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When the buying stops, the killing will too. #10yearchallenge #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #antipoaching #rhino


Truth: Rhino horn has ZERO medicinal qualities. None. Zilch. Nada. Fokall. #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #extinctionisforever #wildlifewarrior #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingwilltoo


RHINO HORNS WORTH R23M SEIZED AT OR TAMBO AIRPORT A large consignment of rhino horns worth about R23 million has been intercepted at OR Tambo International Airport. According to Sars, the 36 pieces of rhino horns were found after a K9 detector dog reacted positively to a consignment of ‘decoration items’ in a warehouse. While performing searches at several cargo warehouses, K9 members arrived at a warehouse where export consignments were packed to be shipped out. According to the South African Revenue Service (Sars), 36 pieces of rhino horns were found after a K9 detector dog called “Lizzy” reacted positively to a consignment of so-called “decoration items” in a warehouse. Customs officials say the horns, destined for Dubai, were hidden underneath cut laminated wooden sheets in four boxes which were filled with doormats and decorative items. Recent reports of the detection of rhino horns in the east originating from Southern Africa led to increased enforcement interventions on outbound flights at the Cargo area of OR Tambo Airport. In a statement, Sars says the multidisciplinary team at the airport is on alert and continues to work tirelessly to stop contraband, including rhino horns from being smuggled through ports of entry. More at www.ewn.co.za #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #wildlifewarrior #extinctionisforever


Police in Victoria Falls have arrested seven Chinese nationals on allegations of possessing trophies from endangered species following a tip-off by a maid at a house the illegal items were found. This is after they were found in possession of over 20kg of rhino horns worth an estimated $1 million. Zeng Dengui (35), Peicon Jang (35), Liu Cheng (23), Yu Xian (25), Yong Zhu (25), Chen Zhiangfu (30) and Qui Jinchang (29), all from China, were on Monday remanded in custody by Victoria Falls magistrate. They will be back in court January 3 for trial commencement. The seven were not asked to plead when charges of “keeping, having in possession or sell or otherwise dispose of any live specially protected animal or the meat or trophy of any such animal” were read to them. The group is being charged under the Parks and Wildlife Act. Their lawyer Givemore Mvhiringi said his clients were ready for trial so as to prove their innocence. The seven were arrested when a maid at a house in Aerodrome suburb tipped police after she found the horns in the house while doing her chores. Armed with a warrant, police and rangers from ZimParks raided the house and recovered the pieces which were hidden in plastic bags. The pieces weighed 20.98kg valued at $938 700. There was also a digital scale in the house, the court heard. “On 22 December, information was received that there were some Chinese nationals at house number 858 Aerodrome who were suspected to be keeping rhino horns. Police applied for a search warrant and proceeded to the house on Sunday morning where the accused were arrested,” said the prosecutor. The rhino is one of the most endangered species and the Zimbabwe government has quarantined the wild animal from game parks to protected sanctuaries. Rhino poaching is common in many wildlife zones driven by the demand for rhino horn in Asian countries particularly Vietnam and China. The horn is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Rhino horns are shaved or ground into a powder and dissolved in boiling water to treat fever, rheumatism, gout and other disorders. More at NewZimbabwe.com #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight


HOEDSPRUIT: Balule teams bust three suspected rhino poachers “No rhino loss with this incursion, and three suspects behind bars!” Three suspected rhino poachers were apprehended on Balule Nature Reserve on Tuesday morning after a well coordinated effort between numerous anti-poaching, security, aviation and policing personnel took place through the night. According to SAPS, they were arrested and suspicions are that they intended to poach rhino. They appeared in the Hoedspruit Periodical Court on Wednesday morning and will appear again on Monday, November 19. They were not granted bail. They were charged with the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and trespassing. The three men were named as Lodrick Mashabane (26), Vusi Nkuna (32) and Eucant Ndlovu (34). According to a statement from the Hoedspruit SAPS spokesperson, Sergeant Livhuwani Mulaudzi, “The rangers were busy patrolling and saw some tracks and they followed them until they found three guys hiding in the bushes, where they were found in possession of food, their cellphones and one rifle round and later the police found one hunting rifle.” The statement went on to read, “The wardens pulled together in a commendable effort which resulted in possibly the most successful anti-poaching operation yet in Balule. No rhino loss with this incursion, and three suspects behind bars!” It is reported that one of the wardens, with the help of their canine tracking companion, were on the tracks of the suspected poachers for 42 kilometres. The success of the apprehension owed greatly to the cohesion between and determination of the wardens, anti-poaching teams and ops room personnel. Story from the Letaba Herald #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #wildlifewarrior #extinctionisforever


