in a near future. - For those that couldn’t come this year, well we know how life can get in the way. Just remember that we are here waiting to take you in a surftrip that you will never forget. - Much love to all of you guys!!! - Kind Regards 📸 @saltysoulimagery


Our guest @marceloava throwing buckets of water!!! Surf+Eat+Sleep+Repeat 🤙🏽


That magical moment. 📸 @sickframes


Contemplating the beauty of the beast #nokandui 📸 @sickframes