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I got a little black book with me poems in! ❤️AKA @vegascatlady 💪🏼climber📓B.S. physics w honors 💦for my adult content, click the link below!🔞

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Happy Friday ❤️🌹💋


This pic is 100% unedited, zero filters just good light. iPhone X has my favorite camera I’ve ever had 😻❤️ what kind of phone or camera do you use? 💄💋


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ are you single or taken?


Hi new friends and welcome to my page, a safe space for selfie sticks and moonpies @vegascatlady


You guys really seem to like these little red bottoms lol ❤️ @vegascatlady


Some people like to hate on my selfie stick but those people haven’t really lived life now have they @vegascatlady ❤️


Hello ❤️ I’m finishing up editing a little solo video I took last night, will be posting to OnlyFans sometime in the next hour 😘 feeling antsy today....I’ve been lifting and climbing super hard lately and know I should rest today but it’s difficult. Diet and rest are SO important but they’re the hardest parts of fitness for me lol. So I guess today shall be spent meal prepping! What’s on your productivity “to do” list today? 😸 oh and btw follow me on my other account @vegascatlady if you haven’t already ❤️


I love you guys ❤️ I hope your night is awesome. I’m taking pics and videos right now for ya 😸💦


Laying in bed taking pics for my OnlyFans, currently listening to Sandstorm 😂 #technoviking


Hello ♠️♦️♣️♥️ greetings from Las Vegas. Where are you from?


Hello friends 🖤 how are you all doing today? Can you find Lucy in this picture? (Those who don’t know Lucy...she is my favorite cat) ... If you wanna see more (of me not Lucy) visit my OnlyFans page (address in bio). If you want to see more of Lucy, follow my Twitter (@ripleydotsg) and I’ll post her on there today. I hope you have a wonderful day 💋


Soooooo baked haha 🍁 good night 🖤