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تحية لشيف كل يوم! Celebrating the Everyday Chef


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أنت أيضاً يمكنك الإبداع مع لبنة بوك https://bit.ly/2xfuPIG You too can bring natural and tasty together with Puck Labneh https://bit.ly/2NRzj1k


مع جبنة الموزاريلا القليلة الدسم من بوك، يمكنكم الاستمتاع بهذا الطبق الخفيف دون المساومة على مذاق الجبنة! للوصفة الكاملة، زوروا: https://bit.ly/2NcYECF With Puck Low Fat Shredded Mozzarella, you can enjoy this light dish without compromising on taste and cheesy goodness! Full recipe: https://bit.ly/2PydhxX


استمتعوا بالطعم الغني لجبنة الشيدر والموزاريلا المبشورة من بوك في وصفة الماك ان شيز الشهية مع لمسة إضافية للوصفة الكاملة، زوروا: ‏https://bit.ly/2woSh4Y ‏Enjoy the full taste of Puck Shredded ‏Cheddar & Mozzarella in this delicious Mac n Cheese recipe with a twist ‏Full recipe ‏https://bit.ly/2MPtlh1


نتمنى لكم ولعائلاتكم عيد أضحى مبارك مليء بالسعادة والسرور! وعساكم من عواده May every Eid be filled with joy, prosperity and time with your loved ones


سيصبح طبق المعكرونة مع جبنة الموزاريلا القليلة الدسم من بوك الخيار المفضل لكم و لأسرتكم! للوصفة الكاملة، زوروا: https://bit.ly/2B6vQa0 This cheesy pasta dish with Puck Low Fat Shredded Mozzarella will surely become a family favorite! Full recipe: https://bit.ly/2nDiYyw


Summer is the best time for no-bake desserts! Try this delicious cherry trifle by @maman_chocolat and let us know what you think! Ingredients: 1 jar of jam (here i used homemade cherry jam but u can replace it by any other fruit jam) 1 cup of syrup 2 cups of pastry cream or pudding mix 1/2 cup of puck kaymar 1/2 cup of sugar 1 cup of puck cream 2 tbsp of puck spreadable cheese 2 packs of ladyfinger 1tbspoon of vanilla Instructions: Mix the kaymar with the pastry cream and do a whipped cream with the cream, spreadable cheese, sugar and vanilla. First put a thin layer of pastry cream, dip the biscuits in the syrup and place in the bowl. Cover with jam and the pastry cream and start again. For the last layer you can add or pipe the cream! Dont try to do it as fast as me 🤣🤣 Try to keep it overnight in the fridge and attack!!! You can also pipe the pastry cream but it was too long for the video. It is to die for and was gone in minutes!! #maman_chocolat #trifle #cherry #summer #makingof #tutorial #homebaker #homemade #easyrecipe #faitmaison #puck #jam #delicious #theeverydaychef #puckarabia #repost #beirut #lebanon @puckarabia





!عيد مبارك Eid Mubarak! ✨🌙🎁


ختام رمضان مسك مع هذه الحلويات الشهية! أي واحدة منها سوف تحضّرون؟


End Ramadan on a high note with one of these delicious desserts! Which one will you be making?





!استمتعي بنكهة جبنة كريم بوك الطبيعية Enjoy naturally delicious Puck Cream Cheese!






#Repost @bread.butter.daal ・・・ So I haven't been very active on Instagram lately 🙈 because of work. Tbh, with my hectic schedule, I barely have time to cook. Therefore I am always on the lookout for quick recipes which also excite the taste palate 👅. Today I made this super easy dinner, just tossed some pasta with Puck's Lemon Butter Sauce and served it with a side of asparagus and Zaatar chicken. 🔥 Currently, I am loving this ready to go Puck sauce ✨. It comes seasoned with some beautiful spices and makes my pasta 🍜 so creamy and delicious 👍. ⭐ For those who would like to try it out, I will be posting the recipe on my stories tomorrow 😎. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #thesaucesecret #cooking #homemade #home #dubai #dubaifood #healthy #vegan #fit #classic #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodporn #yolo #igers #obsessed #juicy #tender #dessert #chocolatetart #pear #chocolate #saltedcaramel #caramel #photooftheday #2018 #newyear #bang #cheese #chickenskillet #puckarabia


في يوم مميز كهذا، عبِّري عن حبك لأعز الناس بطبق من تحضيرك Nothing’s too cheesy on this special day! Show your appreciation to your loved ones with a home-cooked meal


‎التقطي صورة للرمز باستخدام تطبيق سناب شات، واستمتعي بلعبة "ساعد البقرات" مع إضافاتها الجديدة ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Are you ready to take it to the next level? Scan this code to play save the cows on Snapchat and enjoy the new game features.