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مبروك للفوز بمسابقة #املئيها_بالحب Congratulations on winning the #packedwithlove competition


يقدم هذا الطبق توازناً جميلاً بين المالح والحلو. هل ستجربينه؟ #Repost @riotofflavours It’s amazing how beautifully labneh pairs with both sweet and savoury food. I used @puckarabia labneh in this Caramelised Honey, Fig and Pistachio dessert where it offers a beautiful salty balance against the sweetness of the figs and honey. And of course the pistachios offer some textural relief too! Plus, it’s super easy to make within a few minutes! #natural_and_delicious #puckarabia #riotofflavoursrecipe Ingredients 3 ripe figs, halved 1 tsp butter 3 tbsp honey a pinch of cinnamon 2-3 tbsp @puckarabia labneh 1-2 tbsp chopped pistachio Method In a pan, put in the butter till melted Add the honey and let it caramelise well. Add a pinch of cinnamon Put in the figs cut-side down and let them cook till lightly golden. Once they are done, place them on a plate and plop the labneh in the middle Add the pistachios and drizzle the rest of the sauce over the entire dessert Serve warm


ما رأيك ببيتزا اللبنة والزعتر والحمص لفطور مليء بالبروتينات؟ #Repost @chefindisguise When your kids love labneh, zaatar, chickpeas, and pizza and you want to combine all four in one creation that they can enjoy for breakfast, school lunch or after school snack you come up with Labneh pizza with zaatar roasted chickpea topping :) it was actually hard to photograph this one as the kids kept on sneaking away roasted chickpeas and pizza slices as I was setting the picture up! I know the idea of Pizza for breakfast sounds crazy but this is a pizza you can give the kids with a clear conscience! and it would actually make a great breakfast because it is made with simple natural ingredients: whole wheat crust, Puck labneh, roasted chickpeas with a hint of zaatar, arugula, and tomato slices.  Simple, natural,  tasty and fun :) a winning combination in my book. ‎طبيعية_و_لذيذة# #chefindisguise #zaatar #roastedchickpeas #labneh #foodphoto #foodphotography  #chef #cheflife #styleonmytable #f52grams #food52 #still_life_gallery #gloobyfood #chefs_battle_show #show_me_your_food  #foodstyling #nikon  #vscofood #foodprnshare #thedailybite  #yummy #delicious  #recipe #photooftheday #الامارات #وصفاتي#عدستي #المصورون_العرب


وجبة خفيفة ولا أسهل! جربيها اليوم #Repost @riotofflavours Snacks can be healthy too! I love to snack on vegetable sticks with a simple labneh dip - what a great natural snack. You get the goodness of vitamins from the veggies and the probiotics from the labneh! And sometimes flavour adds some fun to it! This recipe uses @PuckArabia Labneh with chilli and herbs along with za’atar roasted carrot sticks! A combo made in heaven! #natural_and_delicious #riotofflavoursrecipe


دام عزك وأمنك يا وطن #اليوم_الوطني


أنت أيضاً يمكنك الإبداع مع لبنة بوك You too can bring natural and tasty together with Puck Labneh


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