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Available now! Tim Kerr, I feel funny telling you about this legendary creative Human, you should know. Tim Has been a large part of punk and skateboarding since 1980, I’m sure before that too. He coined the phrase “Skate Rock” with his band, The Big Boys. His talent has been lent to so many bands as: Member, Producer, Graphic Artist, Influencer, Inspiration And On every other level you can imagine, to so many bands I can’t even begin to type this much info. I have known him for many years, He has Become Family, I love him Dearly. His art now has become Legendary, Tim is in high demand across the globe, and rightfully so. He has touched many small and large peoples, with his Art and kindness it’s unimaginable. His Art now spans so many country’s and His Words read by millions on walls and schools all over the world. He Spreads His Gospel and Enlightens us all With Massive Creativity. This Skateboard is a little chance for many to own a ride a classic piece of art, the shape is classic Texas Skateboarding, his birth state and Home, His Art, Timeless. This is my 1st offering as curator of “Rideable Art” and hope you enjoy it as much as I, O. @movetk @otisserie @gnarcake #bigboys 9.625 X 33.75 16.5 Wheel Base. Free hat and tee for the first 20 orders, free tee after the first 20! Get Hot!


Dropping Tuesday at 11:00am The first in the new Rideable Art series curated by @otisserie the ultra limited @movetk #rideableart capsule. The first 20 orders will include a hat and tee, orders after that will include a tee. Don’t sleep on this exclusive offering from one of the most influential artist of our time.


@cheriffchat approved experience official @worldindustries reissue coming sooner then you think 👊🏾


Ride n Glide last nights art show from @otisserie and @brian_bent 🙌🏼 New #rideableart coming soon from the minds of O & B Bent


New #rideableart from @brian_bent coming soon to the @otisserie curated #rideableart series


If in the UK check out @rocksoliddist for the latest offerings from


New artists series in the works curated by the one and only @otisserie First up in the new Limited edition series is @movetk Art and shape designed by the legendary Tim Kerr. Inspiring skaters, musicians and artist across the globe. With his pioneering punk band #bigboys to his unmistakable art he has changed many lives with his creativity. We here are honored to be a part of bringing Tim’s creative vision to life. Look for Tim’s board along with new @worldindustries #primeheritage releases to be hitting the streets in the coming weeks.


Looking for a new shred sled? Pick one up today and get a free @pocketpistols tee 👕 with every board ordered! #teeshirttuesday #tst


Don’t sleep on the special release of @art_is_tree #globes2 #newissue going live today at 11:00 am pacific standard time. Exclusive free #globes2 tee shirt with every order while supplies last. 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼❤️💛💚


We have a very limited quantity of the @art_is_tree Globes II Newissue, that will be released on Tuesday August 14th at 11:00 am pst. Get some of that #aloha with #jefhartsel 🤙🏼🌺🤙🏼🌺🤙🏼


Due to popular demand we have a limited amount of unsigned @themuska #silverandgold #boombox now available


Tomorrow July 10th at 11:00 am pst @themuska signed #silverandgold Limited edition Boombox goes live 👊🏼


@themuska #silverandgold dropping this week



Classic #Gizmos in all sizes Now in stock!


@art_is_tree hangs loose with this Hawaiian style lay back 🤙🏼


#Repost @themuska ・・・ Come kick it with me tomorrow @agenda festival! - I have a really cool limited long sleeve T-Shirt collaboration with @brooklynprojects available exclusively there. - I’ll be holding it down from 1-3 with my brother @brooklyndom1 and the BP crew. - There will also be 100 MUSKA boards with the silver and gold screen available for the first time. - Going to be a crazy day with a lot going on! Hyped for tomorrow! - #agendafestival #brooklynprojects #muskareissue


@themuska limited #silverandgold hot off the press #madeinlosangeles