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🔥Link in bio for FREE diet & training plans . Post by @smurray_32 . Strength: The use of low reps between 1-5 with heavy loads of >85%1RM have shown to be best for maximizing overall strength (Schoenfeld et al 2015). Longer intra set rest periods of 3-5min have also shown to significantly increase max strength (Robinson et al 1995, Pincivero et al 1997), mostly due to being able to fully replenish ATP & facilitate the ability to train with maximum force capacity (Miranda et al 2007) ➖ Hypertrophy: The use of high reps has generally proven to be inferior to moderate and/or lower in eliciting increases in muscle hypertrophy (Campos et al 2002). There is therefore a trend that a moderate range of approx. 6–12reps optimizes the hypertrophic response (Kraemer, 2002) with loads equivalent to 70-85%1RM seemingly the “sweet spot” (Wernbom et al 2007). Though mechanical tension is a key driver of hypertrophy, by taking long rest periods (as above) you will compromise metabolic fatigue (Kraemer et al 1991) which is another key driver of hypertrophy. As a result, moderate rest intervals of 60-90s appear to provide a satisfactory compromise between long and short rest periods for maximizing hypertrophy as research indicates that the majority of your strength capacity is recovered within the first minute after finishing a set (Stull & Clarke 1971) ➖ Endurance: The use of high reps (15-20+) with low loads (<60%1RM) have shown to improve muscle endurance with one study showing reps of 20+ leading to an increase in max aerobic power and time to exhaustion vs lower reps (Campos 2002). Though the main mechanisms behind these adaptations are not 100% clear, it’s hypothesised that it could be down to changes in muscle fibre type, capillarization and buffering capacity according to Chris Beardsley. Furthermore, shorter rest times (<60s) have shown to be superior to long for developing muscle endurance as they tend to generate more metabolic stress, metabolite build-up (Goto et al 2004) & oxygen consumption (Ratamess et al 2007) than long thus promoting similar adaptations as aerobic style


🔥Link in bio for FREE diet & training plans . . 🌟Golden Pyramid of Fat Loss🌟 🕺🏼Have you been spinning your wheels trying to lose fat? ⠀ 📷 This post is from my @saltylifts ⠀ 🤯For so long, I focused on the wrong thing. I wasn’t tuned into my diet, I was doing boatloads of cardio, not lifting weights, drinking skinny teas and taking fat burners. If it said “lose weight fast”, I probably tried it! ⠀ 🖐🏼Fast forward five years... and lots of mistakes later, I created this little pyramid for you guys so you know what to focus on when you are trying to tone up and lose fat. ⠀ ⚠Here’s the golden pyramid of fat loss for you guys! 1⃣Calorie Deficit: Eating less calories than your body needs is the only way to lose fat! 2⃣Eat Enough Protein: to maintain muscle mass, to recover from workouts, to keep you full and satiated when you’re dieting and so you get toned aka you don’t turn “skinny fat” 3⃣Lift Weights: 2-5x a week! (usually 3-4 is a sweet spot for most people) don’t be afraid to go heavy, it WON’T make you bulky unless you eat too many calories 4⃣Sleep: 7-9 hours a night to recover, rest and keep your hunger levels in check. when you don’t sleep enough, your body will be hungrier. so get those Zzzs! 5⃣Cardio, Movement, and 10k steps/day. Finding active hobbies you enjoy will keep you consistent and make it a lot more fun. ⠀ ☝🏼Find what works for you, your lifestyle, habits, and preferences. Focus on the BIG stuff and don’t let the little things distract you from the big picture.



What to do when you miss a week at the gym? By @oakleyoday .
I used to think taking off a week was going to kill my progress and everything i have worked for up to this point would just disappear and i would have to start over.
However, over the years of educating and experiencing it in real life, i can gladly say, that’s not going to happen! 😂
You have 2 options after taking a week off:
Option 1️⃣: Quit because you already missed a week and think you lost all your gains. (This is just your way out and you’re really just using it as an excuse! 😜)
Option 2️⃣: Pick up where you left off and look at it from a positive perspective. Your body is fully recovered and it’s actually good to take off a full week once in awhile to maximize your gains. Just don’t do it every other week. 😁
All in all, taking one week off the gym will not kill your gains, just get back in the gym and pick up where you left off! 💪🏼 . . . 👉🏼 Follow @prodiettips & @profitnesscircle for more daily tips 👈🏼 . #food #igdaily #gains #crossfit #ukfitfam #zyzz #gym #foodie #gymrat #health #iifym #food #flexibledieting #carbs #fitfam #gymshark #fitness #instadaily #mensphysique #workout #alphalete #eatclean #shredded #postworkout #intermittentfasting #backday


Tag someone to take on this challenge with! By @smurray_32 ➖ 🔥 Link in bio for a free diet and training plans


HOW TO BUILD A BIG BACK BY @musclemonsters 
It’s no secret that the deadlift, despite being an extremely powerful lower-body movement, is one of the most effective exercises for building a wider, thicker back, and mountainous traps. 
You see, when you deadlift your back acts as a crane. And your upper-back and traps stabilize the upper portion of that crane. So when you’re pulling 400+ pounds, the isometric contraction necessary to keep your back rigid—you know, so your shoulders aren’t pulled out of place—is bound to strengthen your back much more effectively than a 50 pound dumbbell row. 
Horizontal Pulling 
Anytime you’re pulling a load toward your torso horizontally, from straight out in front of you, you’re distributing a great deal of stress to all the muscles in your mid/upper back with a bit of assistance from your biceps. 
Vertical Pulling 
This involves pulling a weight down from over your head vertically toward your torso. This type of movement places an emphasis on the largest muscle of the upper-body: the latissimus dorsi (lats). By pulling vertically we are performing shoulder adduction—the main function of the lats—with a bit of assistance from the biceps. 
The goal with heavy horizontal pulling is to add upper back thickness and a bit of yoke (massive traps) while also stimulating growth in the biceps. With the vertical pulling, we’re achieving back width—this gives us that gorilla strut that says “this guy is not to be messed with.” _ - 🍕Follow @prodiettips for daily nutrition tips - . . . . . . . . #food #igdaily #gains #crossfit #ukfitfam #zyzz #gym #foodie #gymrat #health #iifym #bulking #flexibledieting #carbs #profitnesscircle #fitfam #irishfitfam #gymshark #fitness #instadaily #mensphysique #workout #myprotein #eatclean #shredded #gymshark #intermittentfasting


Sixpack abs by @apfau . Most of us know that to have visible abs, you need to be lean enough for them to show. However, if you want them to be impressive when you do get lean enough, you should make sure you train them adequately just like any other muscle group.
Typically, the lower abs are the most difficult to obtain. I believe this is due to two factors. The first is that lower ab exercises are more challenging. Lower ab exercises are naturally weighted since they require you to bring the weight of your lower half towards you. The second factor is that lower abs tend to lose fat later than your upper abs causing them to be the last ones to show.
The upper abs are the easiest to target. Any crunching motion should do. As for obliques, they are hit with twisting motions. If you incorporate an exercise from each column throughout the week, you’ll be hitting all areas of your abs. Combine that with compound lifts and when it’s finally time to cut and get lean, you should have well developed abs. . #food #igdaily #gains #crossfit #ukfitfam #zyzz #gym #foodie #gymrat #health #iifym #food #flexibledieting #carbs #fitfam #gymshark #fitness #instadaily #mensphysique #workout #alphalete #eatclean #shredded #postworkout #intermittentfasting #backday . 👉🏼 Follow @prodiettips & @profitnesscircle for more daily tips 👈🏼


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