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When you feel depleted, the magic of a sanctuary fills you right back up. Thanksgiving For The Turkeys at @sunrisesanctuary yesterday did just that! Incredible animals, incredible people - all celebrating freedom and compassion for all.


SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT! Meet Polly! * This sweet #cattledog mix is looking for a forever home! Polly is 3 years old and loves to cuddle, play ball and hike. She would be the perfect fit for an active family with no other dogs, and not too many other animals since she has a strong herding instinct. She gets along well with children and is very smart and pleasant. * Polly is currently being cared for at @oddmaninn and is spayed and up to date on shots. * If you live in or near Washington or Oregon - nearest big city is #portland - please consider adopting Polly and/or sharing this post! To adopt please contact * Also, please support ODD MAN INN financially for all the amazing work they do to help dogs, cows, pigs, chickens and more find homes: * [If you know of an animal in need, please contact] #cattledogmix #cattledogsofinstagram


A @prana_run rep visiting @catskill_animal_sanctuary today! Kaitlynn had the honor of meeting so many rescued farm animals - animals that were once bound for slaughter. What a great way to kick off #thanksliving!


World Vegan Month + Thanksgiving = a time to reflect on the love and beauty in all animals. "Giving Thanks to Animals" by @stephsoap (PRANARUN.ORG to read). Bonus: a few classic holiday recipes to help you easily replace animal products with cruelty-free alternatives. * (A photo by @almaimages of @prana_run's awesome day at @sunrisesanctuary.)


SHARK FINNING and OUR ECOSYSTEM: 🦈 Shark finning is the incredibly cruel act of cutting the fins off of a shark. Completely taking away their ability to swim, the mutilated shark is then tossed back into the ocean where it will die a slow, painful death of drowning - suffering tremendously from injuries. Why is this done and how is it greatly impacting our oceans and ecosystem? . 💥💥PRANARUN.ORG to read more.💥💥 * ➡️An incredible piece by Kaitlynn Gill * 📷 credit: @candace.crespi


You've probably heard of it ... MEATLESS MONDAY! A great way to start exploring the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. For the animals. For the planet. For yourself. There are SO many benefits to ditching meat and dairy. Check out the Meatless Monday article on our site ( or send us an email if you have questions:  #thereisnoplanetb . . (@plantbaseddiningboise)


SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT!  Meet Tiny and Whitney! * Tiny and Whitney are the sweetest pair of bonded rabbits! When Whitney was rescued she was lonely, and Tiny (named for being a small baby) and her quickly bonded. They are very attached and need to be adopted together. They're very playful #bunnies. Whitney loves treats and follows her foster parent around, while Tiny is a bit shyer. They would do best in a home with a fenced backyard with good shelter and room to run. They are great with their litterboxes and even get along well with the dogs and cats at their foster home! * Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue of Idaho has been caring for these two for a couple of years now, and really hope to find them a good home before the holidays. * If you live in or near Idaho, or know somebody who does, please consider adopting them and/or sharing this post with others! Donations can be made to the Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue via their PayPal account ( * If you know of an animal that needs the spotlight please contact


ADOPT A SENIOR MONTH!! Save a life this November. 💥 #adoptasenior #adoptapet #adoptdontshop #always 💥


SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT!  Meet Milo! . Milo, this handsome cow, was rescued two years ago in one of the biggest farm animal rescues to date! Over 1000 malnourished animals had been kept on a filthy and cruel farm. Milo, along with his brothers - Domino and Leroy - were fortunate to find a home at @luvinarms. . At first, Milo was timid and untrusting, but now he lets his personality shine! He loves to chomp on hay and bask in the sunlight. He is happy to follow his brothers around and explore their pasture together. . Interested in donating to Milo’s care to help buy him a delicious bale of hay? Visit or the link in their profile to learn more ➡️ @luvinarms ⬅️ . 💥💥If you know of an animal that needs the spotlight, contact💥💥


