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Community•Culture•Content ~ Electric Dirt Vol 1: A Celebration of Queer Voices and Identities from Appalachia and the South out now! #ruralresistance


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THIS* @southernfoodways “Gravy” Magazine, illustrations by @barryleeart article by @mayukh.sen #queerappalachia #electricdirt


#southernsunday, yesterday was #saracarter’s birthday. From @dusttodigital ”Remembering Sara Carter, born on this day in 1898 in Copper Creek, Virginia. Here she is performing “Sweet Fern” on autoharp with her cousin Maybelle Carter on guitar.” Second Image is to give you an idea of the breadth of evolution of the #guitaro by @trixiemattel #queerappalachia #electricdirt


Have a great #saturdaynightinthecountry 📸@keepon_creepinon / checkout all their cool art & music! #wildandwonderful #queerappalachia #electricdirt


#harmreduction #restorativejustice #artinstallation / #socialjustice #action from @nangoldinstudio & @sacklerpain on the #opioidepidemic ”Powerful action today at the @harvardartmuseums Arthur Sackler Gallery! Thank you to the Harvard and NYU students who lead and organized this action alongside the group. ❤️⚡️❤️⚡️❤️ In collaboration with, @vocalnewyork @popdemoc and #actupboston we threw bottles and staged a die in on the floor of the atrium. Sacklers lie, people die. #shameonsackler#queerappalachia #electricdirt


From our friends @dusttodigital “Biddie Reece was 80 years old when Mike Seeger filmed her demonstrating her dance styles at a senior center in North Carolina. At one point during the filming, she took out her harmonica and buckdanced while performing “Jimmy Sutton.” From the 1987 documentary “Talking Feet.” #homespunriotgrrrl #homespunaf #queerappalachia #electricdirt


It's my birthday, I'm taking the day off! This is one of my elementary school photos, my mother bought me a pink dress at Hill's for it. She left the tags on, on the way to school my grandmother returned it and let me pick out my outfit for the picture 👐🏽 These people acted SURPRISED when I came out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #myparentswerepissed #queerwestvirginia #queerappalachia #electricdirt


When one of your lifelong besties visits 😍 I LOVE THAT FACE! @j_t_tattoo came to the #coalfields to hang a few days. Checkout their shop @spiritedtattoo, the only #QTIPOC owned tattoo shop in #appalachia. They have done 90% of my work: sleeves, chest piece, back piece etc... I can’t recommend them & #spiritedtattoo enough! #queerappalachia #electricdirt


We are super excited to release @velveteenbutch & @naturedyke in their #graphicaf #butchbackmountain tonight to our @patreon subscribers. #patreon link in bio #fromcourtneytroubletocuntrytrouble #queerappalachia #electricdirt


@foxfireorg wrote us a sweet #lovenote on our #communitypartnership #anniversary ❤️🥊😭 That panel is going to be 🔥 #queerappalachia #electricdirt


#westvirginia lost a shining #dragqueenstar yesterday with the passing of @ileneover /@ojamesnapier. He was an accomplished academic, activist, writer and straight up #hollerqueen. This image is from the early 90’s w /@marshallu #lambdasociety @ the very first #gaypride held in the state of #westvirginia. There were more protesters than there were people to march, it was terrifying. We were all babies, to be honest I’m rather shook by this. For a group of young queer kids coming out of various coalfields & hollers, Okey not only taught us about drag but activism too. Some of the first #aidsactivism to happen in the state was because he willed it so & ignored all of the haters. At a time when the West Virginia gay community couldn’t even mention the word aids, he worked with #actup in #NYC to bring in more accessible models to unite the community together to start to fight the real common enemy, the virus instead of each other. He introduced @__bryn_____ to drag & took her to buy her first dress. There’s not enough room on the Internet for me to write about how amazing he was & how much better he made everyone’s life around him. He performed right until the end, I promise you he would’ve had it no other way. Listen to some #patsycline for Okey today please. #restinpower #actupfightaids #queerappalachia #queerwestvirginia #electricdirt


This past April @kgadz from @bitchmedia came to the #coalfields of #westvirginia to hangout. We talked lots about being #gendernonconforming in the coalfields & how dangerous it is if you’re outside of the binary and trying to access free #12step meetings in the region. If you’re #gnc #trans #genderqueer #nonbinary #masculineofcenter etc.... not only are you more than likely not welcomed in these spaces, they might be dangerous for you to even attempt to access. The resources in the region around addiction for straight people don’t translate to the queer community, more often than not actually being dangerous and filled with traumatic experiences that often trigger relapses. I recently heard @robgipe speak, he said, the next great civil rights struggle in Appalachia will be around how we treat addicts. Queer addicts in the region are desperate! Desperate for resources, restorative justice, opportunity, dignity & the right to call the dirt that birthed them home. That’s why we are building a 24/7 accessible peer lead digital platform #qarecovery, with your help! We have a special option where you can choose to sponsor a sponsor, that’s exactly what you will be doing. Out of the 100 Queer Appalachians we surveyed that identified as addicted, 4 had sponsors (2 of them were shit, only willing to meet 20 min before a meeting etc..) through QA Recovery we will be able to offer eSponsers to the Queer Appalachian community navigating their addiction at ground zero of the opioid epidemic (link to Patreon in bio) #queerappalachia #electricdirt


Tomorrow we release our first #adultcontenent to our @patreon subscribers #butchbackmountain by @naturedyke & @velveteenbutch. We love getting to hang out with y’all here, our user agreements can make things really limiting as far as what we can post. Y’all send us some pretty amazing straight up X-rated things! Instagram snaps at us almost daily threatening to kick us off as is. @patreon allows us to share adult only account that gives you access to content like this 4 min video, hot & graphic does not even begin to describe this tender rural queer sex filled love letter of a short film. Link in bio to Patreon. Checkout Arizona’s ETSY https://www.etsy.com/shop/VelveteenButch #fromcourtneytroubletocuntrytrouble #queerappalachia #electricdirt