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Welcome to Procreate: a multi-award winning painting app for professionals, designed and developed in Hobart, Tasmania. β € πŸ‘€πŸŽ¨: #Procreate | #Pocket β €

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Take a look at these magical portraits by @bluesssatan 🎨 Swipe to see more! β €β €β € #procreate


We love this cute pup from @olakoala_art 🐢 Head over to her page for more adorable creatures! β €β €β € #procreate


Check out this thought provoking piece from @alperto_art πŸ™‚ Head over to his page to find more! β €β €β €β € #procreate #ipadpro


This super vibrant piece from @monez_ was created entirely in Procreate Pocket 2. β €β €β €β € If you want to be a part of the Public Beta, hit the link in our bio! #Procreate #Pocket


Anyone else feeling like @ianbarnard? πŸ–Œ β €β € #Procreate #iPadPro


@leejohnphillips is drawing every single item from his late grandfather's shed - over 100,000 objects!β € β €β € Here are some of the tools of his trade, illustrated in Procreate - and we'd encourage you to check out his profile to see the full scope of the project πŸ› β € β €β € #Procreate #iPadPro


This work-in-progress from @mister_vi is stunningly intricate. β €β € #Procreate #iPadPro


It's time. We've just sent out the first invitations for the Procreate Pocket 2 Public Beta πŸ’ƒ β €β € There are still plenty of spots left, so head to the website on our profile if you'd like to help test. We can't wait to hear what you think! β €β € #Procreate #Pocket


It’s almost time. Register your interest for the Procreate Pocket 2 Public Beta now πŸŽ‰ β €β € Find the link on our profile! β €β € #Procreate #Pocket


Never judge a book by its cover. Unless that cover is really well illustrated πŸ“šβ € β €β €β €β € @linziehunter is the fantastic illustrator behind "If you had a Jetpack", written by Lisl H. Detlefsen, and published by Knopf Books for Young Readers. Here's some of her Procreate artwork from the project! β € β €β €β €β € #procreate #ipadpro


We're thrilled to be hosting Karin from @ipadlettering for a live interview with @typespire this Sunday, April 8th! β €β €β € If you have any questions for Karin, make sure to have them ready to ask during the stream, or post them below πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ β €β €β € If you can’t tune in live, the video will be viewable on our profile for 24 hours. --- Alternate time zones: British Summer Time: 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time: 6pm Pacific Time: 1am Eastern Time: 4am --- #procreate #ipadlettering #typespire


The #urbansketchers movement allows you to explore the world through the eyes of artists everywhere, and encourages you to share your own experiences 🌏 β €β €β € These pieces are from @robsketcherman, and show how he sees his home town of Hong Kong! β €β €β € #procreate #ipadpro