RHINO POACHER WHO SHOT AT HELICOPTER WAS SENTENCED FOR 33 YEARS Friday 9 November 2018: When Mozambican Patrick Nkuna entered Skukuza court today, he did so with the weight of doom on his shoulders. After a slew of tactical delays dating back to his arrest in November 2015, including his demand for better Shangaan interpreters on three previous occasions, he could no longer outrun the consequences of his actions. As I looked into his eyes, hollowed and without emotion, it was as if he had already accepted his fate. Trial would proceed today with the senior state prosecutor calling up the first witness, SanParks helicopter pilot Bradford Grafton. In a dramatic testimony, the pilot with 18 years experience described how the accused was finally apprehended after a long chase that began with a sighting of poachers in the Pretoriouskop area. At the time, Bradford was carrying a SANParks delegation on board. They flew north to try locate the poachers and slow them down until the field rangers could catch up. “After about 1 to 1.5 kilometres, Mr English instructed me to turn back. As we began to turn around I saw three men hiding under a fallen tree,” continued Grafton in his testimony. “I indicated I had seen the suspects and I descended lower towards them. As we were orbiting, the suspects realised they had been seen. One suspect pointed a rifle at the helicopter at a distance of 20 to 30 metres from us.” “He’s going to shoot!” recalls the helicopter pilot echoing his words at the time. “A shot rang out and English returned fire. The suspect with the rifle turned and ran. The three poachers scattered in different directions. We decided to follow the shooter. Then he suddenly slowed down and turned towards us as if he might shoot again.” At this point, Don English opened fire beside him, provoking the suspect to drop his rifle and run. They pursued, with field rangers gaining ground. Today a battle is won, tomorrow the war continues. Every day rangers wake up, not knowing if today is the day they draw their last breath. The least we can do is honour them with justice. And never, ever give up on the pursuit of justice. More at SavingTheWild.com & Jamie Joseph


Powerful image. Painting by Nantarika Chansue of Thailand #imagine #supportafricasrangers #extinctionisforever #unitethefight #wildlifewarrior


Mozambique police detained a Vietnamese citizen in possession of 10 rhinoceros horns at Maputo International Airport yesterday, the corporation has announced. “The individual was detained during routine surveillance,” spokesman Leonel Muchina said. The 43-year-old was on his way to Vietnam when authorities discovered the horns hidden in boxes labelled as industrial machinery. This is the second such case in less than a week. On the 9th, authorities at Maputo International Airport detained a Chinese citizen who was attempting to embark for China with nine rhinoceros horns. “The police remain vigilant and enjoy the support of other special forces in combating this type of crime,” Muchina said, referring to the Mozambican National Criminal Investigation Service and the wildlife protection services. Poachers have wiped rhinoceros out in Mozambique, and rhino horn found here is usually from animals killed in South Africa’s Kruger Park. In addition to rhino horn, poachers are also looking for elephant tusks for target markets in Asia. Story from ClubOfMozambique.com #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #wildlifewarriors #extinctionisforever