A day to celebrate love and compassion for all! Happy World Vegan Day! Sending love and gratitude to all of our friends out there that make a daily choice to live a kinder, more compassionate lifestyle. What an incredible honor it is to connect with you. Thank you for joining us and continuing to #bethechange. There is strength in numbers. Lots of love to you all! #worldveganday . (Photo at @sunrisesanctuary by @almaimages)


INTRODUCING America's Next Top Pawdels! In 1st place: Harry submitted by Trisha Keller. 2nd place: Swoosie submitted by Dorothy Henderson. 3rd place: Hurley submitted by Stephanie Powers Kurtz. 💥The event brought in OVER $1500 (!!!) for @littlebearsanctuary.💥We are so appreciative for all of the support in making that possible! And now for the winners of the prize drawings: Selena Holmes Melissa Rankin Briana Holland Dorothy Henderson Marisa Hinch Krista Corrado Sara Mann Hayley Kwiat Sandy Horvath Diana Glem . ➡️Thanks again! Be sure to follow @littlebearsanctuary to stay up-to-date on their incredible rescue work.⬅️


SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT: Meet JackJack! This darling 4-year-old Lamancha goat is a resident of @idahofarmanimalsanctuary. He was rescued at just a couple days old, on the brink of death, when a woman posted on craigslist that he was a “joke” and she needed to “get rid of it." His caretaker, along with the help of rescue goat Bobo, nursed him back to health. . JackJack is now thriving and has taken on the position of head of his herd. He takes his role very seriously and makes sure to protect the others. He loves to do fancy jumps off his favorite hill and his preferred treats are sunflower seeds, willow branches and leaves. Bobo and JackJack have been best friends ever since JackJack’s rescue. (Pictured together in second pic.) . . 💥💥💥Head over to @idahofarmanimalsanctuary to learn more abt their incredible rescue work. If you know of an animal that needs the spotlight, contact💥💥💥


TO-DO LIST: 1) Buy an entry into our 10 (TEN) prize drawings! 💥➡️ Link in Profile. ⬅️💥 All funds raised go straight to @littlebearsanctuary!! ❤️🌱 2) Help @littlebearsanctuary and @vdogfood name these two cuties! Check out the NAMING CONTEST details in their recent post. 🤗 😀 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #noanimalsharmed #friendsnotfood #pigs #pigstagram #pigsofinstagram #pigsofig #minipigs #minipigsofinstagram #babypigs #babiesofinstagram #veganfortheanimals #veganbrands #veganforlife #veganlife #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #crueltyfree #crueltyfreeliving #muttsofinstagram


LOUIE - our sweet #rescue friend from #socal supporting our 1-for-1 Blanket Project! Louie's mom rescued him from Carson Animal Shelter and now he's livin' the doggy dream - experiencing love and family. #corgimix #chihuahuamix . ➡️ THANK YOU to all that have supported our Blanket Project. Today, we had the opportunity to deliver blankets to @franklincodog. Each blanket purchased sparks a blanket donation to an animal in need. We greatly appreciate everyone's support! ❤️ ➡️ . . . . . . . . . . . . #veganfortheanimals #animallover #animalrights #rescueanimals #animalrescue #shelterdogs #adoptdontshop #rescuedogsofig #rescuedogs #rescuepets #dontbuyadopt #muttstagram #dogstagram #dogoftheday #corgisofinstagram #chihuahuasofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #chihuahuasofig


JUST THINK...if you wear @wolventhreads, you too could be a #badass #hoop star! . 💥Jk, obviously. 😂 But you can certainly dress the part! Enter our 10 PRIZE DRAWINGS for a chance to win a @wolventhreads gift card. While you're there, CAST YOUR VOTE for America's Next Top Pawdel ➡️➡️➡️ LINK IN PROFILE. ⬅️⬅️⬅️ . (📷: @missmojangles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #vegans #govegan #sustainability #ecofriendly #ecolife #veganfortheanimals #veganism #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #savetheplanet #ecofriendlyproduct #dogsofinstaworld #dogsofig #friendsnotfood