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Some #savenewbae breakfast inspo by @confessionsofacleanfoodie - love me some avocado toast! Thanks for the love Charlotte ❤️❤️ ・・・ Breakfast for dinner kinda night. Avocado toast with an egg on top and finished with @primalpalate New Bae Seasoning. . . Simple, and bombdotcom! #primalpalatespices


My little grain-free baking heart is SO excited to announce that we are now offering organic granulated maple sugar! Stunningly blonde, finely granulated, smooth and sweet flavor, this maple sugar is the perfect alternative to white sugar for all of your baking needs! Find it only on our website (for now) - Iink in profiIe!


We’re planning to send our our annual Christmas Cookie email today, so if you get our newsletter be on the look out for it. And if you aren’t you can sign up on our website homepage. But if you don’t have a knack for baking no worries! Just grab a few rolls of our slice and bake grain-free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (made by @cappellos) for the holidays and you’ll be good to go! And check out this way to use the dough: cookie dough sandwiches. Why didn’t we think of this?!! Thanks for the idea @healthy.and.wellthy ・・・ PIC by @healthy.and.wellthy You dough’nt even know the best part of this cookie sandwich.🍪 IT’S GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE & PALEO. whut the whut?! I KNOW. 🍪


We’re so with @findingthatbalancedlife on cold weather grilling! And what better way to season a nice big flank steak than with our bold Steak Seasoning! Thanks for the #primalpalatespices love! ❤️ ・・・ Pic: @findingthatbalancedlife It’s 36 degrees🌡🥶 but we’re grillin’ 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Flank steak is by far the easiest steak to cook and on the grill makes it super easy 👌🏼 . I used a meat tenderizer to pound it out a bit on both sides which helps break up the connective tissue. Add a few healthy shakes of @primalpalate steak seasoning then it’s on the grill! About 8 mins on each side should give you a nice medium to medium rare (depending on thickness). It’s key to cover with foil and allow to rest about 5 minutes after removing it from the grill . Enjoy!


Oh how we love our big resealable bags! It’s so nice to refill the glass bottles when you’re ready for more of your favorite blends. You can find them on our site, and most places #primalpalatespices are sold. Each bag holds approximately 3 bottles’ worth of spices!


When we started Primal Palate Organic Spices, our goal was to help make healthy cooking easier for everyone. We wanted to create a product that would eliminate the stress and effort of bringing healthy meals to the table. Even though we were advised against it, we believed strongly that we should disclose all of our ingredients, so that you as the consumer would be able to know exactly what’s fueling your body. # With that in mind, we need to be transparent with you all again. McCormick has filed a trademark lawsuit against us for our New Bae Seasoning. Our blend is of course a nod to Old Bay, since we are always striving to offer organic, healthy options for our audience, and provide full transparency with ingredients. We do not see any merit to their claims, as we feel like it’s far from likely to confuse customers, and our blends are also very very different. In fact, the way we named it was meant to differentiate it, not to mention we don’t even know what the ingredients are in Old Bay. We’re going to stand by our right to market this organic blend, and continue to offer all of you healthy, organic, flavorful spice blends. We hope you all will support us during this time, and help us #saveNewBae


It was SO HARD to keep this one a secret, but we had the huge honor of being a part of the holiday gifts @samsungus sent out this year to their influencer community. We LOVE working with them, and having their amazing kitchen appliances in our test kitchen. This was a dream come true - look for more great things ahead in 2019 with Samsung. We are just getting warmed up! #madewithsamsung


Our dinner from tonight - always keeping it simple here. Grilled ribeye with our Steak Seasoning, baked potatoes with kerrygold butter and our French Grey salt, and a big salad with @tessemaes. It’s so nice to have salads with more than green leaf and iceberg again 😍 Also: anyone recognize this table? Gather up your guesses on where you’ve seen it before 😉


Did we mention that all orders on our website until the end of the year (or when we run out) get a 2019 spice of the month calendar for free? We might have mentioned it. 😉 now ya know! LlNK in profiIe to order!


Today was ridiculously busy - we shot another cookbook cover, and our kitchen was a complete disaster. But it’s all cleaned up now, and we’re ready for a big week of getting your spice orders out for the holidays! The order deadline on our site is December 19 (end of day). Don’t wait! Get those orders in now and wrap up your holiday shopping (get it?) # Check out this gorgeous meal with an Amore Seasoning double feature by @fitandwellmedgal ... just love it! # PIC by @fitandwellmedgal ・・・ You guys asked and I listened 🤫💁🏻‍♀️✨CRISPY CAULI GNOCCHI tutorial is up on my stories for you guys, so go check it out 😘 Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying this delish dinner solo since Brad is working tonight (but he loooooves cauli gnocchi and will have a hot plate waiting for him when he gets home)🤩🍽✨Good evening everybody ❤️ . @traderjoes cauliflower gnocchi (Drizzle @primalkitchenfoods avocado oil to a pan. Add gnocchi and cook 3 minutes on medium to high heat. Flip gnocchis and cook 2-3 minutes. Add a tablespoon of water, cover with a lid. Cook 4-5 minutes, shaking the pan (watch my video). Sprinkle nooch over top, toss in a little pesto, or sauce of choice (parm also works great!)✨ Pair with baked organic chicken breast seasoned with @primalpalate amore seasoning + freshly squeezed lemon. Roasted asparagus (amore seasoning, salt + pepper. Bake 18-20 minutes) and cherry tomatoes. Enjoy!


Impromptu partial family gathering at our house tonight- nothing too fancy, but great food and great company! # Tonights menu (ok, maybe it was a little fancy) # Brie @applegate genoa salami Prosciutto Rice crackers Lard fried potato chips Garden ranch dip (our spices!) French Onion dip (also our spices) # Whispering Angel Rosé # Grilled wings with our Barbecue Rub Homemade Mac & cheese made with rice noodles Baked potatoes with kerrygold Tossed salad with @tessemaes (thanks Hayley’s mom!) # @milliespgh dulce de leche ice cream @talenti salted caramel ice cream @tatesbakeshop gluten free cookies And some apple pie filing that @hayleymason’s mom made # And now we’re watching Crazy Rich Asians on Prime video. Perfect evening. Tomorrow we shoot our 30th cookbook cover! THIRTIETH. You read that right.