Last month, a small group of Victoria Falls locals decided to walk the Liunga springline in the Zambezi Park. Halfway up the springline, we found a thicket much favoured by lion, and the lion researcher went ahead with one of our group who was armed for backup, while the rest stayed back. We heard three shots, followed shortly after by two rapid shots. Two members of our team had been in the thicket when shooting erupted nearby, and upon investigating, they encountered an armed poacher. There was an exchange of fire, and the poacher went down with a .458 slug through his leg just above the knee! The poacher had just fired 3 shots into an elephant, which had run off wounded - we were unable to follow the elephant, but 2 days later an elephant was found dead in the Zambezi - we suspect it is the same one.. We caught up with our two members, near the wounded poacher. We then unloaded his weapon, dragged him to the shade, while some of our party went to get a vehicle we had a good chance to interrogate him, he admitted he had 2 accomplices with him who had escaped They had crossed into Zimbabwe at 1AM the previous night and planned to shoot an elephant, chop out the tusks and leave - basically a hit & run tactic now used by the Zambians due to the losses they have suffered from Parks patrols. We got a lot of info from him, including his village, the name of his accomplices, and the ivory buyer in Lusaka. He claimed this was his first time poaching, etc, but he was obviously an old hand. His shoes had plastic fur glued to the bottom for anti-tracking. The poacher was moved to a Hospital in Bulawayo. Parks Investigations subsequently crossed into Zambia & met with their counterparts, & they then followed up on the incident, & came up with a wealth of information. It turned out that the wounded poacher was a notorious poacher, who had been poaching for years. His wife showed the team where he hid his rifle, & told them he loaned money from his ivory sales to locals at 50% interest! They also found out the names of the local poaching co-ordinator in the area, & the boatmen who ferried the poachers across the river. Poacher remain in hospital. Story from Bhejane Trust


South African Police and the dirty truth around rhino poaching Fresh charges of a cover-up around possible government links to rhino poaching and organised crime networks have surfaced again. This after details confirming the arrest of a highly-trained police officer from an elite police unit bust for rhino poaching two weeks ago were only released to the media on Sunday, just one day before his bail hearing this week. Last Monday, Constable Sizwe Buthelezi, 36, was charged for unlawful possession of a firearm; unlawful possession of ammunition; unlawful possession of protected endangered species (rhino horn) and unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon. Information leaked to News24 last Thursday mentioned Buthelezi, who is a member of the SAPS Tactical Response Team stationed at KwaMasane, was nabbed red-handed at KwaZulu Natal's flagship iMfolozi Game Reserve on October 11 with two freshly cut rhino horns, an unlicensed and illegal .458 rifle without a serial number, ammunition and three hunting knives. He appeared in court on Monday, October 15, where he was formally charged. Details were sketchy at that stage, and nothing had been shared with the media by either the South African Police Service (SAPS), the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) or the Department of Justice. It was only after an inquiry by News24 mid-morning this Sunday that Brigadier Vish Naidoo confirmed the arrest, and released a prepared media statement from the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure, titled 'Policeman arrested for rhino poaching'. During his bail application on October 22, Constable Buthelezi was released from custody after being granted R2 000 bail at the Ngwelezane court. This is the same court that has been mired in controversy after allegations of bribery and corruption around Zululand rhino poaching case trials surfaced. His case was postponed to November 28, 2018. Both the NPA and the Justice Department have repeatedly failed to answer written questions around rhino poaching cases at the same court. More at news24.co.za


Suspected rhino poachers nabbed in East London in the Eastern Cape Efforts to combat wildlife crimes in the Eastern Cape led to the arrest of three suspects, aged between 28 and 50 years old, for being in unlawful possession of ammunition and other equipment, which is commonly used for rhino poaching. "On Sunday afternoon, members of Gonubie SAPS - together with East London K9 unit, followed up information on suspected rhino poachers," said police spokesperson, Colonel Sibongile Soci. "A white Kia with a Gauteng registration was intercepted and searched on Shaffley Road, East London. "The following items together with the vehicle were seized, several high powered firearm rounds, a panga, torches, a hunting knife, a plier and a rifle bag/sock." Suspected poachers to appear in court Col Soci said that the suspects will appear in the East London Magistrate's Court early this week on charges of unlawful possession of ammunition. Eastern Cape SAPS Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen Liziwe Ntshinga said, “We continue to make significant inroads in tracking down perpetrators of rhino poaching as well as those involved in illegal wildlife trade. Our investigation will also seek to ascertain if the suspects are linked to other rhino poaching incidents in the province/ country”. More at Rnews.co.za #supportafricasrangers #unitethefight #wildlifewarriors


Teamwork makes the dream work. Showing support & wearing red for rhinos 🦏 with the good folks @stoprhinopoaching and @pilanesberg.wildlife.trust #supportafricasrangers #wildlifewarrior #worldrhinoday #wearredforrhinos #unitethefight


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** 22 September #worldrhinoday We call upon all to please wear RED on 22 September for World Rhino Day. Show your support ..... @therhinoorphanage #repost #showtheWorld you care #together4rhinos #supportafricasrangers


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