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Traveling is wonderful but always happy to be back home in Amsterdam ✨isn’t it the cutest? | Путешествия - это прекрасно, но как же хорошо быть дома ❤️ и ждать пока снег дойдет и до нас 🙈 #amsterdam


As promised, here is the breakdown of all the expenses of our road trip (for 2 people): TRANSPORT 🚗 : 577€ = 180€ (Transavia tickets to and from Salzburg with carry on only + reserved seats) + 257€ (Avis car rental Category B + 8€ fee per day in case you want to visit Slovenia) + 100€ gas + 40€ road tolls ACCOMMODATION 🏩: 391€ = 88€ (Hotel Stein, Salzburg) + 76€ (Kollmann Apartments, Ljubljana) + 150€ (Mareo hotel, Dolomites) + 77€ (Amadeus hotel, Salzburg) FOOD & DRINKS 🍝 : 300€ (this is an estimate I could think of, around 50€ pp per day) TOTAL : 1268€ The point of this trip was not to make it a budget one, but I definitely didn’t want to spend too much money in only 4 days of mostly driving around, so pretty happy with the amount spent and excited to plan more road trips! Подсчитала все расходы на нашу 4-х дневную поездку на машине по Европе и вот что получилось (читай сверху) 👆🏻уже жду, когда будем планировать следующую поездку 🙌🏻 в планах объездить Балканские страны, в которых еще не были и пересечь Соединённые Штаты 😍 а какие у вас были самые интересные поездки на машине? #kitzbuhel #austria


A lot of you have asked me to share the details of our road trip so here you go! 🚗 Step 1. Choosing the destination. When thinking about where to go for the road trip, my main wish was TO SEE SNOW ❄️ so I was looking at countries like Austria, Switzerland etc. We didn’t have enough time to drive all the way from Amsterdam so we decided to fly somewhere first and then start our journey. I love the feature on Skyscanner where you can put “Everywhere” as your destination and see what tickets are the cheapest in price. In the end the best option was to fly to and from Salzburg (160 euros for 2 people both ways!). Once the first country of the road trip was decided we started looking at the other countries around Austria that we could visit. I really wanted to tick at least one new country off the list during the trip so my choice was Slovenia as it borders with Austria and Rob and I have never been there before. Then I have realized how close Italy was and thought to also drive to the Dolomites as I have been dreaming to see this area of Italy for a very long time. We only had 4 days, so this was the plan: DAY 1. Fly to Salzburg (evening) DAY 2. Salzburg - Halstatt - Lake Bled - Ljubljana DAY 2. Ljubljana - Cortina D’Ampezzo - Bruneck DAY 3. Bruneck - Kitzbühel - Salzburg DAY 4. Fly back to Amsterdam (morning) It wasn’t long but felt like so much longer than 3 full days as we were so busy every day! In the next post I will share the full budget that we spent on the trip including flights, car rental, accommodation etc. Stay tuned ❤️ #halstatt #austria


Lake Bled was one of those places that looked even more amazing than on the photos 💙 which place impressed you in real life more than you expected? Я давно мечтала попасть на озеро Блед и как оказалось, в жизни оно еще прекраснее, чем на фотографиях ✨ я была рада приехать сюда зимой, когда людей вокруг можно было посчитать на пальцах 🙈 и вокруг царила атмосфера абсолютного спокойствия 🙏🏻 #lakebled #slovenia


When we were planning our road trip I just had to add Hallstatt to the list of the places to visit ❄️ missed this place! ❤️ когда планировали наше небольшое путешествие по Австрии, Словении и Италии, то мимо Хальштатта проехать никак не могли 😍 #hallstatt #austria


Happy New Year everyone! 🎄 Where did you celebrate last night? It was my first ever New Years Eve spent in Amsterdam with our big Russian-Australian family ✨ с наступившим 2019 годом! Пусть он принесет много радости и волшебных моментов ❤️ #happynewyear #amsterdam


If you could only eat one type of dessert of the rest of your life, what would it be? 🍫Вы знаете как я люблю сладкое 😋 И в серые декабрьские будни иногда только сладкое может поднять мне настроение 🙈а конфеты Mon Сheri еще и согреют, ведь внутри помимо вишни содержат сладкий ликер - как можно не побаловать себя таким сочетанием?🍒 Кстати, на страничке @moncherirussia проходит творческий конкурс - подписывайтесь и участвуйте ❤ #Moncheriphoto #Moncheri #MoncheriART


Can Amsterdam be any cuter? ❤️ falling in love with this city more and more every day even after living here for many years.. would you want to live in Amsterdam? ✨ влюбляюсь в Амстердам все больше и больше с каждым днем, хотя живу здесь уже много лет 😌 а вы бы хотели пожить в Амстердаме? #amsterdam